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LOS ANGELES — Now we know why “Black Lives Matter.” Because a métier in activism remunerates more than flippin’ burgers. Patrisse Khan-Cullors, the group’s co-founder, is catching hell for going on a real estate procurement binge. The 37-year-old lesbo has already purchased a quartet of exorbitant homes for $3.2 million in the United States alone. Patrisse is also exploring properties in the Bahamas where Justin Timberlake and Tiger Woods own residences and she’s in the process of acquiring luxury apartments and townhouses at the beachfront Albany resort outside the capital of Nassau.

Those properties tout a price range of $5 million to $20 million.

Patrisse, a self-proclaimed Marxist, bought a mansion near Malibu last month for $1.4 million. The 2,370-square-foot dwelling features “soaring ceilings, skylights and plenty of windows” that provide picturesque views of Topanga Canyon. Patrisse’s ranch in Georgia features a private airplane hangar with a studio apartment on top. The property also contains a 2,500-foot runway to accommodate diminutive aircraft.

Hawk Newsome, founder of the Greater New York chapter of “Black Lives Matter,” is calling for “an independent investigation” into Patrisse’s BLM Global Network Foundation. Hawk’s organization is not affiliated with hers. “If you go around calling yourself a socialist, you have to ask how much of her own personal money is going to charitable causes,” he said. “It’s really sad because it makes people doubt the validity of the movement and overlook the fact that it’s the people that carry this movement.”

Conservative commentator Candace Owens appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday to give her two cents. “[Patrisse] has my respect because she’s unapologetic in her approach,” Candace said.

“She is telling you what she is — she’s a Marxist. Marxists steal money from other people and they enrich themselves… She has stolen money from other people on the pretext of a lie that is ‘Black Lives Matter’ and she has enriched herself and she has bought four homes. You have to appreciate the honesty. She is not hiding by any means. She is a communist through and through and she has been unbelievably unapologetic in her approach.”

It should be noted that Topanga Canyon, where Patrisse’s $1.4 million home is located, “has a black population of 1.4%.” Former ESPN columnist and Fox Sports talk show host Jason Whitlock was ostracized from Twitter after he tweeted out personal information about the residence.

“There’s so much hypocrisy here,” Jason told the Daily Mail. “They want the state to own all the property, but she’s out buying property all across the country. She’s acting like a capitalist.”

Patrisse said she’s using her emoluments, not charitable contributions.

She also bought the homes for her family.

Do you agree with Hawk, Candace and Jason?

Is Patrisse a swindler?

Should she be investigated?

Share your thoughts.


  1. You can say because I’m white I have no say in this but I am going to say it anyway. I feel bad for the BLM “Movement”, this women is corrupt and a Hypocrite and she is shining a Negative light on BLM when there shouldn’t be. Even if she didn’t receive a dime from BLM itself her entire fortune is based on this movement. 4 Homes in the past 5 years totaling over 3 Million. She claims she is a true Socialist and Marxist yet is collecting and spending money like a Capitalist. Its also been report that while they have collected well over 90 Million in the past couple years BLM has only pledged around 30 of that to “Build the Black Community” yet nothing has been done and chapters in New York haven’t received a dime and have to create there own Go Fund Me. The worst part is the victims off all this will once again be those in the Black community and those actually trying to make a difference.

  2. Black-owned mansions in rich White neighborhoods matter!

  3. Maury Gluttonspiel

    SHe has made dangerous accusations that cost people lives. She has cost billions in loses for agitating BEFOREfacts were known. ANd she is hustler who got caught doing the polar opposite of what a good marxists says they are. But I suspect she dont even know what a marxist is. And she is saying that daring to challenge her is racist and dangerous. Now that is a very good sign of a marxist…and fascist

  4. Candace is so incredibly stupid im quite surprised that woman got so popular.

  5. Pierre HM van de Kletersteeg

    Declare BLM a criminal/terroristic organization, together with Antifa. Freeze their bank accounts, and confiscate their buildings. Then: arrest all members. Then take all they have got, to compensate the looted and burnt companies.

