Ashley Solis and her lawyer held a press conference accusing Mr. Watson of rape

Solis goes public against Watson/

Deshaun Watson facing lawsuits.

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HOUSTON — It’s not about money. It’s about taking “back the power.” Those are the words of alleged rape victim Ashley Solis who went public with her accusations against Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson. The teary-eyed damsel ratted him out in a press conference Tuesday morning alongside her attorney Tony Buzbee. Using the pseudonym “Jane Doe,” Solis was the first masseuse to file a sexual misconduct lawsuit against the 25-year-old baller on March 16th. She claims Watson’s phallus grazed her hand during a full-body massage last year. It happened inside her home.

“People say that I’m doing this just for money. That is false,” Solis told a room full of reporters. “I come forward now so that Deshaun Watson does not assault another woman.” So far, almost two dozen chicks have filed lawsuits against Watson (à la Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein).

One of the accusers said he forced her to suck his dick.

Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, said the alleged victims are a goddamn lie. He has proof that Solis and the other complainants tried to extort “hush money” from Watson prior to litigation. Cornelia Brandfield-Harvey, Buzbee’s associate, sent the following email to a member of Watson’s retinue:

“My client’s demand is $100,000.”

Hardin, however, didn’t rule out compensation.

“We don’t believe that the alleged facts show that Deshaun did anything wrong with regards to Ms. Solis,” he said. “But we are nevertheless happy to continue the conversation around a reasonable settlement figure because we believe he can learn a lesson about having put himself in this situation.”

The Houston Police Department and the NFL are investigating the matter.

Should Watson settle the case?

If he does, is that an admission of guilt?

Watch the press conference.

Share your thoughts.


  1. I smell bullshit on this woman’s breath

  2. I can tell she lying cause of her bangs….she don’t care about shit

  3. How are you traumatized? But you asked for 100k

  4. Mollie Webb-Everett

    Girl bye sit down somewhere. You just money hungry. Bye felicia

  5. She is so fake and full of shit!!!

  6. What a bunch of crap 🤣🤣🤣🤣. She wanted 100k In hush money , deshaun don’t give her a dime !!!

  7. She lying she lying she lying

  8. Michele Hickson

    Give them a lie detector test.

  9. I can tell just by her body language that this is fake as hell

  10. Cameron Hautala

    “I’m not here for money”
    Sure, sweetie.

  11. Wonder how much Houston Texans paid her 🤔

  12. lol man hell naw!Gtf!! Deshaun innocent until proven guilty

  13. Regardless of the facts in this case, the lawyer smells like scumbag to me

  14. She needs to be put in jail for this b.s.


  16. Crocodile tears! Asks for $100K and then claims this isn’t about money? Have we not seen this circus before!? 🤦‍♂️

  17. Any man that sexually assaults women deserves to be shot in the head.

  18. Chickennuggetking 586

    Yeah this is shit show, I don’t believe it 🙄🙄🙄🙄

  19. If she is lying how much can he sue her for and will she be able to go to jail

  20. I smell a money trail and someone wanting attenntion… Sad but true. Lawyers are a POS…. fake tears…. If this is proven false, OR if its true she wanted hush money, she should spend time in jail.
    YOU shouldnt be doing this in your house… esp with men… DUH… you’re not doing it to heal ppl… you’re doing it because you want $$… FAKE tears.

  21. yobigbrotheronline

    If she can no longer do massage therapy, she could get into acting.

  22. So let me get this strait. Watson wins a national championship, gets selected in the first round and has plenty of excess cash. You want to believe after all the hard work he put in his life he will throw it away for a women who looks like this? Very hard to believe simply because lust is what Watson is essentially being accused of and she doesn’t create any lust in my spirit. I believe this is a hoax and they slandering his name. Then she keeps calling him Deshaun Watson. Can we just keep his name at Deshaun thats how i know this shit is scripted. Shame on the Texans all because he wanted to leave

  23. The problem is Watson’s fate is in the hands of a jury which is probably already biased against him and will probably use some weak excuse for evidence to find him guilty.

  24. Executive The Don

    Tears faker than my dad saying he’s on his way to the store and will be back soon.

  25. She Cappin 🎩💯

  26. I am The Lobster CooCoo Cahcoo!

    Affable,Intelligent and without hint or stain of scandal or controversy. Deshaun was a solid role model for younger football fans. Watson was able to leverage this “nice guy” role as his brand with lucrative deals from, Nike, Rolex, BEats by Dre and snickers. He deceived us all, it happens all the time.

  27. This shit has to stop…there should be consequences on women lying on men. She should get the same amount of time if he is found not guilty.
    Meanwhile Ben R. still QB for the steelers…please help me understand

  28. Timothy Rodriguez

    She smirked after she said I’m not doing this for the money

  29. White women are black man’s kryptonite

  30. Unapologetic 432

    She’s crying but no tears are coming down her face😂😂

  31. A polygraph can straighten this out

  32. Gregg Lockman Jr.

    Why does a massage therapist invite a man to her home for a massage?

  33. 22 civil lawsuits filed and 0 criminal charges filed.

  34. marshallidesire775

    My favorite part is when she starts crying

  35. taedayvion perry

    This bitch is obviously lying

  36. Rich MacDonald

    So she allegedly grazed his penis 📦. That has caused her all this damage. Come on man!!!

  37. In her own words: The most heartbreaking part of it all is that her dad can’t mention his name without turning red seething with disappointment bc he was a Texans fan? The MOST DISAPPOINTING PART isn’t even the effect it has on her, but her dad turning red? Hmm🤔

  38. She’s perfectly okay with helping to ruin this man’s career because she’s a bum bitch smh

  39. Fake azz tears and a few acting classes and attorney preparation. She’s reading a speech prepared by someone else. Design sniffing, touching eyes with Kleenex, pauses…….🙄

    Yeah, all about money 💰💰💰💰💰💰💰.

  40. WOW as I read these comments its sad to see that people judges others without even knowing, maybe she’s lying but maybe she isn’t, but she’s only 1 of many who came forward so this really has to be looked at, may the truth be revealed at the end

  41. Just don’t know why he’d choose her I’m sorry but cmon

  42. She is not attractive at all…. She just want some money cuz she didn’t get no dick 🍖

  43. This chick is straight up a 4, why would deshaun Watson want anything to do with this girl when he could pull way WAY hotter girls in his sleep

  44. Oh please…you touch naked people for a living. Please get over it! This is an obvious money grab.

  45. If he is guilty, then of course, he will be held accountable. But, her actions seem false. Fake tears, etc… the demand of 100,000? That says it all. If Watson is innocent, then she needs to be prosecuted as well.

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