‘Roll Up Your Sleeves’ President Obama, Shaquille and Barkley promote vaccine

Obama says roll up your sleeve/Clutchpoints.com

Obama promotes COVID-19 vaccine.

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WASHINGTON — As part of his “Roll Up Your Sleeves” initiative, quondam President Barack Obama met virtually with NBA greats Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley to pressurize negroes into getting the coronavirus vaccine. Obama opened the chinwag with wisecracks about Shaq’s business ventures and Barkley’s waistline before starting a disquisition on immunizations. “A lot of the underlying conditions, things like diabetes, folks who have preexisting conditions… there is more of that in communities of color than there is generally, which means we’re more vulnerable,” Obama explained.

“A lot of young people think … ‘Even if I get COVID, it’s like a bad cold.’ But part of what we’re seeing now is there is a different strain of the virus that’s come over. That’s not the dominant variant and it’s actually hitting young people harder than the original version.”

“We don’t know the kinds of long terms effects that were having,” he continued. “There’s some folks who get it and 6 months later they’re still not feeling quite right.”

Obama also discussed apprehension specific to the government’s 40-year Tuskegee study of untreated syphilis in Black men. “The irony is when you know about the Tuskegee experiment, what’s going on there is the government withheld treatment that was available for Black men for Syphilis,” Obama recounted.

“They didn’t give them medicine they needed.”

So, here’s a situation where if the medicine is available, we need to take it,” he added

Rumor has it the vaccine is satiated with Luciferase (an ingredient named after Satan).

Do you agree with Obama?

Can the government be trusted?

Should celebrities continue to proselytize the panacea?

Watch Obama’s vaccine special.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Waiting4 Jesus Christ

    “Greats” Ha! More like Serpants! 🐍

  2. Idiocracy is here

  3. It’s an experimental injectable and not a vaccine. It has zero long-term studies. It is unlike any other vaccine because it changes your DNA. Scientist and doctors around the globe or speaking out against it but sadly they are silenced or deplatformed. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid!

  4. Amazing GRACE 77

    Omg I’m freaking laughing….
    What a joke
    If it was so wonderful why would you have to convince anyone?

    Hello, have you looked how many people are being injured and passing away.

  5. Issabella Capone

    LIARS a whole Lot of them ! They never Took the Deadly Shots . It’s All been a Big LIE

  6. F U C K Y O U

  7. Paige Rodriguez

    why is there even a vaccination initiative? LMAOO i cant with the stupidity

  8. why do these celebrities think we give a fuck if they got the vaccine?


  10. Winchester - My Best Friend

    If you have to put on a tv special to ‘coerce’ people to take a vaccine that most of us don’t want, it makes me more cynical about why it is being done. I am not into propaganda. This is just another fraudulent Biden tactic to make us subservient by allowing the government to force vaccinations for a disease that is way less dangerous than it is being portrayed.

  11. The Bible said that many will be deceived in the last days by false prophets, I did not know that celebrities will be helping them. Not one of these people have taken the vaccine 💉 but will get paid to lie to you to do so. Nope! I think 🤔 I will pass.

  12. Mariah Carey faked her vaccination shot on her IG & people are dying faster off the vaccinations than the virus. U think getting a bunch of celebs to tell us that the vaccine is “safe” is a good idea?

  13. Mystique Prince

    meanwhile none of them has taken the vaccine. They really sweating in these last days trying to get as many as they can

  14. @Mystique Prince: Ironically Obama also said the black community are more vulnerable to these things.But never explains why we are more vulnerable.I don’t wanna hear because they don’t take medicine because most people i know do take the medicine

  15. What a waste of time and money.

  16. Obama, Fat Barkley and Shaq can kiss my ass

  17. Golden Retriever

    They’re pushing it on young people WHO SHOULD NOT get their body polluted with toxins! They said children Teens, young adults don’t need it. They are trying to get rid of surplus adults don’t want and now they’re wanting to poison kids.

