1. Happy ‘Heavenly’ Birthday Johnny Taylor

  2. Yeaaaaah, that was the jam!!!!

  3. Patricia Anderson

    My parents favorite song when I was little…those house parties they had was something ❤❤

  4. Mick C. Horror and Pop Culture

    The Soulllllll Train!!!!

  5. He was so damn smooth

  6. Adrienne Robinson

    Do Your thing Johnny Taylor, Love You 💘 RIP

  7. Raymond Harris

    Bad ass song

  8. Some of the best times late 70′ s ALL OF THE 80 ‘s …

  9. I used to roller skate to this bad jam!

  10. R I p BiGG JohNiE TaYLoR 🙏🏾💙❤️💜❣️🩸🖤🤍🖤💟💖✌️.

  11. Shake it up shake it down move it in move around disco lady

  12. carles mauricio

    Love this jam!! Timeless…❤️

  13. This song takes me back to my 20s and 30s. Born in 1961. Lol.

  14. Crazy thing is that he hated this song. It became the first platinum single ever. And one of his biggest hits. Just goes to show you. You never know when u got a hit.

  15. This grown man stuff right here

  16. Shelly LaBarge

    Smooth funk😏

  17. My uncle rip jamming while driving his Lincoln Continental and always with a different woman.

  18. Love it. Playa shyt 4real

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