1. The 9-5 Ranter

    Man these cats were toooo cool back in the day! This song is TIMELESS!

  2. George Kwesi Davis

    these songs were great….eternal…what we listen now is really crap….there are a few exceptions though…Billie Eilish is one, and a few others like DAM FUNK.

  3. This Masterpiece Is One Of The Greatest Soul Jams In Music History. 👌💫💞

  4. 80″s were a Golden Era

  5. damn….these soul and funk bands kick the shit out of new music. I mean they were kicking the shit out of every other musical genre even then!! The women epitomized class, style and sexiness all at the same time. Oh…and they were brilliantly talented to boot!! This is how we know our parents were far “cooler” and could out-party us!

  6. William Coleman

    The little white woman playing the keyboard is in the groove like everyone else.

  7. These were legitimate producers Jimmy jam and Terry Lewis. What we have now are computer programmers masquerading as musical producers

  8. Watching this just made my day !

  9. Cinderella 290

    The music itself is very beautiful not to mention the voices or the lyrics totally a different world from ours where people like cardi b and billie get tons of awards, Total shit.

  10. LOVE LOVE S.O.S. BAND!!🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. the white girl in the band is sexy

  12. still banging this bitch!!!!

  13. Nanette Boatwright

    Sweet Jesus!!!

  14. Armando Chavez

    This puts this new modern R&b to shame. This is, was, and will keep on being classy music at its finest.

  15. Anthony Carroll

    The girl in the tassel dress is rocking it

  16. Who is the keyboard player. She is fine yes lawd

  17. This song made me a 80s baby🤔😂💯

  18. Andree Simmons

    Love this song! Club banger for us old heads!

  19. Who is the dude singing Alexander O’Neal’s part? Doesn’t look like him.


    What has happened to music? It doesn’t seem to exist now. I miss these days.

  21. My all time favorite song…#1 above all

  22. Wonder why Alex didn’t turn up to this seminal performance? Perhaps he was busy recording the Hearsay album? SOS Band and Alexander O’Neal are both two of the finest (I know) artists Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis produced back in 86-87!

  23. Damnnn..they are jammin!!! This is the first time I’ve ever seen this. Man I miss the 80’s. I’m 45 years young now.Seeing and hearing anything from the 80’s makes me happy and sad at the same time.Thank God for the internet!!! Where else, or how could you watch all this good stuff!!!

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