Police Shooting Video: White cop kills recalcitrant black teen during catfight

White cop kills black teenager.

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COLUMBUS — Law enforcement officials in Columbus, Ohio are catching hell after a White police officer smoked a 16-year-old Black girl during a catfight. The sanguinary ordeal transpired prior to Tuesday’s announcement of Derek Chauvin’s guilty verdict. It was also captured on video. Police body cam footage shows foster child Ma’Khia Bryant wielding a knife as Officer Nicholas Reardon ordered her to “get down!” When the teen lunged towards him, Reardon opened fire.

After taking 4 bullets to the chest, Ma’Khia was transported to a nearby hospital where she died.

Protesters confiscated the streets to fulminate. Chants of “Black Lives Matter” could be heard for miles. Students at Ohio State University organized a peaceful demurral. Ma’Khia’s neighbor, Donavon Brinson, witnessed the shooting from his home across the street. He said Ma’Khia tried to stab two girls.

“They were calling each other the B-word so I figured it was just a girl fight,” Brinson recounted.

“If the officer hadn’t done what he did, I think we’d have two girls dead.”

Ma’Khia, however, is the one who called police. She spoke with a dispatcher around 4:30 p.m. Paula Bryant, Ma’Khia’s mom, is understandably pissed. “I’m very upset, I’m hurt. I want answers,” Paula told reporters. “My daughter dispatched Columbus police for protection — not to be a homicide today.”

Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James believes Reardon should suffer a homogeneous kismet as the aforementioned Chauvin. “You’re next. #ACCOUNTABILITY,” LeBron tweeted.

Reardon is a military-trained expert marksman.

Was the shooting justified?

Was Reardon wrong for not using a taser?

Watch disturbing footage.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Cop was wrong. Shouldve used a taser.

  2. They need to train these cops better 😡

  3. Brandon Harrison

    Justified!!! Sorry for her but he saved a life .. period!!!

  4. why didnt he tase her????

  5. The “adult” yelling “she is just a f kid” is the same one that tried to kick the one on the ground

    Well done by the officer, saved the other girl’s life

  6. He saved two people in few seconds but at a complicated moment. Hope the best for him and hope he didn’t get arrested for doing his job.

  7. I don’t know what else people can expect the cop to do. That guy who kicked the girl in the back of the head is a total bum. Shameful behavior from all of them. And of course the headline is made about race…. just destructive rhetoric meant to divide us. Race has nothing to do with what happened there. Rip to the girl, but we gotta do better in our communities. It starts mainly in families and friend groups.

  8. I dont get why you cant shoot once or twice to disarm somebody!? I get it if they have a gun and can shoot you at any moment but a knife?? I dont know and we dont know but i suspect one shot would knock some sense into them or at least drop the weapon! Then if that doesnt work and she starte coming at someone else or the officer then fire off more rounds. I just dont get 1 shot or at the most 2, to disarm somebody.

  9. It was wrong of him to fire that gun 4 times! One time to get her unconscious woulda been ehh okay but 4?

  10. janice Arteaga

    Who was stabbing who? Why did she continue to go after her when the cops arrived? I’m so confused. I feel this is a situation where there was a lot of stabbing going on and the cop had to make a quick decision before multiple people got hurt.

  11. Poor cop, he was just trying to do the best thing in a awful circumstance.

  12. JESUS is what you all need.

  13. So they don’t use tasers no more? They gon f**k him up in that jail cell

  14. Idc what nobody say he could have tased her he didn’t haf to shoot her not even a minute into the video he shot her smh

  15. I don’t understand what people mean when they say even the cop is in the wrong, no a taser won’t work in this situation, you need to match lethal force with your own lethal force, so easy to say you should do this when you know literally nothing about how things work in situations like that, amazing work from the officer for hitting his target and not accidentally hitting someone else!

  16. No one was scared of the police. The moment he walked up they all started fighting. It’s crazy.


    This is such a sad situation but I believe the officer made the right decision .

  18. Officer did the right thing what else could you have done to save the girl from being stabbed as well as others. He eliminated the threat and did what he needed to do.

  19. Y shoot 4 times tho, if she was shot one time she would be alive by now.

  20. @Royal Koko: you shoot until they are down, one shot doesn’t mean instant death or that everyone is safe

  21. Samuel L. Bronkowitz

    I’m wondering if there’s a correlation between stabbing someone and being shot by the police?

    Within the eight seconds they had to react, they could have easily called in a social worker to de-escalate the situation, right?

