Zombie Video: Demon-possessed nurse masticates the neck of her Uber driver

Stilwell attacked her Uber driver/Metro

Uber driver was bitten by nurse.

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TAMPA — Michele Stilwell, a 55-year-old nurse, was thrown in the slammer after she choked her Uber driver before masticating the scruff of his neck. Yuck! That’s gross! The zombie attack transpired around 5 p.m. on April 17th in Tampa, Florida. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows a demon-possessed Michele strangling Michael Hassey Jr. as he cried like a little bitch. “I can’t breathe,” he wailed à la George Floyd. “I’m just your Uber Driver!” Seconds later, Michele bit his neck — leaving blood and epidermis everywhere. Michael, 22, said she was sleep prior to cannibalism.

When she woke up, that’s when all hell broke loose.

“She started screaming curse words at me and slapped me in the face,” Michael told reporters.

Michele also yelled “My daughter!” and “Die!”

It should be noted Michele’s daughter called for an Uber to take her crazy mom home. “When I first pulled up to pick up the rider, a young group of women approached the car and one of them said ‘I called an Uber for my mother, can you please get her home safe?'” Michael recounted.

Rumor has it Michele recently received the coronavirus vaccine.

When asked why he didn’t kick her ass, Michael said he respects women. “I let it happen. I didn’t put my hands back on her because I have two sisters and I was raised to never put my hands on a female,” he explained. Michele was arrested and charged with two felony counts of aggravated battery.

Investigators said she was drunk as a skunk.

Watch the disturbing video.

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    Of course, it is Florida…

  2. Uber driver is a giant wet stinking beta male.

  3. Why would you allow someone to do all this? Defend yourself clown! You can get Hep and shit.

  4. time to buy michael a purse and a pair of heels

  5. De'Mario's Reef aquarium

    He better get his rabies vaccine.

  6. No excuse for that. She can have AIDS, Covid, and or anything deadly. She needs to go to prison for 80 to 120 years.

  7. Looks like Karen was dancing with the Devil. 😂

  8. Good Lord , poor Uber

  9. sadly the man did nothing to defend himself againts a grandma . so much for a guy with good build and tatts ! lol

  10. Real life zombie attack that’s why taxi cars have Plexiglas or metal mesh to separate them from the passenger that’s just stupid letting someone take your 6 not knowing what state of mind or drug there on

  11. … bet she got BOTH her vaccine shots. Straight up IAmLegend shit

  12. michele is probably wild in the sack

  13. Zombie Karen under demonic influence draws blood.

  14. What is wrong with people, why are they acting like animals!

  15. Granny would’ve caught these hands

  16. Bob longdickder

    Obviously she’s a Democrat

  17. I am almost convinced that either some weird meds are being given out by doctors or something’s in the water cause there are so many zombie Karen events happening in the US. And before anyone jumps in, I don’t think it’s covid related as this Karen thing has been going on for a few years

  18. Chris Anderson

    She should have been wearing a mask!

  19. Boney Rasputin

    That “male” is a disgrace to America.

  20. Kanasha Miyienda

    No no no if you can say you can’t breathe then that means that you can breathe. -Devin Chauvin’s dumb ass lawyer.

  21. She’d better not have a history of violence or ‘episodes’ like this, otherwise I’m betting that’s why her daughter called her an Uber rather than any family or friends giving her the ride home because they didn’t want any part of any potential/likely maniac outburst like this happening to them in their cars. If she even has a medical history of any onset dementia or whatnot might explain this but not exonerate her or her family. And if anything like that DOES emerge out of the investigation, I’d say that’s an instant civil lawsuit against her and her family for basically setting this guy up to be assaulted and potentially even killed if things had gone any longer.

  22. richard kramer

    She not black!! she will be kept in jail!!!

  23. The white women outrage is real

  24. Nobody’s gonna talk about how the driver was dressed? 🤣

  25. What’s wrong with all the whites and blacks in America? LMAO!!!!

  26. did he pick her up from a mental institute or retirement home for old ppl with dementia?? from what she’s yelling, she sounds like she has ptsd and is reliving trauma while drunk. also sounds like night terrors

  27. Nicole Franklin

    Omggg I do Uber eats and was thinking about doing Uber but hell no!!!

  28. What a weak guy 🤦🏽‍♂️

  29. BoyZ N Da HooD

    Wow I can’t believe an old women is stronger than a guy younger than her lol 🤦 I don’t feel sorry for this guy he could of pushed her off and could of defended himself

  30. My bet? A couple of junkies who got high together and it went wrong.

  31. Eatingricebubblz

    This guy a bitch

  32. Vidalia TheOnionQueen

    it makes zero sense why everyone is just standing around instead of getting in there and getting her off him.

    and raised to not hit a woman?? so what??? not only is that a stupid concept, not hitting a woman doesnt mean you can’t grab her hands and arms and pull her off you and push her away

  33. James Bootywolfe

    Every Uber driver needs a plexiglass partition like OG taxi cabs to protect themselves. Attacks don’t happen often, seeing as there’s only a handful of these each year for a company that hires millions, but when it happens, once is a enough.

  34. Brandon Sanchez

    Men should NOT have to put up with this bullshit abuse from women just to PROVE he didn’t do anything. MEN I urge you to FIGHT BACK AS IF SHE WAS A MAN!!!

  35. Why didn’t this guy fight back against a woman?

    We live in a country where movies like Promising Young Woman display the “heroin” kidnapping children, drugging would be rescuers, tying a man up, and cutting into his flesh with a scalpel and the dude fighting back is “a bold statement about the privilege men over women exercising his toxic masculinity in a culture where men just arent being raised right.”

    We’ve literally been raised that even if your life is in danger do nothing if your attacker is a woman or your’e everything wrong in society.

  36. Uber drivers are screwed both by Uber and the riders in more ways than this🤡

  37. Sled Butternoose

    Bro he was willing to die before defending himself cuz she is a woman. Fuck that

  38. It's_Pouring_Reign

    Poor guy is keeping his hands up to avoid false accusations while getting his ass tore up by that psycho. I used to do uber, thankfully had a great experience but if someone tried this shit with me, man or woman, they’re getting their head rocked for real!! I’m sure he’s gonna develop PTSD symptoms in no time..smh

  39. Did she take the vaccine? 🤔🤔🤔

  40. I GUARANTEE this is a reaction to the vaccine. Check her health records to see if she was vaccinated

  41. Uber drivers, just like motel workers, should work in TEAMS and wear LIVE cams monitored by a 3rd party.

  42. I would be embarrassed to be chocked out by a 55 year old woman. What a wus

  43. Wesley Heckendorn

    This guy did two things wrong: 1. He allowed the passenger to sit directly behind him. 2. He wasn’t carrying a Knife (doesn’t matter if he had a gun or not, you can’t shoot your way out of a choke hold). A good blade will help you out in many situations and being strangled is one of them.

  44. Why in the fuck did everyone just sit there and record instead of help?

  45. He’s an idiot. Just sitting there crying and complaining. He needed to react and get the fuck outta there

  46. the mysterious

    Men are forced to use a camera instead of fighting back in a life threatening situation thanks to the justice system in this fucked up country

  47. Dude just got his ass kicked by an old lady. 😄

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