Nervous Breakdown Video: White hotel employee went nuts on black customer

Holiday Inn worker goes nuts/YouTube

Hotel clerk has crazy meltdown.

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ATLANTA — The Internet was set ablaze Monday morning when a video went viral that shows a White hotel clerk at Holiday Inn Express having a nervous breakdown towards a dissatisfied Black customer. Cell phone footage shows the African American guest berating the employee for screwing up his reservation. “So you want to get mad and hit the computer because you made a mistake, ’cause your company made a mistake?” the customer yelled. “You want to take it out on me? So why did you get mad and hit the computer? Why did you get mad and hit the computer? I’m sure you’re on camera.”

The clerk then stood up and started thwacking himself in the countenance before headbutting the computer. He could be heard crying as he scurried towards the manager’s office. “So this is the type of people they have working here?” the guest said. “Wow! You got to be kidding me.” After realizing the incident was captured on video, the employee said, “You ruined my day. You ruined my whole life.”

The worker also claimed somebody called him a f*ggot which instigated the paroxysm.

Viewers were quick to blame racism for the tantrum. But, turns out, the clerk suffers from a bipolar disorder with schizophrenic tendencies. “White people just need to do a better job at raising their offspring,” a Twitter user wrote. “They are sending these little devils out into our world terrorizing colored people and calling it a mental health issue.”

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. James Hernandez

    Let me guess that guy who is recording this is unemployed and using his unemployment money to get a room. get a job man you don’t know what is even like to work during the pandemic wearing a mask all day and have to deal with people like you should be ashamed just keep harassing the working people in this crisis loser.


  3. Matthew Fanizzi

    The fact that this man sees all of this and doesn’t put the phone down to actually think for a second “wow this guy could really be going through something” is so fucking sad. The level of empathy and humanity in this guy and the people supporting him is so fucking low and it’s so sad to see the employee break down like this. I hope he finds better

  4. Jorgumander World Serpent

    Push the poor guy over the edge and then film it all so you get popular on social media. Wow. Real loser we got here.

  5. You’re the worst kind of customer! SHAME ON YOU. And shame on your mother that raised you to be such a self-entitled, disrespectful, uncompassionate FOOL.

  6. Ii don’t like black people

  7. “White Lives Matter!”

  8. Yeah on top of all this it turns out the black guy was antagonizing him from the beginning… Should change the title ya fookin dickhead

  9. “So this is the type of people they have working here?”

  10. I used to work in a psych ward, and this is serious. This idiot recording should face consequences.

  11. Wannalitha Anderson

    My heart hurts for him! I totally understand being bipolar. Just LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE. This guy needs a hug, a break, and someone who actually GAF! Dude recording is trash!!!!

  12. What I saw and heard was a bully. This bully drill Sargent him. As a man belittle a worker in service. This disgusts me. Some black men are very strong and maybe this man felt intimidated and worried. Or what about all fucking day he slaves for chump change for these ungrateful guests and never gets a thabka and he lost it because he felt like nothing is ever good enough for people.

  13. Can you imagine feeling that frustrated with a pandemic and probably loads going on in his own life , trapped in that moment and you have someone goading you whilst filming. It’s cruel af and extremely immature. Why did they then upload this? To continue the bullying?! What was wrong with him.

  14. This is what happens when people don’t take men’s mental health seriously.
    someone is having a bad day and made a mistake so you start pressuring him more by filming?
    and btw why would he film a guy crying in the corner? he left the front desk to have more of a private place to have his mental break down and this guy follows him to film him even more and continue the pressure.

    what a trash human being!

  15. fuck you for posting this

  16. This guy called this man with bipolar disorder a fag*#t before he clipped this up. Shame on him.

  17. I am sick of black people saying everything is racism. I am so freaking sick of it!!! And I AM BLACK!! You can all say whatever you wanna say now. This man is clearly mentally ill and he said his life is ruined because he sees that he’s being recorded and KNOWS that it will be posted and everyone will troll him. It’s not always racism. So sick of this!!!!!!

