Police Shooting Video: Trigger-happy cop ‘catching hell’ for killing 13-year-old boy

Adam Toledo shot dead by cop/Sun-Times

Chicago officer shoots little boy.

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CHICAGO — Authorities in Chicago are under fire after a White police officer shot and killed an unarmed, Hispanic, 13-year-old boy. The sanguinary ordeal transpired during a foot pursuit around 2:30 a.m. on March 29th. It was also captured on video. Police body cam footage shows the officer chasing Adam Toledo in a dark alley. “Stop right f*cking now!” the cop screamed. “Show me your f*cking hands!” As Adam started to raise his arms, the officer opened fire.

The Mexican miscreant, known on the streets as Little Homicide, “was pronounced deceased on scene.”

After the shooting, the officer had the nerve to ask, “You alright? Where you shot?”

To add insult to injury, it took the police department two days to notify Adam’s parents of his demise. The officer claims the Latino malefactor was armed with a semi-automatic pistol. But the video shows otherwise. “Simply put, we failed Adam,” said Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, who has a 13-year-old daughter, at Thursday’s press conference. “We cannot afford to fail one more young person in our city.”

Police arrested 21-year-old Ruben Roman who was with Adam prior to the shooting.

Watch disturbing footage.

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  1. 13 years old? Oh my gosh.

  2. What is this kid doing out at 2:30 AM?

  3. So you tell the boy “show me your hands THEN SHOOT HIM?????” Like WTF!!!!

  4. Dismantle all law enforcement and start over.

  5. Wow. Sickening. That why I have no sympathy for cops shot in the face on traffic stops. They are too afraid to do the job, that a kid spooks you so bad you shoot without thinking.

  6. That cop meant to blast him. It’s all part of the new democrat authoritarian regime. democrats what to get back control of the streets with no tolerance after purposely encouraging this for the last 6 years.

  7. Toledo was out shooting that night.
    i guess everyone would be happier if the cop was dead instead of the young gangbanger.

  8. Boruto Shippuden

    he isnt black so no one cares.. thats sad

  9. Every Single Average Day

    “Are you alright?”

    “Where are you shot?”

    ….I’d imagine no, and wherever you shot him… 😐

  10. Hector Gutierrez

    This is so devastating 💔. May he rest in peace 🙏🕊

  11. Queen of Swords

    Wtf was this kid doing out on the streets running away from police…? Whatever the police officer did it will be sorted out. What are these parents doing? My kids would’ve never been out at that age that late? 2.30 am???!!! 😢😠

  12. Another young man breaking the law killed by the police ? It’s time to riot !

  13. Heartbreaking to watch, but you have to consider cops deal with this stuff all the time and that split second decision couldve ended the cop’s life if it went the other way or if it was someone else. Its an unfortunate situation, but I understand why the cop fired his gun in this situation.

  14. Generic Human Being

    Shoot first ask questions later. Excellent police work. We should give him a medal or something

  15. Imagine dying because a cop runs up on you telling you hands up hands up and you do that just to get shot 🤦🏽‍♂️

  16. I hope that cop gets charged with Murder

  17. Really Happenings

    So.. the kid had a gun in his hand? Yes or no?

  18. Shoots him in the chest then asks “you alright?”

  19. Should’ve been home in bed

  20. Another piece of trash cleaned off the street. Thank you Chicago Police.

  21. How are you gonna shoot him and then ask if he’s alright. And why was it that as soon as he put his hands up to show he was unarmed is when he got shot? This is ridiculous. I’m so tired of this crap.

  22. Result of bad parenting

  23. -Shoots him.

    “Are you alright?”

  24. I saw hands up?????

  25. Why would they shoot if you gonna save him? Freaking morons. First of all wtf is a 13 year old with a gun at 2:30 in the morning? Now the parents want justice? Where are the parents? Sorry this kids fault doing no good. They found the gun a few feet away. Why was he running? He is up to no good at midnight. Even though I say that, I know how the parents feel. Worst pain ever. His parents failed him. He looks like he was 11. Omg. I didn’t see the gun in his hand. There was light. He put his hands up. That cop did it on purpose. Cops should have good eyes. I can’t see much, but he didn’t have a gun. Too many coward cops out here. And ppl don’t want to make guns more stricter and ban certain guns. I don’t know anymore.🤔🤔

  26. You know what I find concerning is why he is carrying a gun at 13 instead of being at home studying 📖🙄

  27. classickruzer1

    Listening to too much RAP .. BRAINWASHED by it..

  28. If you look at other footage slowed down, Adam has a gun in his right hand. As he runs towards the fence he throws it behind the fence, turns and then raises his hands. Before Adam is shot there is cctv footage of Adam and a man firing several rounds at a moving vehicle. The police have no idea how old Adam is, but they do know he’s armed and has potentially used the gun already. Sadly, Adam’s family were unable to keep him safe and the man who manipulated Adam into participating in a serious crime got him killed.

