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George Floyd: Was justice served?

Chauvin found guilty/Jane Rosenberg, Reuters

Derek Chauvin found “guilty.” 

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MINNEAPOLIS — Say his name. It took a measly 10 hours of deliberation, but the jury got it right. Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty Tuesday afternoon on all three counts in the asphyxiation of George Floyd. Now he’s lookin’ at a million years behind bars. Judge Peter Cahill announced the verdict around 4 PM CST. Prior to being escorted out of the courtroom, a handcuffed Chavin was convicted of second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter. Plus Floyd’s family was recently awarded a settlement of $27 million.

So there’s a lot of smiling faces out there.

The sports world was quick to react.

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, who moonlights as an activist, tweeted one word after the verdict was announced: “ACCOUNTABILITY.” Minnesota Timberwolves forward Karl-Anthony Towns echoed a similar sentiment. “Justice and Accountability! Things I never thought I would see,” he tweeted. “There’s much more work to do, but this is an amazing start working toward the reform this country NEEDS!”

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving tweeted: “We just have a long way to go as a country.”

Irving, if you recall, bought Floyd’s family a new house earlier this year.

Retired NBA forward Stephen Jackson tweeted: “We did it… George Floyd is the face of change.”

Chauvin faces up to 40 years for second-degree murder, up to 25 years for third-degree murder, and up to 10 years for manslaughter. The disgraced cop damn near started World War III when he genuflected on the scruff of Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds as he wailed, “I can’t breathe,” repeatedly.

The suffocation — which transpired May 25, 2020 — was captured on video by 17-year-old Darnella Frazier, igniting riots and protests around the globe. The verdict brought tears of joy. “I just cried so hard,” Darnella tweeted. “This last hour my heart was beating so fast, I was so anxious, anxiety bussing through the roof. But to know GUILTY ON ALL 3 CHARGES !!! THANK YOU GOD THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU😭🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽George Floyd we did it!!🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️justice has been served✊🏽”

Chauvin, 45, was taken into custody by the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office.

It’ll be an eternity before he receives manumission.

Conservative commentator Candace Owens said Chauvin didn’t get a fair trial due to “mob rule.”

Do you agree with her?

Was justice served?

Watch the verdict.

Share your thoughts.

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  1. It’s all IRRELEVANT. Chauvin used excessive unauthorized force and every single cop that took the stand confirmed it. The verdict was 100% right. FULL STOP

  2. Maybe they could have just put handcuffs on Floyd. Put him in the back of the fucking police car shut the fucking door and that be that.

  3. On many things, I understand what Candice be saying, but I feel like she’s trying to hard to go against the major facts to cater to her usual audience. Many persons have horrible backgrounds some people are serial killers with dozens of victims but they get to have there day in court like everyone else, the man was murdered!!! Point blank period, the fact that she is talking about him not being a martyr is irrelevant those officer heard the man begging for his life pleading that he can’t breathe!!! Justice needed to be served and rightfully so. I’m quite disappointed in the persons that saw the video and still felt like persons protesting for justice are doing the most. Shame on you Candice!

  4. these gutless jurors and judge found this to be murder than manslaughter. Their cowardess is worse than the crime committed here

  5. He will end up in some white / brotherhood controlled facility or in pc in a nice comfy hotel room with bars, surrounded by all white guards who worship the ground he walks on. He wont ever come near gen pop because they could have every camera and guard in the place watching him and some dude would still off him for bragging rights.

  6. I Don’t technically disagree with the verdict. I think chauvin should have rolled him to his side and immediately administered CPR when it became apparent that Floyd wasn’t breathing. This is part of a police officer’s training. Why he didn’t one can only guess. I don’t however think it had anything to do with racism. Also, and this is difficult to excuse IMO, there was no reason to hold him down with a knee by the neck while cuffed and prone for so long. That doomed Chauvin. I’m no lawyer or expert and I’m sure many disagree. That’s just my after the fact opinion. All that aside however Candace said something VERY important here. She said, the mob rules, the Media creates a mob (narrative) and then the mob runs with it. This is a deeply troubling development within the last decade or so. This is the product of turning to an advertising model of funding where by attention is captured and ideally held in order to sustain a revenue stream. It has destroyed journalism.

  7. Big tough police man is fkd now, u will get whats coming to you soon enough 😐

  8. Candace, if you think you’re fooling anyone with that relaxer, you’re DELUSIONAL! You have 4C hair! Make your African ancestors proud and release your Afro! Let your hair do it’s thing! Afro hair defies gravity and grows up towards the heavens! ❤️

  9. why is the whole planet crying so much for a criminal? I’m sorry for the cop, if Floyd was white it wasn’t a problem. Floyd was a criminal!

  10. @Cosmin: Even if he was a criminal that doesn’t mean he deserved to be killed like that.


  12. It was mob rule that motivated the police officers who testified against Chauvin? No, I generally defend the police but this verdict was correct. His actions were wrong.

  13. Derek Chauvin is looking around like he’s thinking “what did i eat for breakfast again?”

  14. That knee on the man’s neck is undeniable though. I don’t give a fuck what anyone says he shouldn’t have done it, end of story.

  15. This is a shocking and unbelievable verdict. It was an accidental death and not a murder. Police were trained and told to put a knee on an offender’s neck to stop him from escaping. Police are doing this in every country. This was the police policy rule and not an individual rule. Also, with this kind of verdict, soon there will be no police officers to protect you anymore. Just think!! who would want to do a low paid job with a death sentence hanging around your neck every time you try to do a good job. The USA will rot in hell with now criminals being untouchable and in charge.