  22. It’s just a fuked up situation.

  23. Yes come out with a knife in public in front of police and attempt to stab people and you will see what will happen , cops are sworn to serve and protect and thats what he did , case closed go cry to your momma

  24. The Beet Farmer

    I like how the mother comes out and tries to pretend like she was so close. Her daughter was in foster care. Sad she lost her life, but that officer saved the life of another. Also the other officer who cleared the scene was on top of it. If this is wrong for the police to do, I’m not sure what is right.

  25. Tasers are not nearly as effective as people think they are. Too much of a risk when someone is milliseconds from being stabbed

  26. Kcolop is-Polockbackwards

    Cop saved the girl in pink’s life. Girl with the knife absolutely had intent on seriously injuring the girl in pink. Too bad the father was more intent on “watching the whole thing” than trying to de-escalate; outcome could have been far less tragic.

  27. Good job 👏 👍 on the cop who saved the young girls life, the suspect had a knife 🔪 people

  28. Absolutely justified in shooting her. She was about to stab another girl. Absolutely no case to answer. If she was about to stab your daughter you’d be glad the cop was there to shoot.

  29. person who's real

    So the Father was allowing the fight


  31. This is so sad on So many levels.
    R.I.P. 2 the Young Lady
    I’ve learned how 2 defuse situations by taking away my ego.
    That way , when others become involved, they cant make these decisions for ALL of US.
    I’m sure the Officer regrets that Final Decision. Yet in the limited time capacity, this is the end result.
    Smh God Bless

  32. Natasha Joseph

    I am so disgusted with this. Grown-ups need to be held accountable for this

  33. Ulises Ocampo Cruz

    He had other options. He chose the worst.

  34. kennemerdominique

    When she rushed the first girl with a knife he had enough time to react with mace or his taser gun

  35. Here we go again, black people doing what they do best! Fighting, stealing, creating chaos and protesting for their wrong doings. 🤦🏼‍♂️

  36. The mom talking about she’s hurt and she wants answers, when her daughter had a knife 🗡️ attacking another young woman trying too seriously hurt the young woman. The cops told the daughter to get on the ground and she didn’t comply, instead she lunged forward to stab the young woman. It’s unfortunate these other bad cop incidents got this community protesting as if they didn’t see 👀the video.I don’t justify killing a young 16 year old girl but with her anger, rage and not complying to official orders on attacking someone; caused her own death. Mom wants justice ⚖️? Huh? If you discipline you’re kids in the right manor, communicate with them regularly, stay active with them, keep them learning, elevate them. They wouldn’t act the way she did costing her own life. Sad story overall.

  37. If I’m not mistaken, Ma’Kiyah called for help. If he was able to shoot her four times, how could they say that a shot to the leg would not have been affective? You don’t know that!!! She should NOT have come at that girl with a knife…no question there but a shot to the leg would have at least gotten her attention. I’m so conflicted. I’m not blaming anyone my heart just ACHES at this point. Smh

  38. Guillermo Valdez

    We need to do what cops do kill…. Every time the cops shoot n kill one of us we need to do the same to them shoot them back to see how they like it…. Fuck blue lives matter


    I hate when they act to give CPR to a Girl who they Know she is already dead! You shoot a human in the head and chest 4 times now pretending she is alive!

  40. People in the comments have way too much faith in tasers. Tasers are slower and less accurate than a gun. They also can easily be stopped by clothes and are affected by many physical factors. My step-dad was tased by police and he was still able to move some. The people protesting say they’ll never see this girl who died again but in the time it would have taken to use a taser she could stab several times. Moral of my rant is just don’t stab people when the police show up.

  41. Definitely a horribly sad situation for all involved. I’m grateful the authorities have put forth these videos so that everyone can clearly see what happened despite what’s being spun. It was shocking to hear the comment that she’s only a kid as if that makes it OK for her to stab someone. It seems the agenda is to get rid of law enforcement completely and God help us if they’re successful

  42. My two cents: you brandish a knife and then start going after another individual in PUBLIC and you get what you got. Wake up people. Want my other two cents: keep the people trying to preserve order and peace clear and let these idiots stab one another, the world will be a better place in short order.

  43. We gotta stop using lethal force as the first option. I realize it’s a catch 22. Cop doesn’t shoot and girl gets stabbed and dies now the city gets sued.
    Cop shot three times. Maybe rubber bullets as an option for first few rounds. Dunno.
    Gotta figure out better ways to deescalate else more deaths will keep happening. This is a tragedy. No other way to frame it. Cop had to live with this and a girl is dead

  44. The girl was about to stab someone while her father was kicking a teen in the head; he should be charged as well.

  45. The cop is a moron. She was a kid after all. He shoot 4 times, while she already stopped after 1st bullet

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