Lil Wayne married BBW plus-size Latina, ‘diminutive’ ceremony took place in L.A.

Lil Wayne and Denise got hitched/YouTube

Weezy & Denise happily married.

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LOS ANGELES — Sorry ladies. Lil Wayne is no longer on the market. That’s because the 38-year-old rapper said “I do” to his plus-size Latina on Tuesday, April 20th. Yessir, Lil Wayne (né Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.) and Denise Bidot got hitched during a diminutive ceremony in Los Angeles. The “Lollipop” artist confirmed their nuptials on Twitter. “Happiest man alive!” Weezy tweeted. “Today is the beginning of our forever. Forever?? Forever, ever?? FOREVER EVER!!!!! The Carters.”

If you recall, Denise dumped Lil Wayne last year after he endorsed President Donald Trump. But the cessation was transient. The lovebirds went public with their relationship in June 2020 after Denise shared Instagram photos of them canoodling. Hindsight’s 20/20 but we should’ve saw this coming when Weezy spent $15.4 million on a spiffy new mansion in L.A. a few weeks ago.

The palatial farm house estate contains 12,135 square feet of living area, 7 bedrooms, 7.5 bathrooms, multiple patios, a basketball court, a guest house and a swimming pool with an adjacent grotto. Damn. The dwelling also sits on 3.26 acres and it’s located in Hidden Hills — the opulent gated community where the Kardashians reside. As a matter of fact, Kylie Jenner lives right around the corner.

This is Lil Wayne’s second marriage.

He divorced Toya Jackson in 2006 after two years of holy matrimony.

Congratulations Lil Wayne and Denise!

Is it time to have children?

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  1. Who in the hell really cares about who he marries ! More power to him

  2. He severed ties resulting in the extinction of YMCMB for $50 million. Then he sold all his masters for $100 million. And now 50% of all those legendary works will end up in her pockets. I dont see what could make a woman worth giving half of 2 decades of worth of his entire career

  3. I think she’s pretty…. she’s a “natural” pretty woman

  4. They won’t even make it to the end of the year.. Good luck

  5. Team Latina all day!!!!. Disclaimer: black women are beautiful too but Latina is my choice. If your butt hurt leave a comment below.😎

  6. @Piscesmoon: Stfu hater


  8. She is twice his weight and height.

  9. Orthiundox Noises

    When will these men learn

  10. I prefer BBW, but with no attitude 😬.


  12. They say men are more visual, I don’t believe that’s all the way true, women are way more vain and shallow, in general, a woman will sleep with man simply because other women want to, even if she personally don’t find him attractive 🤷

  13. Caribbean_ jelly 05

    What a fool🤦

  14. How is she a bbw? I can see her colar bone and she doesn’t have a double chin

  15. Mr.Mikkhiel Rich Hippie

    Latin women treat you like a KING🤴🏿

  16. Ruthless Lover

    she about to take half his shit

  17. Wayne no longer has a lot of brain cells after all the drugs he been doing . Not to mention he past his prime and has been doing a lot of questionable things lately

  18. Ah shit, here we go again, another great man gone by the warm walls of virgina, sigh goodbye bro😔😭🙏 ~Swing low, sweet chariot
    Coming for to carry me home
    Swing low, sweet chariot
    Coming for to carry me home

  19. He looks absolutely terrible!

  20. Augustine Rubio

    Bag secured 🔒 😂

  21. idrisdadgocrazy

    Love me a big woman…mmmmm..mmm!! Don’t know about how real their love is i hope it’s real.

  22. Kimberly Reese

    You Funking Kidding Me. I Getting Bad Vibes About This. Be Careful Girl

  23. Damn nobody don’t want no black women nomore why is that🤔

  24. Wayne is still young but looks a lot older. Wtf happened to my boy

  25. @Baja Brand: Because they want to be the man now. They want to be in control. They want yo be the head. They don’t know how to play their positions.

  26. He’s a small dude that likes larger non-black women – that’s pretty much it. Dudes with his money can date a range of women in any race, so if you see him with multiple BBW non-black women, then that’s probably his type right now.

  27. Wow he is so rough to look at 😬😅

  28. Happy Birthday

    Lil Wayne don’t know he’s married.

  29. Latina women cater to their men

  30. lil wayne looking like an old ass drug addict he needs to get it together

  31. Anyone willing to marry Li’l Wayne gets my attention — in a “WTF?”-kind of way. That said, she’s OK; nice shape and appears to be feminine. Points off for makeup-less pics, tho; does not maintain the OKness. Funny how Lizzo (and those of her ilk) haven’t shot their shot at Wayne — for all the complaining they do, he should be an easy target, given his proclivities vis-à-vis their thirst. But they don’t want him. SMH

  32. Robert Delafuente

    Good for him 💯💯👏🏽👏🏽

  33. Nathan Bethards

    Only thing plus size about her is her extra fineness
    That girl is dead sexy

  34. To each his own. BBW ain’t my thing but do you. I prefer fit women. Before you talk shit I be in the gym several days a week too.

  35. Black women don’t want him. They don’t care how much money a man makes, if he’s ugly they won’t marry him.

  36. The shade is real🤣🤣🤣

  37. Lil Wayne is living on borrowed time. This latina will soon be partying with Kobe’s widow.

  38. i personally believe that Latina women are more suitable, make better mates and wives than black and and white women.

  39. Most women who are non black are better and easier to control SIMPLE AS THAT !

  40. I will take an average looking white/indian/asian/latina who treats me well over a gorgeous black woman who is combative and treats me bad or belittles me. Anyone clowning wayne is silly lol. He can have as many 10s as he wants, he picked someone he felt loved him and that’s what matters.

  41. black women can be a little mouthy but they still the prettiest and sexiest

  42. Bullets Are Flying

    Her head game must be💀💀💀

  43. Gutierrez Holiday

    I learned choose the one that like you n not the one you like and that shit is definitely true

  44. this world is sick! calling her plus-size she is a damn woman the size you are does not determine your worth!!!!!!

  45. I don’t give a fuck who’s he’s fucking ! As long as he’s happy and healthy

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