Racism Video: U.S. Army Sergeant jailed following attack on ‘disabled’ black man

Pentland assaults black dude/Daily Mail

US Army Sergeant attacks black dude. 

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COLUMBIA — This week’s “I F*cked Up A Good Job Award” belongs to U.S. Army Sergeant Jonathan Pentland who was thrown in jail for assaulting a young black man with special needs. The minatory act of racial profiling transpired Monday evening in a tight-knit suburb called “The Summit” in Columbia, South Carolina. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows a barefoot Jonathan excoriating Deandre for sauntering down the damn sidewalk. “What are you doing here?” Jonathan asked.

“You either walk away or I’m gonna carry your ass out of here.”

After the puny negro refused to comply, the sinewy soldier shoved him in the back. “You’re in the wrong neighborhood, motherf*cker!” Jonathan yelled while pointing his finger in Deandre’s countenance. “Get out!” Eyewitnesses told investigators the itinerant was going around harassing neighbors.

Someone told Jonathan, 42, to intervene and that’s when all hell broke loose.

His wife recorded the incident.

The Sheriff’s Office said Deandre suffered from an underlying medical condition that might’ve affected his deportment that day. Jonathan, who’s stationed at nearby Fort Jackson, was arrested and charged with third-degree assault and battery. The army is conducting its own investigation.

“The leaders at Fort Jackson in no way condone the behavior depicted in the video posted recently,” Brigadier General Milford Beagle Jr., Fort Jackson’s commander, said in a statement. “This action deeply impacts our community — the neighbors in the Summit, the city of Columbia, Richland & Lexington counties, and our Army family.”

General Beagle, by the way, is an African American graduate of Kansas State University.

Was Jonathan out of line?

Do you consider this a hate crime?

Watch the disturbing video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. anonymous anonymous

    Did the stupid wife recorded this and release it to the public thinking they are in the right?

  2. Amerikka!!

  3. Lol wow. The wife recording it like they were doing the right thing???? That speaks volumes

  4. How’s he racist? Because he’s white? Maybe he’s never seen the dude in the neighborhood and was acting suspicious.

  5. What a despicable piece of trash. This is what happens in society where people self appoint as vigilantes. Unless someone is causing harm to you call the police and report the issue. When you put your hands on a stranger on an aggressive way its assault. I hope he gets convicted and spends some time in the big house to think over his racist actions.

  6. I take walks in neighborhoods all the time where I don’t live. It is called FREEDOM in the U.S.

  7. So are we all supposed to pretend the black guy wasn’t acting like a creepy weirdo or what?

  8. 100% Hate crime. This is an insult to all black people. Why isn’t he
    charged for hate crime? They’ll continue, he’ll continue doing this.
    Because he’s white & then it’s not a hate crime? Only if the victim
    is chinese. Every clear very clear components of hate crime is there and

  9. Thank you wifey….

  10. I Iooked at the video now, so it started where the “black” guy, because it’s always about race, then he approached the sergeant’s wife, in which he pushed him, I would do the same, I’m not going to let a stranger who I’ve never seen in the neighborhood approach my wife like that. And then the stranger makes a point of not going, I would like to see the whole interaction…

  11. This Is another racial profiling issue on the real

    this issue is just a racist white boy tripping on a young black man

    glad he got charged 💯

  12. Pink imps are always narcissistic, so they’re always cowards who act like they’re victims whenever caught/exposed/punished for their wickedness 🤢🙄😤😡 this WWE reject will be playing the victim in 5 4 3 2…😅

  13. An aggressive male version of the Karen.

  14. That entire neighborhood should be ashamed

  15. Alabaster green

    This is how stupid these people are. They think that if they record themselves being racists then its legal

  16. Vince Cartwright

    I’m not sure what happened. What did the black man do to make the guy mad? “Nothing” is not an answer. What was he doing? Just walking around? In the same spot? Walking back and forth? I don’t get it.Again I need more info

  17. Praying to the most high that he gets a dishonorable discharge and loses all his damn benefits for being a whole ass 🤡

  18. Discharge him now!!!! He has control issues.

  19. Michellle Michelle

    Why wasnt his wife arrested as well she is the one that started everything

  20. Dante Official

    This is the same type of behavior that got Trayvon Martin killed. I wish the racial profiling and prejudice would stop! I’m glad he was arrested and I hope he gets a dishonorable dismissal from the Army for shaming the country.

