Police Brutality Video: Angry white cops ‘brutalized’ a black student in Stockton

Devin Carter took a beating/John Burris

4 Cops beat up black teenager.

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STOCKTON — Law enforcement officials in Stockton, California are catching hell after a quartet of white police officers beat the sh*t out of a black high school student. The Rodney King imitation transpired during a traffic stop on December 30, 2020. It was also captured on video. Police body cam footage shows 17-year-old Devin Carter gettin’ pulled over for speeding. The Stygian roadrunner was clocked at 100 miles per hour prior to instigating a high-speed chase. “Take your seat belt off!” yelled the arresting officer. “Take your f*cking seat belt off!”

Seconds later, the cop yanked Devin from the Mercedes and threw his ass on the ground. “Give me your hand! Give me your f*cking hand!” the officer screamed while trying to apply handcuffs. “I am not resisting,” the teen replied. As Devin laid impuissant in a fetal position, the cops took turns beating his ass.

One of the officers genuflected on his countenance.

“Officers’ body camera footage shows that multiple officers began to repeatedly punch, knee, and kick Devin Carter in his face, neck, and back as he laid in a fetal position screaming in agony,” said civil rights attorney John Burris, Devin’s lawyer. “These vicious cops acted like a pack of wolves.”

The pummeling was so acute, Devin suffered two black eyes and a broken nose. He also had a boot print on his cheek. Two of the officers — Michael Stiles and Omar Villapudua — were terminated for excessive force. Stockton Police Chief Eric Jones said the other “involved officers are receiving discipline.”

Stockton Mayor Kevin Lincoln said he’s “deeply saddened and concerned” over the incident. “The use of excessive force is unacceptable and will not be condoned in Stockton,” he tweeted. “The disciplinary actions administered today to the officers involved are steps toward ensuring accountability and justice.”

Were the cops out of line?

What’s a fair punishment for police brutality?

Termination? Incarceration? Or both?

Watch disturbing body cam footage.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Good job cops lol that’s what blm gets for attacking Asian elders these days

  2. CapitanTaco2018

    Wouldn’t have happened if he just listened.

  3. @CapitanTaco2018: he did. he was trying to get out of his car and they ripped him out and beat him visciously

  4. Ppl so entitled now they think they can combine criminal activity and resisting..those cops were just trying to help him and hes a piece of garbage

  5. @Matt T: how is senselessly beating a minor help?

  6. Okay yeah the young man did something wrong but that Does Not Give The Right for the police officers to beat him him to a pulp the way they did this young man. POINT BLANK PERIOD! I have sons thank god they have never been pulled over by police. I hope this family puts this town and those police through the wringer.

  7. @Yvonne Ugarte: Sure , they should greet him with kisses and flowers next time lol 😂

  8. Nerdlin Geeksly

    If he’s going 100 miles an hour and caused an officer to wreck into civilians he deserves those bruises

  9. Going a 100 miles per hour. He could’ve killed somebody.
    This person is no victim .

  10. This is disgusting those cops need the worst type of punishment

  11. Police should not beat or use extreme force towards ANYONE. The fact some people are justifying police brutality is DISGUSTING.

  12. I guess I’ll have to teach my kids that its ok to exceed the speed limit and when them red and blue lights go off go over 100 and f*** the innocent people who are at risk

  13. Those cops need to be accountable for what they did!, there is no reason why they should be putting their hands on a kid!

  14. This was totally uncalled for!!!!

    Sue the hell out of them and get your son a good college education in criminology

  15. If you don’t resist this won’t happen.

  16. The police 👮‍♀️have also treated me like a pig 🐽 a few times over the years👿

  17. Yep, cops need to go to prison. They abused their authority and committed criminal acts as well as civil rights violations. A lot of people are ok with it as long as the cops are beating on minorities. It would be nice to see the cops beat on white kids like this for a change. Yes, white kids do the same things but never come home beaten half to death.

  18. He is a child!

  19. scarlet overkill

    They shouldn’t have beaten him , but the kid shouldn’t have been driving stupid

  20. When I was a kid THEY CALLED it tough love!

  21. Patrick Doolittle

    It was a felony arrest due to the police chase. He almost killed many people and he’s lucky to be alive.