    It can be done, it should be done, it must be done.

  6. Black people will love you until you start making a little money or get a some attention ? Y’all want this lady to not make money ? If it was a white woman the story would be different. The women who started the #metoomovement are now millionaires. The media never complain about them being millionaires. A lot of people (including myself) donated money to the metoomovement . We will never get anywhere.

  7. They all about ‘the community’ until they can get out of it.

  8. Antifa housewarming party at Patrisse’s!
    🔥 🏠 🔥

  9. Greed and power at the expense of all of us that work our asses off to pay for the needs of our families. The US is the least racist country in the world! These people could care less about helping anyone but themselves. She IS the evidence!

  10. I love Candace she is so direct and straight to the truth. These blm people are scam artists they don’t care about black people

  11. What does Patrice Cullors and an Oreo have in common?
    Both are black on the outside and white on the inside.

  12. Hope all of you that support her are happy with all those million-dollar homes she bought with your money. You’re all being played. And worse more, it’s turning you all into a bunch of victims incapable of your own self empowerment

  13. BLM = Buying Large Mansions

  14. UPDATE: she is about to buy her FIFTH HOUSE in the Bahamas!!! She will have FIVE HOUSES…,one of which has an AIRSTRIP RUNWAY!!!!

  15. Gideon Sauceda

    Black Mansions Matter…

  16. Now that she is a major property owner, does she still think defunding the police would be a good idea?

  17. Master Building

    Black lives matter is a LGBT front group financed by George Soros that has utter contempt and hatred for heterosexual black men.

  18. I am so tired of this BS. The fact that she’s even allowed to have a platform is what’s ACTUALLY dangerous. Everyone sees through her bs it’s just embarrassing and pathetic at this point.

  19. She’s so oppressed that she has a Netflix deal in the works, a deal with Warner Bros and 4 homes; but cries about how the white supremacist boogeyman has ruined her life. lol

  20. Douglas Washington

    Rich white people do the same thing. And where is the criticism then. Always want to make black people look bad. But oh yeah Whitlock is married to a white woman and Candace Owens a white man

  21. banana aya playa

    I wish I had the problems the people in this “organization” had. Maybe then too, would I learn how to launder the money I received through fraud into real estate to build my own equity, and not giving af about inner city kids or near homeless mothers who’ve lost their kids. For a proclaimed “trained Marxist”, she best believe those luxury estates she purchased are not just her estates, they’re ours too 😌😊😌😊😌😊
    Brb, gonna book my ticket to LA to go squat and claim my portion of that property, since it’s ours now 🙂

  22. Steve McCloskey

    Don’t hate the player, hate the GAME. Right Patrisse?

  23. Socialism, stealing the wealth and spreading death since 1917.

  24. She is laughing all the way to the bank

  25. She used everyone.I want to see her tax returns.Is the IRS going to actually do an audit of her financial income and does it match her 3.2 million dollar homes.
    She got bank off burning homes down she got bank of burning and looting business.
    She the one that get the spoils ,not the victims of her terrorist activities.

  26. She should teach us Blacks how to become multimillionaires by shaking down White corporations using the race card . Let’s get rid of protests and open up workshops and webinars.

  27. Do you know what 1.4 million can do on the South Side of Chicago? She could’ve literally bought a whole block, teared it down, and built a whole row of affordable housing/community center for the people she says she cares so much about. Activists like Malcom X and MLK never lived lavish lifestyles because they were really about that life. But no, Patrisse, the trained marxist, wants to capitalize off of the loss of black lives, move into a white gated community, pay housing and school taxes in that white community but still be considered a pro-black activist. You don’t get to do both mam.

    And give Tamir Rice mom her money.

  28. such a fraud , she is the worst kind. FEEDS of her own people’s suffering. SO SAD

  29. As a black man i donot support this bitch.

  30. Black lives matter in her bank account 😂

  31. Shelley Bayless

    Patrisse and other Marxist leaders want Socialism for the masses, but Capitalism for themselves. They are lying deceptive hypocrites who will tell people whatever they want to hear just to get what they want, power, control and money.