  18. I hate niggas

  19. As someone who has suffered mental health issues for over 20 years and has seen my life wrecked and ravaged by it time and again, and have developed unfortunate by products such as managing severe anxiety by self harming(apart from cutting also punching slapping, scratching, biting, etc)…this video made me cry. I know what it is like to try to work every day to support yourself and live in constant fear of being found out, and fired.
    The worst is when he howls in despair and defeat. I just wish I could hug him and support him somehow.
    The man holding the camera has a heart of stone and it is scary to see what the world is coming to, where people have no empathy for others and will sink to any low for a “sensational “ video to viralize even if it means crushing someone else’s dignity and humanity.

  20. Kelly Shamrock

    This guy is 100% responsible for agitating this employee. I feel for this kid, it’s not right. Karma does have a way of paying it forward though.

  21. Guitarist 1988

    Dude having a mayonnaise breakdown! 🤣

  22. You sir are an asshole.

  23. This shit hella funny dawg 🤣 white boi had a stroke or sum shit

  24. @Kay Ess: As a customer, to watch someone violently strike equipment is alarming! The fact that you aren’t alarmed over his behavior is ridiculous. We all.share this world and if a person isn’t mentally stable enough to handle conflict resolution they should not be there. The customer had no idea if the next step would be escalated violence toward him.

    He needs treatment and I’m sick of people expecting a customer to know and be able to determine if this is racism or a mental health crisis. They are just trying to enjoy their stay…white people and their excuses and lack of personal responsibility.


  25. It’s pathetic that these white liberals raise their kids to be Punks. He didn’t say a word to defend himself from this mouthy POS abusive thug.

    Something tells me that this boys mouth will one day be his downfall. Maybe the next time he’s pulled over.

  26. Having a job is stressful, especially with underlying mental issues. Some able bodied Americans will never relate, they’d rather collect checks from daddy government. This kid struggles with legit disabilities but tries to make it in the workforce. I really hope he got things back on track and is doing better. F- the haters.

  27. Wow it sure takes a lot of balls to mess with a man on the clock, find him on the street and find the fuck out

  28. Damn i wish we could go back to the Martin Luther King days!!!

  29. Juanita Urena-Raines

    Y’all sound so soft.

  30. Fletcher Moore

    The man filming is a waste of oxygen.

  31. Ive felt like doing this and other shit so many times at various jobs in the past. If my life outside of work was going really badly who knows i mightve done it. In this type of situation you gotta constantly say no to that voice telling you to do this but all it takes is like 1 second of giving in and you lose your shit and then its just a viscious cycle where your brain goes ‘well you did all that might as well make it memorable and go further’ next thing you know your swinging the keyboard at that bitchy customer.

  32. Reserved seat in hell for the guy behind the cam. Shame on him.

  33. Guy filming seems like one of those pretentious snobs who wants to stay at exclusive luxury hotels just to berate the staff for not peeling his grapes correctly. I used to travel a lot for work and I’ve come across all kinds of hotel staff. The guy at the desk was frustrated but TBH as long as he wasn’t directing it at me I wouldn’t care and would have just joked with him and let him know it’s not a big deal if he needs to contact someone to work it out (Bonus reward points FTW). It’s important to recognize when things are out of someone’s control and rather than give them a hard time just joke and have fun with them to make their day a little easier. I personally like to see a little emotion in people from time to time especially if I’m going to be interacting with them through out the day. The type of people who let their guard down and express emotions you can reasonably relate to tend to care about you more than the ones that just smile in your face while sucking on your peeled grapes.

  34. The customer who bullied this worker should be cancelled – fired from THEIR job, etc. What a classless person.

  35. So as a representative in hotel service , you can’t be addressed about an employee error, for fear they may break down and fall apart?.. the mature thing would be to find a supervisor to help handle the situation, instead of freaking out, and damaging property…if you cannot handle dealing with the public you’re in the wrong business.. best to work in a cube farm where no one will bother you… sad!!!

