1. Yeah that’s what I’m talking about! Doesn’t matter whether you’re black, white, asian or latino everybody’s just grooving and having a good time and that’s the way I like it! 🙂

  2. Now that’s some funk.

  3. Really nice

  4. Good lord .. just the intro alone

  5. The REAL Disco!

  6. Best piece of the 70s

  7. The flyest horn section I have ever seen!

  8. Matías Castro

    Tom Cruise and his band

  9. The Average Joe, And Rising Above

    Look at the energy in that room.. crazy and awesome!

  10. Amos Iron Wolf

    Dayum. I graduated High School back in 1975. My body may try to tell me, but inside I am not this old yet. LOL

  11. Everything seemed better back then

  12. How many drugs you think was running through that crowd

  13. I’m a strict rocker; but, this song i cannot help but love.

  14. Cheech & Chong

    this song makes me want to get high

  15. That band was insanely hot. The horn section! The back-up singers! All brilliant.

  16. KC started Disco…..

  17. Philip Jade Cold


  18. What a band!

  19. Scope Wrestling

    STILL one of the funkiest grooves ever laid down

  20. These guys really should be in the rock and roll Hall of Fame fantastic musicians!!!

  21. That’s the way I like it too…Classic K.C. & The Sunshine Band…Them Horns are Legendary & Them Ladies are killing it

  22. Appliance Removal FLAT FEE APPLIES

    I never new Jim Carrey could sing so well

  23. That horn section is lit 🔥

  24. This is when The Band Was Black and Exciting…….

  25. Can never pull the plug on the fun this band creates.

  26. Man these KC videos are so much fun!! I love these songs but never saw them perform. I love their energy and his sweet smile! Plus the guys on the horns are freaking amazing!!!

  27. they used to play instruments in the 20th century.

  28. Lead vocalist is white? Mind blown!

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