Coronavirus vaccine, not drug overdose, responsible for DMX’s fatal heart attack

Family says DMX took vaccine/Getty Images

DMX dead from COVID vaccine.

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NEW YORK — When rapper DMX (né Earl Simmons) suffered a massive heart attack a few days ago, word on the street claimed it was the byproduct of a drug overdose. Turns out, that’s not the case at all. A family member said the quondam junkie took the coronavirus vaccine a week prior to cardiac arrest. “[DMX] got the vaccine when they opened it up to people over 50,” the family member told MTO News. “He got it so that he could go travel and perform, stuff like that.” The state of New York made the panacea available to mothaf*ckas ages 50 and older in mid-March. DMX, 50, was relatively healthy before taking the jab.

“Everyone [in the media] keeps saying that [DMX] had a drug overdose. How do they know?” the family member vented. “I’m in the family and no doctor told me anything about an overdose. Yes, he had past issues with drugs. But nobody knows that he had an OD. It’s f*cked up that it’s being reported like that.”

“He took that vaccine, and he had a heart attack,” the family member continued.

“I’m not saying the vaccine did it, but he never had a heart attack before.”

DMX died at White Plains Hospital while encircled by loved ones.

The family decided to pull the plug on life support.

DMX leaves behind 15 to 17 children from eleven different women.

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  1. never trust the white man’s vaccine

    niggas better wake up

  2. Kinetic astro-lepithical

    Niccaaaaahhh you trust whitey? To put chemicals in you? In 2021?? Lawd hammercy

  3. My homies uncle same thing happened to him after covid shot

  4. If DMX had high blood pressure, or other internal issues from using too many illegal drugs, or too much stress, and not eating right. The vaccine might not be the issue!
    I hope he makes it through, he’s in God’s hands.

  5. Adrienne Thompson

    No drugs! It was that shit shot!!

  6. Bill Gates killin niggas left and right

  7. Thats possible. But here is the thing, if he had been taking strong narcotics , then he should never had taken the vaccine. you cannot take strong narcotics and then take a vaccine that strong, u are asking for trouble.

  8. This poor family is doing their best to convince everybody it wasn’t an overdose 😒 It wasn’t COVID and it wasn’t the vaccine. Err’body already know.

  9. This niggah a crack head period point blank!!

  10. Thandiswa Bonani

    The family member might be telling the truth.

  11. the Tuskegee experiment shouldve taught niggas a lesson

  12. Oprah's3rdcousintwiceremoved

    Whatever…………………… that [email protected]@a did ALL the drugs.

  13. Legally Speaking

    I would call this is irresponsible journalism if this wasn’t an online rag. DMX has struggled with addiction for many years and that is bound to eventually catch-up with folks. It is not uncommon. The American Heart Association cites that most illegal drugs have adverse cardiovascular effects, ranging from abnormal heart attacks. Illegal drug use can lead to collapsed veins, and bacterial infections of the blood vessels and heart valves. Cocaine is the perfect heart-attack drug. Users have higher rates of heart attack and stroke. Thirty percent to thirty-five percent in aortic stiffening, 8 mm hg higher systolic blood pressure and eighteen percent greater thickness of the heart’s left ventricle wall. So let’s not add fuel to the unmerritorious vaccine reluctance conversation. The reality is that for years DMX was an addict, he danced with the devil and now he’s paying the piper. Point black period.

  14. Shit so sad

  15. The saddest things is watching Black people still place ANY trust in a people who has destroyed them like no Human has done to another Human in the history of Humanity.

  16. Lets live like the 1 percent

    Fuck Bill gates

  17. Datsnot Polite

    They give you the disease and than they sell u the cure

  18. The lord will get them. Karma will have its day.

  19. I don’t care what they say or do I’m not taking it!

  20. Wow this whole time they have been saying overdose… The news have been pushing that narrative “no deaths” from the vaccine but I call BS. There have been deaths! They keep covering the deaths up and saying that the people who are dying a few weeks after taking the vaccine have prior health conditions or undiagnosed conditions or died from natural causes but BS is not adding up. I have several family members saying there have been no deaths and pressuring me to take that vaccine and etc. The media are covering the deaths up. I wouldnt be surprised if the media are pushing this narrative about X and it being false ! Straight disrespectful to DMX if its not an OD. There were like two doctors that passed and many others when the vaccine first came out. Now when I look it up it says it wasnt the vaccine they died from natural causes! At first they were saying it was from the vaccine. Man, Idk. I think everyone in my family has gotten the vaccine and had little to no effects but I just can’t bring myself to take it.

  21. “Cocaine is a hell of a drug”.

  22. dude was a junkie. the vaccine is safe

  23. @keith: Depends which one. There is one that has been rejected by several Europeans countries for giving a couple of patients thrombosis: astrazeneca

  24. @James: Moderna was developed by a black female scientist. Other than Pfizer I wouldn’t touch J&J or Astrazeneca.

  25. Caveman Chhhris

    all of the vaccines are bad especially if you black


  27. Camille Holmes

    RIP DMX 🙏🙏

  28. I dont understand niggas. Whitey enslaved us, raped our women, conducted Tuskegee experiments on us, and niggas still trust them mothafuckas.

  29. “He ate too many drugzzz” hehe


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  31. Heavenly God, please receive his soul in Jesus name amen

  32. SmackItUp-FlipIt-RubItDown

    🕊🌺🕊🌺🕊 Rest Eternally in Power 🕊🌺🕊🌺🕊

  33. Bro this is crazy we keep losing legends rip dmx 🥺

  34. 15 kids? damn

  35. ღSwnsasyღ _

    I knew this was coming as soon as they said how long he went without oxygen.. Man, he’s definitely going to be missed so much.. Grew up listening to him.. Much love to his family..

  36. He and George Floyd are together now.

  37. To live is to suffer, to survive well, thats to find the meaning in the suffering-DMX. No more suffering my brother. Free from the demons you fought for so long. Rest in our fathers arms. Until we meet again. 🙏🏾💜🌹

  38. Covid vaccine is what caused his heart attack not the drug issue….it is a new world order depopulation tool wake up my people…see how they control the narrative?….DMX would of told you himself….and the globalists are censoring the truth. His family has announced this during an interview. Truth will not be televised, new world order agenda21 & agenda2030. RIP DMX.

  39. 15 kids really? I don’t respect the irresponsibility in that

  40. Catherine Stemm

    The illuminati have been coming after DMX for not joining……….. They keep celebrities in fear of not being a member by sacrificing some celebrities and making the others watch.

  41. As a black woman with an educational background in nursing AND public health… I have NO desire for ANY jab! I’m getting turned off western medicine and starting to question things (rightly, so). To each their own but for me, it’s a no. ❤️

  42. Bill Mothafuckin Gates

  43. Legends never die R.I.P ❤️❤️

  44. I’m 40y old man And I’m crying.. Rip my Dog! 💔💔💔

  45. @R33mba: Nigga u 40 years old and crying? Dude u need help.


    Barkin at bitches all day for DMX 😢

  47. I’m taking my chances with the disease, not the cure.

  48. he faked his death

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