Morgan Freeman says we should receive coronavirus vaccine, just trust his advice

Morgan Freeman says get the jab/YouTube

Morgan Freeman promotes vaccine.

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HOLLYWOOD — Morgan Freeman says we should get the coronavirus vaccine because we can trust him. No bullsh*t. I don’t even know that n*gga. The 83-year-old thespian, who has played God in several films, damn near broke the Internet the other day when he released a public service announcement via YouTube urging mothaf*ckas to get inoculated. “I’m not a doctor, but I trust science,” Freeman says in the video. “And I’m told that, for some reason, people trust me. So here I am to say I trust science and I got the vaccine. If you trust me, you’ll get the vaccine.”

Freeman went on to say that getting the vaccine will “help make our world a safe place for us to enjoy ourselves again.” He also said getting the jab is “called taking care of one another.” Huh?

Fan reaction is priceless. A Twitter user wrote: “I trust Morgan Freeman to be a good actor in his films. I don’t trust his medical/scientific advice.” Another tweeted: “If you won’t do it for me… If you won’t do it for your friends and family… If you won’t do it for the most vulnerable among us… will you do it because Morgan Freeman tells you to?”

Freeman and celebrities in general are quick to say trust the science. But they never mention trusting God. Freeman told “Daily Show” host Trevor Noah he won’t socialize with anti-vaxxers.

“Go get the freakin’ shots,” Freeman said.

“But if you don’t… I have to avoid you.”

I don’t get it.

Vaccinated people can’t catch coronavirus. So why are they worried about everyone else?

Rumor has it the vaccine is satiated with Luciferase (an ingredient named after Satan).

Do you trust Mr. Freeman?

Will you get the jab?

Watch the old man make his sales pitch.

Share your thoughts.


  1. The Irony? The vaccine made Morgan Freeman look like that.

  2. Ruthless Lover

    That nigga look like the cryptkeeper why would I take his advice?

  3. Miss Oodles A. Noodles

    i love u morgan but no thank u.

  4. Angelique Buchanan

    I love Morgan Freeman. I got my first dose today before I saw this even though I was terrified since I had a bad reaction to the flu vaccine before. This wouldn’t have changed my mind, but seeing others around me taking it made me a little more brave and able to face the possibility of an epi-pen being shoved in my chest this morning.

  5. Puppet of the elite

  6. This nigga fucked his step-daughter E’Dena Hines. He cant tell me shit.

  7. Bill Gates: The Earth is massively overpopulated.
    Also Bill Gates: We need to vaccinate the entire world to prevent people from dying.
    Me: 🙁

  8. i wonder when the covid virus will mutate – will the vaccine be still usefull ?

    Morgan my man : the issue is the vaccine was developed in very short amount of time and nobody can tell you if it will have any negative long term effects ,
    + second problem you live in US so you will find always people who got problem with everything

    even if everyone would like to get a vaccine – you ain’t going to get 300 mil vaccines for everyone , no time soon

  9. THOTS n Preyers

    I’m Morgan Freeman and I got paid a lot of money to do this, trust me.

  10. The Truth about viruses:
    Viruses are a product of the Earths ecological cycles. They regulate the planets ecosystems and evolve life forms. The Earth also produces Humans. Human populations are also regulated by the planet in order to maintain our ecosystems. Vaccines are not naturally occurring they don’t adapt and change like our bodies immune system and some people only care about getting rich.

  11. I swear Morgan’s been an old dude my whole life. It’s like he’s an immortal vampire or something.

  12. I love Morgan Freeman’s movies but I’m not looking to a celebrity to make decisions for me. 😃

  13. Trust the science = Mark of the Beast

  14. Dont take the Vax that is not fully approved by the FDA. Use your logic lol That’s why they are using celebrytards.

  15. Lucas Armstrong

    Every freckle on his face just fell off

  16. Frankenviews *

    Those who refuse the vaccine are suicidal. Even if you force them to take it, they’ll just find another way to die. Don’t waste vaccines on them .

  17. If you want to be patented by Kill Gates get the vaccine

  18. I don’t trust him or any other celebrities.
    They know this vaccines are an experiment, they are paid by the government & big pharma to tell people to have this vaccines. Many have died from it, many have been left disabled. People are taken this so called covid vacicines and still catching the virus and still have to be tested,wear masks,sel distance so what is the purpose of this vaccines…

  19. So many stupid people commenting here. The good news is that most of them are Republicans and/or evangelical Christians. I don’t really care if they get sick and die.

