Murder-Suicide: Two depressed brothers murdered their family, killed themselves

Farhan Towhid killed his family/Facebook

Psycho brothers murdered family. 

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ALLEN — Police officials in Allen, Texas are searching for answers after 19-year-old Farhan Towhid and his 21-year-old brother, Tanvir Towhid, murdered their entire family (à la the Menendez brothers) before taking their own lives. The murder-suicide transpired at their residence around 1:00 a.m. Monday morning. While conducting a welfare check, police officers entered the home and discovered a sextet of sanguinary cadavers: Farhan and Tanvir; their father, Towhidul Islam 54; their mother, Iren Islam, 56; their grandmother Altafun Nessa, 77; and Farhan’s 19-year-old twin sister, Farbin Towhid.

Prior to blowing his own brains out, Farhan bragged about how easy it is to purchase firearms in America, saying, “gun control in the U.S. is a joke.” He also posted a lengthy suicide missive on Instagram. “Hey everyone. I killed myself and my family,” he wrote. Police have yet to uncover a motive.

But the family is part of a tight-knit Bangladesh community.

Nobody saw this coming.

“When I heard the news I couldn’t breathe for 20 to 30 minutes,” said family friend Shawn Ahsan.

“How could it happen in a community like us? We’re so close and we visit each other and talk to each other, we have dinner and stuff, but inside the house… his children were unhappy for some reason and one thing led to another. We are heartbroken. I don’t know what else to say… ”

Farhan is a college dropout who has battled depression since the 9th grade.

Tanvir was depressed too.

They were so miserable, they made a pact.

Tanvir told Farhan, “If we can’t fix everything in a year we’ll kill ourselves and our family.”

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  1. Depression is not a joke

  2. I understand what they are going through cuz it reminds me of myself back in 2019 and mid 2020 when I was also depressed to a point where things end up diabolical. No one knew i was because most of the time, i share feelings to myself. rest in peace all

  3. the pandemic really made people act up, huh? i know its been happening way before 2020 but only now is it surfacing

  4. Isn’t this a mass shooting? Anyway, it doesn’t fit the leftist media narrative, so we are not going to see much of this.

  5. Erma Renay Ross

    MERCY 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  6. What a tragic ending. 😢😢😢😢

  7. So basically the underachiever was fed up with being looked down on and killed everyone.

  8. This is extremely heartbreaking, so many of us are sad and miserable and living in this world makes it even harder . I really wish that he got so much more help. May their souls Rest In Peace . Remember to check on your loved ones and be invested in helping each other were ever you can . We are are troubled one way or another but we have to continue to fight in hopes of a steady life.Stay blessed.

  9. Autumn Fragrance

    I blame Trump and his lack of commonsense gun control legislation.

  10. David W. Johnson

    Kid was empty & miserable on the inside. John 3:16

  11. This is why parents shouldn’t force their child to study hard and have no life

  12. what if someone else from the community had killed them and posted that letter on instagram?

  13. @Mr Beyonder: And what made u to think that??

  14. @Mr Beyonder: You’re looking too deep it’s possible but extremely slim chance.

  15. Farhan is a narcissist. That’s the only thing that comes to me after reading the note.

  16. Jennifer Rosenfeld

    The brothers needed help that was probably their way of pleading. They decided to take their family with them so they wouldnt suffer the pain of their loss? Selfish

  17. This covid has alot to answer for , prayers 🙏

  18. Terrible. That’s what Islam does to you. RIP to the victims.

  19. @Purple Rocket: It has nothing to do with religion.

  20. @Purple Rocket: What a fool you are !!

  21. An entire family wiped out…..the world needs a personal savior to fill that void and feeling of emptiness and hopelessness that only the love of Jesus Christ can fill…

  22. Is this related to covid? Unemployment? Bankruptcy? Loneliness?

  23. @1966bluemax: In a word: depression

    Read the 6 page suicide note if you want the full answer

  24. Lindsey-Shanell

    The WHOLE family

  25. The comment section is full of idiots

  26. King Baldwin IV

    Probably couldn’t deal with the lockdown since covid.

  27. An American Citizen

    Democrats are causing all of this, with Obama we had tons of killings and shootings, with Trump we didn’t hardly have any, and now in 2021 with the Democrats in full charge of everything we have had shootings almost everyday, what that said is with democrats in charge it make you want to shoot yourself and everyone else because with democrats in charge there is no hope..

  28. six people dead and this didn’t even make national news …

  29. Well at least they only killed there own people.

  30. This is horrific. The entire family? Your own grandmother? Many are depressed. This is no escuse. They didn’t just take their own lives due to depression. They murdered an entire family. That’s rage and anger. Monsters.

  31. Disco Biker Barefoot Acrylics

    Jesus help us! The world has gone mad! This poor family!

  32. Joy Michele Timmons

    So sad and stupid. So what if these brothers suffer depressions, they had no a right to kill anyone. These assholes should gotten help. If any of my children are mentally ill, they will never be with me, my husband and their siblings. We all get depress sometimes, but it does not give anyone a right to harm anyone or destroy others. People need to grow up. I hope these brothers burn in hell and get the death penalty. May the family members rest in peace. My prayers goes out the the family and friends.

  33. Walmart Cashier

    @Joy Michele Timmons: Death penalty? The brothers are already dead. They committed suicide. Didnt you read the article?

  34. Matthew 10:-36

    [36]And a man’s foes shall be they of his own household.

  35. A demonic force came through there…WE BETTER STAYED PRAYED UP, AND GET CLOSER TO GOD!!! .. LISTEN!!!🙏🙏🙏🙏

  36. freedom warrior

    Wtf! Deport immediately

  37. Two young men had been demon possessed! I blame the 👿 he is real his time is getting shorter so he’s-in those minds that are at their weakest point!

  38. Anthony Anderson

    Folks let this be a lesson…. azz whoopins WORK!!!! Stop letting your kids slide with all that bullsh!t and put hands on them and feet if necessary…

  39. Depression is real. I’ve been having thought of suicide since I was in my teens now I’m in my forty’s they never go away😥😥 I pray a lot.

  40. WendyLadybug355

    @Emile Marie: I Understand, it’s A Real Struggle, Keep On PRAYING, Ask Jesus To Lift This Burden From Your SOUL.Please Make Sure You Have Someone You Can Talk To, If Not Call The Hotline, People Really Care About You.PRAYERSNLUV👼👼💝💝✝️✝️🙏👼💘💘

  41. Handsome Asian Dude

    Imagine being a parent to new born twins thinking they will grow up to be something special or very successful and make you proud…. but instead they grow up years later and murder you

  42. @Handsome Asian Dude: The boys who murdered are brothers not twins. The twins are one of the boys and the girl who was murdered

  43. Idontcare AboutnoneofthatShit

    All these killings are truly making me depressed but I will never kill anyone 💔💔💔

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