  16. To be honest I have pity for Chauvin. I think that he is not a danger to society to be honest. He should at least have been offered to do community service to pay back the victims. But being jailed 23 hours a day in a Supermax prison for years? Come on it’s nonsense. You know that the American justice system is broken when you see that.

  17. They are gonna release him from the back of the prison & give him freedom in the woods💯

  18. Thank you Candace for your Audacity and Sagacity. God bless you dear.

  19. I’m sure this isn’t his first murder because he didn’t even care that the cameras were on him. He knows how to block some airways, they are taught that. He had alot of anger and malice in his spirit…probably jaded by years on the job. In his heart, he just hated the people he patrolled and just killed him because he had a gun and knew the guy wouldn’t fight back. Look back at the video…he is no different than shooting someone in the back…malice was involved

  20. If Candace Owens had a button that could wipe out all black people I don’t believe for a second that she wouldn’t use it.

  21. God is the ultimate Judge.
    May Derek Chauvin Repent of his actions and get right with God and Society..
    May George Floyd rest in peace, may God have mercy on all of us. 🇺🇸

  22. Fentanyl Floyd is smiling like putting a gun on a pregnant woman’s belly while her house is getting robbed. Justice is served.

  23. Cops around America will now LET VIOLENT CRIMINALS GO if they are black, unless they choose to surrender. Your urban hellholes will be even more fun when police are forced to turn a blind eye to citizens get mugged IN FRONT OF THEM!

  24. Dereks eyes looking like hes trying to send telepathic messages for the verdict to say not guilty

  25. Notice how Chauvin immediately stood and calmly placed his hands behind his back. Imagine where we would be if George had done the same thing.

  26. Candace needs to speak to the doctors that conducted the autopsy. Derek Chauvin is DIRECTLY responsible for George Floyd’s death. Not George Floyd’s despicable past.

  27. Homegirl cashing those conservative checks!!! I wonder what is her networth? Wtf does his criminal record have to do with the application of pressure on a his neck that resulted in his death? He could’ve been a church boy. Homicide is Homicide. 🤷🏻‍♂️

  28. Candace Owens would be the daughter of Samuel L. Jackson character in the movie Django.😉

  29. there is no direct proof chauvin caused floyd’s death.
    george floyd has had issues with physical health before and the autopsy found drugs in his system. yes, kneeing his neck did not help, but there were other factors at play.

  30. You can catch more flies with honey 🍯
    Cussing out the cops was NOT A GOOD IDEA!
    If he had been a little more contained, maybe Mr. George Floyd would still be alive today.
    Hurling MULTIPLE OBSCENITIES at the police in a LOUD-MENACING VOICE only added more fuel to the fire! 🔥
    Made an already tense situation worse!
    Mr. Floyd is dead, and Mr. Chauvin is in prison. And, now, all those kids are going to grow up FATHERLESS! 😞💔

  31. Yes, Candace, you’re so right. George Floyd did deserve to die because of a counterfeit bill. You’re such a clown. Anyone who saw the tape and has a brain knows chauvin was clearly guilty, and fortunately he is. Your opinion is invalid 🙂

  32. I hope this SOB rots in jail and George Floyd’s ghost haunts him for the rest of his life. The little Asian cop pissed me off, he’s the brother-in-law to Chauvin. I hope he gets a lot of prison time too. He tried to intimidate the bystanders and said or did nothing to stop a man from being murdered. I bet this has been going on in this police dept for a long time. I hope the Dept of Justice do a good job at investigating. This is the beginning of a long road to travel for JUSTICE for every black man/woman that has been killed by cops. Rodney King was lucky he didn’t lose his life but he suffered. This has got to stop!! BLM

  33. Just remember who Floyd was. Someone who held a pistol to a pregnant woman’s belly during a robbery. No sympathy from me.
    Chauvin should have been lawfully convicted, maybe mind you, of involuntary manslaughter, AT MOST.

  34. The story has not been told: both Derek and George were once work as security officers in a club. For Derek, the so called his wife was a married woman, married to a Hmong man with kids. While at a community event, the married woman was serving drinks to Derek as he was there for security reason. The married woman liked Derek at the spot, phones and names were exchanged. She soon followed up and the two have a relationship. She then left her Hmong husband and kids for Derek. At the club, Derek grows suspicion of the Woman having an affair with George, but may not have enough proof. There is a saying that “…. when a hen crows, roosters fight”, and “…. easy come – easy go”. The moment Derek has been waiting for finally come when George’s luck run out at Cub Food store. The two meet again, but this time it was the wrong place at the wrong time for George. That’s were why Derek play cool on his face, hand on his pocket, pretending to relax, but maximum pressures on George throat, with the intention to kill George to revenge. 9 minutes and 20 some seconds were to make sure George is Dead. That’s the end of the story. Oh, not yet – when you get a Bitch, a bitch will alway a bitch. She filed for a divorce from Derek days after his arrest. Why? Derek killed her friend that upset her, where normally, a good couple, she will remain with him to the end or at certain point in time. Just my opinion. Only an opinion

  35. Was Floyd resisting arrest? Yes
    Did Floyd have over 3x a lethal dose of fentanyl in his system? Yes.
    Was the holding technique used on Floyd an accepted holding technique approved by law enforcement nationwide and the military? Yes.
    Was the jury that convicted Chauvin unbiased? No.
    Are politicians now changing the law to increase the time Chauvin will serve Ex Post Facto? Yes.

    Is this what we’re calling “justice” now? 🤦‍♂️

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