  20. Sure, I trust Morgan Freeman, and his handlers too. And Epstein killed himself. And Biden won fair and square. And the globalist establishment is purely benevolent toward us “plebs.”
    Putting sarcasm aside, Morgan and his warped establishment handlers can get some sledgehammers, go to a mountain of sand, and you know what they can do with all that sand.

  21. “I trust the science” OOOOh you mean the same science that calls experimental genetherapy technology “vaccines”, when they infact don’t even meet the requirements to even be called “vaccines”, something they of course had to change cause why call a turd a turd when you can call it a strawberry even though it’s still a turd..

  22. Unfortunately Mr. Freeman I don’t trust you. The character you have/put forth however does have a trusting demeanor. I’ll continue to use my own brain no matter how inadequate it might be, thank you.
    – Some fucking guy

  23. “I’m not god, but I played god in a movie…”

  24. Melanie x Michelle


  25. Morgan, I’m sorry, but if you trust science, DO NOT get the vaccine. we will never have a safe vaccine until the companies that make them are held liable for any harm that they might cause. If you trust the science then trust that 1) masks will not save you from a virus. 2) this most deadly virus is just a flu that has a 99.96+% recover rate 3) trust the science not the government, if you think the government has only the best of intentions I have 3 words for you: Tuskegee Syphilis Study!!!!!! Eat right, get exercise, get sun and you WILL BE FINE.

  26. Not once in my entire life have I heard a single soul utter the words “you know that Morgan Freeman, I really trust him”. GTFOH

  27. “If you trust me you’ll get the vaccine”. Well that settles it, I wont get the vaccine. Thanks morgan!



  29. Jesus Is The King

    I trust only in God.



  31. AstraZeneca appreciates your commercial.

    Don’t trust science. Use critical thinking, ask questions, consider your options. Trust that vaccines are good, but don’t trust something just because a doctor said it to you. It’s like people fucking forgot about medical transparency in the name of virtue signaling.

  32. Alex Zimmermann

    First off, there is no way science can prove the safety of the vaccine over 5 or 10 years, let alone 20 in such a short time of study.

    So, why would I as a young person risk my long term health to potentially extend by a short duration the lives of a minority of people?

    The choice between the best time of our lives and our health is the most noxious clause added to culminate this rotten deal.
    It’s frankly astonishing how patient and tolerant today’s young people have been so far, perhaps because they were raised into docility.

  33. Voodoo Sugar Walls

    I bet he hasn’t even gotten it himself

  34. I trust science…when all test are done. They’re a reason when animal test are done before human.
    Never said no to a vaccine before this one. I’ll wait to see what the secondary effects are.


    i dont trust science. not when ITS funded by bill gates
    morgan freeman looks like he has one foot on the grave & another on a banana peel

  36. Arnold Van Dam

    То believe in an actor? WTF he is a professional liar. From when science has to be trusted, is this the new religion?

  37. Kelisha Patrick

    If he has the vaccine, why does he need to stay away from people that doesn’t have the vaccine? Why would he still need to wear a mask? Yeah, explain 🙄😒…

  38. There are massive class-action lawsuits against the pharmaceutical industries practically on a daily basis, the scummy politicians have made the pharmaceutical industry exempt from any such ramifications for vaccine-related morbidity and mortality, and this smarmy pitchman and his handlers tell us to “trust science.” Are you FREAKING kidding?

  39. Blasty McBlast

    The virus has a better track record than any of the vaccines. Trust the junk science.

  40. No respect for celebrities taking part in this inhuman Antichrist-propaganda! 😈

  41. Wow lol they really doing everything they can to get black people to get this vaccine.. “alright Obama didn’t work… bring me Morgan Freeman!”

  42. Evonda Valentine

    I don’t trust you or science. What are you going to do about it? “Trust science” is an oxymoron because science is knowledge and trust is faith. Faith is what happens in the absence of knowledge. Evidence makes trust unnecessary so if scientists are asking to be trusted it’s because they have no evidence to show.

  43. By the looks of him Morgen should watch what he says because he’s going to be in front of God sooner then later …

  44. Simon Dovinsky

    When you revert to actors like Morgan Freeman to promote the gene-therapy shot (it’s not a vaccine) you know it is as bad as it gets. Red flag!

  45. You can stay with your vaccine, I’ll trust the immune system God gave me!

  46. Okay Morgan, because you say so I will get the vaccine. What else do you want me to do? Tell me please so I can live a happier, safer, and whatever you acknowledge that’ll make my life brighter. F the vaccine, F Trevor Noah, all the commercials with him, do you guys think he is funny? That guy is a joke at comedy. I even watched some of his show and I don’t understand why he even has a show. And F Morgan Freeman.

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