  32. So this self-proclaimed MARXIST who HATES CAPITALISM is ok with Capitalism when it makes HER wealthy. How does this help black communities??? Breanna Taylor’s mom said she has NEVER heard from BLM, but watched them all make millions off the death of her daughter.


  34. She should be investigated I’m not buying her story that she made millions completely separate from her position in BLM.

  35. Zaraki Kenpachi


  36. High Priest of Gavin Almighty He Who Doth Exist

    What a fantastic Marxist. Scams individuals and corporations successfully for over $1 billion, complains relentlessly about the competition required in the system of capitalism, and proceeds to use millions of dollars donated to her openly Marxist race-baiting organization to buy multiple high dollar homes including an extremely expensive home in CA.

    “But… muh white supremes! Questioning how I use millions and millions in donations for personal use is white supremacy!”


  37. Burning Spear Patriot

    Fuck BLM

  38. Eszra Falcontail

    This woman digusts me. Probably would have needed a daddy at home and she wouldnt be that insane now.

  39. Jordan T Russo

    All you dumbasses donating your life savings away should know this is what you’re paying for, fucking losers at the top of the food chain expanding they’re real estate empire, while claiming they’re oppressed

  40. She’s a damn liberal lesbian marxist. No surprise there.


  42. Don’t hate her hustle, hate the game, not the player…. I give her lots of props. Never seen so many white people willing to be martyrs for her narrative. Sh!t, she got Walmart, Apple, all those places donating to her cause, who cares if she only distributes 1/4 of that. What are you all complaining about? She got a family to feed, nd besides, she gives a
    fourth of her money up, who gives a sh!t what she does with the other three quarters, ur just jealous. Well then go do your own organization or something. BTW Pattrisse, just in case they do defund the police, got lots of peeps trained in personal security, hmu. Their paycheck won’t hurt ur bottom line, they come in all colors, u go girl!!!

  43. Candace really needs to find someone to do her hair and makeup. I’m a white woman and I’m embarrassed for her

  44. Just like the Jeffersons, good ol Patrisse is moving on up to the west side. Gotta give her credit, she found a way to make money and live the high life. No wonder BLM has no respect anymore.

  45. Marxist fraud. BLM doesn’t care about Black people at all. They are only concerned with personal enrichment and destroying the Black community in the process. That Black people don’t see this is baffling, to say the least.

    And for the record, I’m Black and in NO WAY support BLM nonsense.

  46. Michael Davidson

    She looks a bit thinner
    Liposuction isnt cheap

  47. Letsdebate Inpeace

    It’s sad morally corrupt people looking for a cash grab interfere with the fight for justice and equality. Candace is not helping nor is that BLM lady. “If you’re not helping you’re hurting.” Black lives matter too is what it should have been called. Though people became stuck on the slogan, simply to deny and discredit the message. I’m pretty sure any racist or white supremacists should love to do that. Now we have Candace and BLM lady to help with that. So sad as we all know african americans have been poorly treated by law enforcement and the justice system compared to white americans for a very long time. Especially racial profiling which does exist. It’s not a unicorn. This is followed by over charging, high penalty including false imprisonment. Especially in Martin luther king days where people are still in jail for the dumbest reasons that wouldn’t compare to the sentencing if trialed today. Even if the BLM lady gets in trouble for misdirecting the BLM, movement, what happens next? Is Tucker and Candace going to tackle the deep rooted white supremacy that’s effects our school system, hospitals, law enforcement, justice system, employment, housing network, etc. Some of those ws literally raided the capital. I just see evil grins from people as they seem to be happy to discredit something that has a true message blinded by bad representation. It’s like they are happy for us to loose, and idiots like Candace join them in the fight. It’s like america is saying
    “We hurt you, but it’s your fault we hurt you. Now you go help you, while we continue to hurt you.” This is the mindset. That BLM co-founder is not helping, nor is Candace/Omerosa.

  48. BLM is a scam and everyone supporting it can choke on my balls 😂

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