Space Jam 2: LeBron James, Warner Bros released the movie’s first official trailer

LeBron released new trailer/Warner Bros

Space Jam trailer doesn’t disappoint. 

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HOLLYWOOD — After a 25-year hiatus, the cartoon ballers of Looney Tunes are back on the hardwood. Warner Bros. released the first trailer for “Space Jam: A New Legacy” on Saturday that lays out the blueprint of the highly anticipated sequel. The 2-minute clip shows LeBron James experiencing contretemps with his bolshie son who gets kidnapped by server-verse villain Don Cheadle. To get his son back, LeBron must assemble an All-Star team and defeat Cheadle’s Goon Squad on a 3D digi-court.

“The only way you’re getting your son back is if you and I play a little basketball,” Cheadle said.

LeBron’s flick features a star-studded cast of real-life NBA and WNBA players including: Chris Paul, Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard, Diana Taurasi, Chiney Ogwumike and Draymond Green. Looney Tunes star Pepé Le Pew won’t appear in the film because he’s a rapist and his malodor reeks of cancel culture.

The licentious skunk has a history of groping and kissing females without consent (à la Cuba Gooding Jr).

“Space Jam: A New Legacy” is scheduled to premiere July 16th on HBO Max and select theaters.

Watch the trailer.

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  1. This looks terrible

  2. So, I’m guessing that after Lebron assembles this dream team, he will choke in the game and lose.

  3. Travis Hanneman

    Everybody wants to be like Mike. 😒

  4. Looks like it won’t be too bad but honestly it’s not going to hold a candle to the first one with the king of basketball Michael Jordan himself.

  5. Should’ve used Dennis Rodman


    So, Lebron’s an actor now..huh?

  7. This is my childhood!!!!

  8. This shit is gonna make up some bullshit nostalgia over fucking Space Jam. “Yeah man the original was actually fucking amazing and great!” Same fucking pattern.

  9. I feel like I believe I can fly going to be on this one too

  10. Mitchell Stucky

    They removed the cartoon skunk 🦨
    But kept the scary clown 🤡
    … 🤦

  11. Snipper_daddy225

    I just wish Kobe was still here to do this movie

  12. Tetsuya Sayuki

    No Pepe Le Pew no space jam 2 no Pepe Le Pew no space jam 2 no pepper Le Pew no space jam 2 put it out there people share it and let everybody know not to go see the movie let this movie be a plop out of the box office no Pepe Le Pew no space jam 2

  13. Every looney tune should be in that movie. It wasn’t Pepe’s fault those cats accidentally rubbed up against some white paint. Ya know??

  14. You’re probably going to have more 30+year olds watching for nostalgia than actual kids haha

  15. @Tetsuya Sayuki: They have also body shamed, Lola Bunny. They have changed her character, and are down playing her sexuality. So I guess it is not politically correct to be a sexy female bunny character, whatever. Another sexy female cartoon character once famously said, “ I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.” Here’s an idea, why not cancel LeBron too while your at it? Maybe that way they can salvage what’s left of this sad movie.

  16. Finally a movie with lebron as the Main actor. Cant wait to watch this movie! 🔝2️⃣3️⃣👍

  17. kirby superstar

    @Tetsuya Sayuki: He is a French cartoon skunk, he is not real, he is not encouraging fucking anything, some people just have brains the size of almonds

  18. LeFRAUD

  19. I knew they couldn’t just have Bugs and the gang come to the real world. It’s too fucked up now.

    Instead we get a loud, CG fest with endless references. Yay?

  20. Jack Paul Smith

    So Pepe LePew didn’t do anything wrong in the original Space Jam. In the sequel, he gets his Comeuppance and it is taken out…….okay then

  21. Cancel the PC babies and the METOO movement.

  22. I hate this. I hate everything about this. The Loony Toons characters don’t deserve this.

  23. This is bull how do u compare LeBron to mj the greatest😔

  24. Hell no! Michael Jordan was better

  25. Brendan the Tank Engine #21 Peep


  26. ok pepe le pew is a bit outdated but easily fix not full on cancel / he never spite or put a sleeping pill in a drink or anything that extreme he’s always been oblivious thinking playing “hard to get” plus he always just trying to romance Penelope this force woke culture is mind numbing lets ban it and not fix the problem and who cares about the damage

  27. William Mercer

    I bet if Kobe didn’t die he would be in this movie instead of LeBron. RIP 💛💜☝

  28. legacy in the making

    Lebron overrated asf💯💯

  29. I first thought, wow, this is gonna suck. Change my mind, this is gonna be awesome!

  30. People complaining about Pepe are just lazy parents who can’t lecture their kids on what’s wrong and good.

  31. This is just shit

  32. Maurice Florence

    Warner bros can suck a long one. Tell them why Pepe was chasing the cat.

    He thought she was a female skunk dumb asses(Warner bros)

  33. Sherman Shecapio

    We should ban Elmer Fudd to further promote gun control laws.

  34. LeBron wants to be MJ so bad lol

  35. Oh for fuck sakes, it’s a cartoon people!
    Who cares if pepe a little pervi

  36. Tom Fitzpatrick

    Lebron James is going to be more famous thanks to this movie

  37. Lebron James is so full of himself that he is also so full of shit

  38. The Heel Synergy

    We’re canceling fucking cartoon characters

    Yet Girls are sexualizing their bodies on social media. What the fuck are we doing?

  39. What the fuck did I just watch.

  40. Y’all are fucking stupid 😂😂 these culture authors saying imaginary characters are inappropriate yet Meg the stallion and cardi b doing WAP on live television 😂😂 y’all some 🤡 fuck this soft ass generation

  41. Pepe Le Pew. I Stand with you! I hereby boycott this movie and will never allow my children or my children’s children to watch this deplorable display. Amen

  42. I wonder if LeBron threatens any police officers in this movie.

  43. I think people are missing the whole running gag of Pepe. Each of these cartoons starts off with a cat who somehow gets a white stripe down her back. Pepe sees her and starts wooing her( like a stereotypical Frenchmen). However the cat realize Pepe isn’t a cat but a skunk. She running away from his stench not his advancements. Its a running gag about a skunk lover that can’t get love because he is a skunk( he stinks).

  44. I just came here to say that I look forward to ignoring this movie because of the racist and ignorant jackass that’s starring in it.

  45. bruh what in the matrix hell did they do to lola bunny what the in the god damn fucking hell she is like a piece of goddamn paper

  46. Am I the only one who noticed that WHITE cowboy Yosemite Sam shot BLACK Daffy Duck several times?

  47. Throwback Channel

    This is ridiculous! He’s a cartoon character! Pepe’s not hurting anyone! It’s hypocritical that WB remove him from the movie yet put the Clockwork Orange guys in it. If they want to call out a children cartoon character as a rapist, call out The Kanker Sisters from Ed Edd n Eddy and Panini from Chowder. The Kankers and Panini are always stocking their crushes who don’t like them, they don’t take no for a answer or take a hint from them, they make them feel uncomfortable around them, and they kiss them without their permission. At least Pepe was going to have a scene where he sees what he’s doing is wrong if WB didn’t remove him from the movie.

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