  22. He deserved it! Why are the officers fired? Bring them back!

  23. I hope the son makes a full recovery not only physically but mentally. Please get him counseling. This will affect him for the rest of his life. Those 4 cops need to not only be fired but also be prosecuted. This is child abuse and excessive force. I don’t hate police but I do hate dirty cops.

  24. william sithideth

    Oh he wants to play victim now

  25. i really fucking hate american white police

  26. I’ve never in my whole life seen a race of people that just will not take responsibility in their actions it’s always somebody else’s fault start teaching your f**** kids better it’s y’all’s fault

  27. Samantha Malone

    Now that my chilldren will soon be on the road all i can hope is they abide the laws and privilege of driving. Hoping that they never have to encounter experience or endor this kind of treatment from anyone anywhere

  28. Fucking fire the officers dont let them stay on the police force.

  29. That’s mad racist

  30. eXpress URSELf

    So it’s ok to run from police and put innocent lives in jeopardy… That kid got lucky he ain’t dead YET 🤣🤣🤣🤣… a lot of young lives thinks it kool to run from police or act radical… Luck was on his side 😂😂

  31. Time to defund the police

  32. Ashton Hashbrown

    @Lunchmeat: I despise what they did to that student, but defunding would only make it worse. If we were to fund more, then the police departments would have more resources to properly train officers, and not to hire bozos like these guys.

  33. Just kill all of these officers.

  34. They commit a crime on purpose to end up with a payday. Speeding, resisting whatever. They take the chance of getting beat or killed. But in the end it’s for money

  35. Nubian Warrior Goddess

    Anyone can see that child was badly beaten l hope they get him justice

  36. Yall deserve it. These people hate your guts and yall still don’t wanna separate from them. I hope they keep whooping yall butts till yall learn to separate from your ancestors enemies descendants.

  37. Stop hiring Morons as Police officers and stop telling police officers they are heroes when they cant even do the simplest job. They were not heroes in the first place. The men at D-Day were heroes Cops are just people that can not get a job doing anything else getting paid.

  38. Why is they screaming stop resisting and beating him up so he can’t give them his hands not giving him a chance at all to give them his hands what a bunch of losers. Doing the most and not just simply cuffing him. Yelling and screaming like girls ruffing him up like he’s not replying with the yelling.

  39. Why are the so called officers cursing which intern creates fear, calling names and cursing the kid? What’s the purpose??? Seems like I also heard one of them spit. Then they always lie on audio stating the person is doing something they are not… (stop resisting) which is the oldest dummy tactic in the book. In addition it’s easy to tell by the tone of the kids voice that he is not resisting.. The voice tone and level would be totally different if he was not. In addition they must have tampered with the video because it is dark.. (Tampering with evidence). I say take it all the way to the top where the very a clear message is coming from.

  40. This is America until Christ will return and set things right once and for all!!!

  41. Dam!!! A continual cycle for black people! There are a lot of variables here that should be discussed; one being again the treatment of black people. But secondly we’ve got to do something different at this point! Those of us who’ve been on these streets know the rules………..you know if you run and get caught 98% of the time it’s an automatic beat down, it’s always been that way…… they always tell you “DON’T MAKE ME RUN”! Right before the chase! Never will I condone the actions of the slave patrol, but Youngblood should’ve pulled over and asserted his rights against unreasonable searches and unlawful detention, if he was all the way straight, or if you run, bail from the car, take the keys and run on foot!!! Just a little street etiquette from someone who’s seen it all!

  42. Bet he will think twice about running from the Police next time! HAHAHA

  43. Bill Appledorf

    These police attempted murder as indicated by the boot-print bruise where Devon’s spine meets his neck. They were probably conspiring to stomp someone while they were parked on a dark country road when he drove by. They are a criminal gang and should be prosecuted as such. Were these police tested for PCP or other drugs after this attack? Why not?

  44. This is insane. These police are dogs. Clearly using the badge to assault this man


    WOW! 😳 You know we do have the right to protect ourselves from these MF’S!!! We just have to educate ourselves about the law… I’m sick of THIS!!!! 😠 IT’S TIME TO FIGHT BACK FORGET THT JESUS S××× IT AIN’T WORKING NOR SAVING OUR PEOPLE NOW!!!!!

  46. Dylan roof killed ppl & the police took him to Burger King. This boy is speeding & gets a WWF smackdown!! Dont tell me it’s not about race.

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