  29. He wasn’t unarmed, cops were involved because him and this grown ass man at 2 in the morning were popping off shots like it was Open season. he had a gun behind his back you can see it in the video if you slow it down and actually look, cop told him to drop it. Instead he raised his hand and in that split second he got shot. This is why you get shot people. Don’t be outside past 12 with shady characters, Don’t run from the cops, and drop the stupid gun before you shoot your hands up. When the cop says freeze you freeze, especially in this situation. Now he’s dead, and his family is going to be showing his 7-year-old pictures like he’s some sort of saint, and they’re probably going to go looking for a payout like George Floyd’s family got🤷🏽‍♀️


    Older dude told kid to take the wrap for it for sure. Kid to young to know whats going on out here, that cops will shoot you or put there knee on your neck! Also they might mistaking there tazer for gun to watch out!

  31. We as parents need to parent these children that we are assigned to watch over, protect, guide, properly raise to say the least. We know the time of the century we live in, the neighborhood we live in, the country we live in. Two o’clock in the morning is not a time for a child to be out and about without a good reason. Please don’t give police reasons to shoot our children. Let’s do better.

  32. He was armed with a firearm, running from police when told to stop ……… his age is irrelevant. A 13 year old with a gun can be just as deadly as a 30 year old.

  33. James Onyekwere

    I am black but the bible Says if you live by the sword you die by the sword. Parents train your kids in the way they should grow so when they are old they won’t depart from it. Why is a 13 year old not in bed by 2am??? Parents take some accountability

  34. Sinister Steven

    Young kid out at 2 am shooting at cars then tries to hide the gun not drop it because the cop said so hence why he threw it behind the fence not on the ground to show hey I dropped it, his right hand moves slowly up like he still had the gun in his right hand. Dude ran down and alley so don’t try and say he was following orders from the cop we determined that was a lie lol I’m sure just another wanna be gangsta off the streets good

  35. That kid was testing for the prison system 13 years old and he’s running the streets With a known gang banger no tears shedding here he got what he deserved


  37. Let’s guess who will get prosecuted first…
    1. Cop who did his job and stopped a gangbanger with a gun
    2. Dude who gave a 13 years old a gun
    3. Parents who let their 13 years old out running at 2:30am with a gun

  38. Whiterun Guard

    Stay inside kids, no need at all to be out at 2am at 13 years old with way older people shooting guns and most of all in chicago.Kid should have stood still put his hands up and waited insted of turning around fast like he did cause its a split second decision and reaction the cop has to make and in the heat of the moment of chasing someone down who obviously has a gun up untill he tossed it behind that fence you dont know what could happen.

  39. There Is No Spoon

    Maybe the kid shouldn’t have worn a shirt that said:
    “Just do it”

  40. Officer: Show me your hands!
    Adam: Does everything the officer tells him to do
    And all he gets in return is being shot? Wow.. 😥
    This world is becoming crueler and crueler every single day unfortunately 😪
    However, I don’t get why he would be out at 2: 30 in the morning, like did his parents raise him wrongly or is there something else going on? 🤔

  41. why would you ask him to show his hands and then shoot him when he does exactly that?? am i missing something?

  42. Why in the fuck did he shoot him that quick, hold on a fucking minute, why in the fuck, did he shoot him, that quick, HOLD TF, ON yes he was probably gonna die that day bc let’s face it he carrying around a gun even tho he dropped it , why, The Fuck! Did that man, shoot that child, THAT QUICK, wait whatttttt noooo American police, not all but a few, are absolutely fucking Idek what to say apart WHY the FUCK, bro he didn’t even get to look at him for half a second, I can understand people defending the officer and I’m all for defending police but this one is different? I’m ashamed to belong to a police family I’m absolutely ashamed 😞😞

  43. MatTheMasterBuilder N2006

    The kid had a gun, and the officer knew that. He saw the kid raising his arm and assumed the gun was still in his hand. Even though the kid threw the gun, the officer was still scared for his life and the lives of others. And he made the smartest choice. And if you think, “Oh well, he should have waited to see if his hands were up.” He would’ve been dead if he had waited in a situation like this. And don’t start the crap like, “He targeted the kid because he has a different skin color!” No he didn’t. And blacks aren’t the race that are most often shot by police. People with mental disabilities are. Just last June a 13 year old autistic kid in salt lake was shot while running away from police. And did anyone out of the statue of Utah hear about it? Nope.

  44. Little Homicide not so tough now! I mean Little DIRT-NAP!

  45. Why is everyone painting the child in a negative light?? Say what you will about potentially having a gun or being out in the middle of the night, that absolutely did not give that police officer any right to murder him. He was 13. The world’s gone mad.

  46. America has such a gun problem that 13 year olds are running around armed with guns, i mean WTF! From the body cam footage of other police being shot in America they have milliseconds to make a decision to fire before they’re shot, alot of them don`t fire and a perp ends up whipping around and shooting them within a second, in this case he was responding to gunshots, found a suspect, chased him down an alley, he went to turn around, police caught a glimpse of the gun and had to react in a split second…. in hindsight it was the wrong decision, but in real time it was probably the right decision for his safety. Really unfortunate for the young man and his family, and the police officer and his family, but that’s why America needs gun reform in a nutshell

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