Basketball Brawl: Black parent slammed Caucasian ref at AAU tournament game

Ref body slammed by parent/YouTube

Referee beaten during contest.

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WESTFIELD — Law enforcement officials in Westfield, Indiana are investigating after a Black father body slammed a White referee at a girl’s basketball game. The bout of fisticuffs transpired last weekend during an AAU tournament contest between Baylor Basketball and Indiana Elite inside Pacers Athletic Center. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows the official having contretemps with a coach when the pissed-off dad creeps up from behind with a cell phone.

He tried to record the argument.

After words were exchanged, the ref thwacked the negro spectator who retaliated with a combo of his own. A player, believed to be his daughter, then sucker punched the official. Seconds later, dad body slammed the ref. The player jumped in and threw several punches as the official laid in a fetal position.

“The event staff removed the involved parties from the remainder of the tournament and will not welcome them back to future events,” officials at Pacers Athletic Center said in a statement.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. damn that nigga put a wrestling move on that ref

  2. Shoulda let them leave but ole boy with the phone that’s clown shit people and these phones trying make video clown ass dude and I’m black let be know dude you clown for that

  3. The ref must be a racist bc he called a foul on that guys daughter or the guys daughters team lost the game. Same s**t different day! Can’t wait to hear the family play the victim

  4. Christopher Bassett

    The guy filming the ref probably said something that pissed him off. Probably accused him if being a racist and that he was gonna blast him all over social media.

  5. I Wonder why black folks get a bad name?

  6. @Thomas Forsha: The ref threw the first punch asshole

  7. @Thomas Forsha: Didnt white folks raid the Capital???

  8. TagalogPro_MiddleYears

    White Lives Also Matter!

  9. when did men start acting like little girls

  10. Mr. Peanutbutter

    Let me guess… The ref was a “racist?”

  11. It looks like the guy in yellow spit on the ref….watch right before the ref hits him.

  12. All pieces of shit.

  13. Nobody is a winner here. You can’t hear the audio so I’m not going to blindly except someone’s accusations about who said what. “Oh, my cousin’s cousin is the …. year, right.” However, the tape clearly shows …
    1. The ref is a moron. In the words of Rambo, “He drew first blood.”
    2. Can’t excuse the basketball team either. Ganging up on him, kids punching him while he’s down?
    Nobody is a winner here. I know that doesn’t fit the tight narrative that everything is black or white. This isn’t.

  14. You can see for a split second he thought about beating that little girl up lol she should’ve caught those hands

  15. Welp, he felt entitled enough to slap the brotha phone out of his hand and quickly learned, that was a really good BAD idea which immediately entitled him to getting dumped on his head LOLOL!!!!!

  16. Before I even saw the video I was 100% sure they would all be black…hahaha

  17. 1st off the Ref should’ve walked away as soon as the parent approached him, You never debate a spectator. Second the ref swings 1st which should bar him for live. Third parents need to stay off the court, I had meeting with parents before the season would start to tell them no coaching from the stand and let me handle the refs. If a kid followed their parents instructions during a game they got benched and it never happened after the 1st game. Finally when a coach pulls there team off the court its a sign of how bad the refs were sometimes organizers need to step in and talk to their refs because its a reflexion on them. Refs are paid by the game and how I kept refs in check was to have coaches rate them after every game and I would base who i called back based on that rating.

  18. Whitey got his ass kicked

  19. Mandingo Warrior

    that ass whuppin was payback for 400 years of slavery

  20. Black girl literally hits him when he is down and flees when he gets up. That’s the result of good parenting, I think.

  21. This is trash! All the way around. I don’t care the situation. The ref, the idiot with the camera who gets it slapped away, the fight that ensues, the kid who throws wanna be punches… all of it, is absolute trash bullshit!

  22. That ref should’ve kept his hands to himself Lmfaooooo fuck around and find out wins again

  23. “Hits the whitey with the righty”? 😭😭😭

  24. HEY! a Black Man attacked a referee!!!! REFS LIVES MATTER !!!!!

  25. Wish I was there I wouldve stomped that peckerwood

  26. Ref had no right to slap the guy, walk away. The daughter should not have got involved. Ref should face some sort of disciplinary action for swinging at the guy. The overall problem is how bad this looks optically.

  27. @hman: The hell he didn’t. I would have done the same. LIke get back and respect my bubble yo!!! or get slapped. Especially while sticking your phone 1ft from my face and yelling at me. Stupid comment to blame the ref. PARENTS need to learn to get a grip on their behavior!! PERIOD.

  28. In my opinion
    With the tension of the virus.
    And tensions everywhere.
    I believe all sports ALL sports across the USA from jr. High down should be halted.
    This needs to be looked at as a learning tool.
    1. No one other then players, refs, coaches should be allowed on the Gym floor. At any time.
    All others need to use the doors

    This would keep the distance needed from fans to coaches and students that may not agree with calls made during the game.
    I have been at a 12 year old baseball game where the ump had to run to his car due to a father not agreeing with the calls.
    This needs to stop.

  29. That ref should have used better judgement. That was a basketball court he got slammed on not wrestling mat! Wow!

  30. Benny Markfield

    Let’s see – one person of one race attacked by at least 4 people of a different race … that looks like a hate crime

  31. Haha, he got smacked lol

  32. The adults involved in hitting and flipping the referee should be fined and put in jail for six months. The Baylor basketball player who repeatedly hit the referee, even after he was on the ground, should be kicked off the team, expelled from the school, fined, and sent to juvenile hall for three months. The Baylor coach who led her team off the court, close to the end of the first quarter, because she didn’t like the initial call nor the technical call that she was then given, should be immediately fired by the Baylor administration. I am a teacher myself and these kinds of things can not and should not be tolerated by our society. Our society is fragmenting and if we don’t soon do something about it, we won’t have a country much longer!

  33. Joe Biden’s America…

  34. ᕈíиƙ ᘎאɪᴄᴏʀɴ

    y’all act like the ref didn’t hit that man first! He got exactly what he asked for. I’m glad the father folded him like a lawn chair! 😂

  35. I see a peaceful protest👨‍🦯🦮

  36. That nigga kid think she tuff ahaha

  37. Seeing all the racist comments y’all always start shit but when we finish it it’s a problem and y’all play victim plus y’all talking about the girl you always suppose to have your parents back they have yours hell y’all kids be cursing y’all out at that age 😂

  38. Always a certain race, isn’t it…

    The ref slapping him was perfect. He’s on the court disrespecting, so he deserves a slap on his wide nose.

  39. Get TF out of the refs face with a camera. Everybody so quick to think they filming something. If he made a bad call get over it its a game and calls are made.

  40. Blacks n whites do NOT mix well. Segregation was a retarded idea. Stop trying to force shit that both races OBVIOUSLY do NOT want.

  41. Wow Racist Family… you kept hearing the Racist black guy in the yellow screaming ‘You’re a Racist” People that do that are Racist themselves.. clearly the family should be jailed.. even the little girl who wants to throw punches at adults.. probably the father told her to hate white people!

  42. Great-Info-Online

    The Ref was stuck in the 1920’s! That body slam brought him back to 2021!



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