  21. I love how they thought they were so in the right they video taped 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  22. And I didn’t see any of his tight nit community supporters out there helping him……where they at…..this is heartbreaking that we can’t live in peace💔

  23. The man is twice the brother’s size and he was threatened by him to the point where he had to get in his face and push him? He should be demoted to private first class.

  24. I’m white, been white for 71 years but that Dirtbag is not my people…

  25. Some white people still don’t get it and still feel so entitled. Listen to the wife say wait till the police gets here and see how it goes for you

  26. Did he say he will carry and move him? And he put his kkk hands on him and said he’ll
    put his hands on him. Ooh to comfortable they are questioning him but the wife said
    it’s none of his business. But you feel its your business to question him really.

  27. Now this is Justice!!!!

  28. That’s crazy how black Americans are still treated horrible by white Americans

  29. Health Wealth Love Happiness

    Notice the SIZE of the black man he is pushing around

  30. Look, put a stop to this mad shit by giving serious penalties to offenders, America the world is watching, divided we stand divided we fall,I can’t say United we stand United we fall because that’s a lie,so America was built on a lie,living everyday here show us that.

  31. David Rosenbaum

    Meanwhile, a white man walks through the ‘hood’ and gets shot fifteen times.

  32. Think about it, this ass hole treats a total stranger like this, how does he treat young men and women who were given to him in training????

  33. This is stupid, that soldier is an idiot it’s a free country. That being said at the same time, if it was a black dude to a white guy you wouldn’t be seeing it right now, people need to stop paying attention to this race grifting its bullshit.

  34. No matter what the black person is doing you as a white person should never say “ you don’t belong in this neighborhood “ lol

  35. Same thing my friends would do before they robbed the neighborhood….They would case it out…

  36. When white people are accused of a crime, they try to make the victim into a criminal. Those streets are public! If they are worried about people roaming their neighborhood, buy in a gated community or out in the country where you own all the land. You only own the house not the city sidewalk. If that young man was committing a crime, I’m sure the police would be more than happy to say so.

  37. His wife is a flat out bitch.

  38. Anointed Truth

    Sue his racist white ass ! If you don’t you deserve what you get.

  39. Don’t judge the whole military for this. He does not represent all of us

  40. Read the incident report. The black guy was provoking him. Report said he sexually harassed and groped women. Also tried to pick up some random persons baby.

  41. Ziggy Stardust


  42. Bully look how small the black guy is…im 6 foot 3 245 pounds push me around like that

  43. He’s not qualified to lead ,tax payers pay his army salary and entrust him too protect his men/females in uniform. Wrong human for leadership position. Oh one more thing, mr. Agressor you don’t own that sidewalk, hands off .you don’t want people of color walking in front of your house i suggest you go hibernate year round.

  44. We woulda been fighting as soon as he touched me fuck a size

  45. He picked a little skinny man to treat like that…I’m 6’6 230lbs in tip top shape, the ambulance would have been needed.

  46. Edward Mitchell

    It’s very interesting that white man with the bald skin head has the arrogance to act and treat a black man like that when two of the highest superior officers (Generals) are black men that he has to answer to. I’m an Army Vet myself, and a black man. I must commend that young gentleman for his composure; far different from the way I would have handled it had that been me.

  47. I see FELONIES in this POS’ future. Felony BATTERY, Felony ASSAULT. I see Veteran’s benefits, if any, GONE or SEVERELY REDUCED. Dude’s hands are literally weapons and he established unwarranted, unsolicited, aggressive physical contact with said weapons. Goodbye sir! Your wife thought she was slick recording you… Well, y’all all over the place now, with more footage on the way.

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