  18. Not going to be a part of this human experiment☠️

  19. Stop worshipping celebrities.

  20. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ The day you have to push this hard to coerce people into getting a shot is the day I will definitely NOT do it 🚫 They’ve been pushing this stuff too hard. I don’t believe they have our best interests at heart. And Bill Gates 🤡 and Fauci 🤡🖕

  21. My body my choice.. right?

  22. Creepy Joe Biden

    Well let me go on and get that untested rushed vaccine cause I see famous people doing it

  23. I believe some of those celebrities is just injecting water I’m sorry

  24. Heavenly Rythm

    Hell no.

  25. Spiritual Journee1

    Them using fake shit with celebrities has worked in the past. Satan uses the same tactics but little does Satan know is that a lot of people are woke spiritually now and we aren’t influenced by celebrities …it’s their choice that they get it and what the hell does it have to do with us

  26. TeLIEvison Retard

    Satan’s pathetic puppets! No one gives a sh#! About these scumbags!

  27. obama is the antichrist

  28. they tryin to take niggas to hell

  29. You must think we are really fools. Why should I let anyone put anything in my body and there is no legal liability,if I get injured or die??? This is big pharma gone mad. And the kicker is,if you do die your family can’t collect on your life insurance,if you die. 🤣🤣😆😆😆 I’m not getting tested or taking a jab under any circumstances.

  30. As the scripture says: Whosoever shall seek to save his life shall lose it; and whosoever shall lose his life shall preserve it. Luke 17:33 KJV
    Many will take covid-19 vaccine thinking they are saving themselves but the truth is they will be doomed forever. WAIT AND SEE!!!, LET HE WHO HAS EARS HEAR FROM THE LORD.,!!

  31. Get Cash Flow Educated

    I donate my vaccine to celebs… I’m generous that way. lols.

  32. This is disgusting. The desperation ,propaganda, social pressure, media insistence and government manipulation and fear-mongering is off the chart. Even the Merriam-Webster dictionary changed the definition of ‘vaccine’ to include these experimental mRNA concoctions that the FDA has still not approved for use in humans after catastrophic results in animal tests in the mid 2000’s. Animal trials were skipped this time round. So many deaths already and more to come in winter 2021/22. I see CNN legal analyst Midwin Charles took the vax and died aged 47. Wake up folks.

  33. So they just put a bunch of black people up there in the special and expect black people to take the vaccine ._.
    Once again, whites in power playing the community for fools, and Obama is in on it.
    The fact that obama is advocating for this just shows how much of a sell-out he is.

  34. Adventures of Sandra & Dave

    I don’t do anything celebrities tell me to do.

  35. Satanists each and every one of them!

  36. Powerful Being The Review Queen

    🗣💯💯💯 I highly doubt any of these clown ass celebs even got that fucking poisonous jab 🚫❌🖕🏽 💉

  37. TeesSmootheSounds

    They don’t care about Black People having HOUSING…so why a damn Deadly Vac??????????????👀

  38. Jesus said to swim against the current.

  39. I hope Obozo gets the vaccination, but Charles and Shaq no way…I thought they were smarter than that…

  40. My body, my choice. Keep your laws off my body. Pro-choice! Goose meet gander, idiots.

  41. They didn’t get the vaccine…. It was a fake. The needle isn’t real and it goes inside the suridge and make it look like it went in their arms as you press it down to the skin. They wanted everyone to see them getting it and make it look like it works/ safe.

  42. Brenda Mitchell

    I doubt that they’re taking the Vaccines they giving out to Blacks..miss me with it!!

  43. Roll Up a joint instead you morons

  44. Well the reason for all of those so called celebs is because they are all Illuminati SATANIC Worshippers Moon God Sin. Abba, Allah and many other Blashemy names they call their God. Good Lord Jesus Christ is the Christ!!! Amen God the Almighty is The Lord of Lords and God of all GODS. Blessings and stay safe.🌸🌺🌸🌺💗💋💗💋🙏🙏🙏🙏🎺

  45. Dominic Devers

    Its free, Not FDA approved and YOU CANT SUE!!!!!
    NO ThX Bill Hells Gates!!!

  46. Godric Gryffindor


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