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R&B group Atlantic Starr disseminates romantic serenade in “My Sugar” video

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  1. Makes me wanna fall in love again….”My Sugar, Sugar just wanna hold you to the end of time……your my lovin sugar girl… 💞 💞 💞

  2. Where Are You My Sugar Sugar Baby 😍😍😍Come To My Warm Arms💝And Love Me With Sweet Sexy Love You Have💝💝💝

  3. Whoever that Don’t Like this Song.. Has Never Been in Love..or Even Made Love Before..and there’s Not a Dirty Word in the Song Nowhere.. Now that was when Men had Respect for Women.. Black Women… But Not Anymore..Sad..

  4. This puts this new modern R&b to shame. This is, was, and will keep on being classy music at its finest.

  5. This was from a time when music was great by both black and white artists, and each could be equally enjoyed by both.

  6. That’s why relationships were more serious back then the music increased those feelings.

  7. Not only were Atlantic 🌟 Star extremely talented… They had tremendous musical chemistry.. And they kept their smooth sensual style for 3decades💯💯💗

  8. OH MY LORD!!! How much I LOVED THIS SONG AND VIDEO when it came out!!! LOVED me some David Lewis back then and before y’all start in with his hair, this is how some entertainers wore their hair then. Yes, I am defending him lol 😂. When he gives her that tender kiss DAMN DAMN DAMN!!! I used to WISH THAT WAS MEEEE!!!!! LOL 😂 Another thing, this was when they had no problem featuring beautiful darker skinned women in the videos unlike now, smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ This song was definitely slept on. Still listening now and forever!! I LOVE ATLANTIC STARR ESPECIALLY DAVID!!!❤️❤️❤️!!!

  9. Not a fan of the man perm nor the broach but I must say that Atlantic Starr had the hit-ballad-making formula down pat.

  10. Love Atlantic Starr…but they were never the same after the original female singer left the group.

  11. Atlantic starr was so talented..especially David Lewis he knew he could sing…the boy was badd

  12. Another Masterpiece for future generations to enjoy! Thank you, Atlantic Starr!

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