  36. Emily Copeland

    This guy is a narcissist disgusting pig. I have autism let me tell you I’ve done that at work. Except I do it in bathroom. As female we get treated like shit for having autism. This man clearly has mental issues. So what we not going to give jobs to people who have mental problems. Disgusting he was just fine till your evil act pushed it. I hope your karma comes at you soon man filming. Let’s protest for mental illness matters to in america. That man filming is pig.

  37. This is not a race scenario people. This poor guy is clearly struggling with mental health issues. My son has ADHD and sometimes hits himself or cries loudly when he feels like he’s failed or someone makes him feel like he’s done something horrible(as this man did). As soon as the recorder saw this behavior he should have deleted the video or given it to hotel mgmt to help that poor kid. And besides the black man has it all wrong. If the kid was hitting the computer because of the booking error, that has nothing to do with the customer’s skin color. I support BLM, but this doesn’t count. I suggest the rest of you rethink your POV and stop posting this as a other example of race tensions.

  38. He should have just asked to speak with the manager to sort it out instead of berating an employee and getting loud with him. Some people just don’t have any class and get pleasure from making scenes and pushing around the help. And instigating and recording it is disgusting.So glad the hotel through him out, lol.

  39. The Customer is a raging Narcissist. I hope he gets into a bad car wreck and dies.

  40. Imagine telling someone your leg is broken and then they proceed to kick the shit out of it. That probably would’ve been less painful than this.

  41. Drake S. Redway

    The sad part is that this is just par for the course when you work in customer service. Like a weekly or every other week kind of thing.

    Y’all wonder why nobody is running back to work in customer service & hospitality. It’s cause of shit like this. And when it happens to you, you ‘suck it up and get back to work’.

    And then they have the nerve to pay them next to nothing. No surprise this country is going to shit lately.

  42. Schylar Herrin

    Yeah, what a hero, catching a bipolar guy having an episode. Fuck that camera man. I work at a hotel and customers make me want to do this on the daily. We have to work with shitty unintuitive computer systems AND get blamed for the mistakes that they and/ or the customer is typically responsible for.

  43. Yvonne Collier


  44. And people wonder why there are mass shootings in America

  45. Clearly most people are sympathetic to the clerk who is being berated. That’s encouraging.
    Obviously the clerk has problems. Just as obvious is the fact that this asshole behind the camera is an obnoxious bully. He saw that the clerk was having a rough time and his response was to keep poking at him until he snapped and then followed him behind the desk and continued harassing him. I’d say that sometime he’s going to fuck with the wrong person and get his ass kicked but he, like any predator, senses weakness and only attacks those who are unable to fight back. Like all bullies he is a coward and would never start something with someone who is strong.

  46. Fiona [black lives matter]

    poor guy

    probably had a really shitty day and this man sticking a phone in his face constantly repeating his mistake pushed him off the edge, he probably felt terrible after his freak out and his constant “wow”s arent gonna help

  47. What’s wrong with you for posting this? Both you and the cameraman have no empathy and need to grow up.. Get your need for attention doing something productive.
    Also what’s with the cameraman still filming the employee when he goes to the back for privacy?
    This is not racist one bit and leave the guy alone.

  48. elliot_bxckley on instagram, dms are open

    Fuck the guy whp video’d this.
    Fuck this site for trying to make this a race issue.
    Fuck this site for downplaying the severity of the racism and homophobia the man recorded exhibited.
    The world isn’t Black vs White! We are all born equal, stop it with this race baiting shit.
    I don’t care if you’re black, white, brown, yellow, multicoloured, I don’t care if you’re he/him, she/her, they/them, xie/xim, doesn’t matter. Don’t care if you’re a guy, a girl, neither, both or either.
    Shitty world honestly, fuck the people who defend this shit and put stuff like “White peoples kids” or “Mayonnaise freakout”. Assholes.

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