Arrest Video: Ex-NFL player Mark Walton ‘urinated’ on himself at Miami Pizza Hut

Mark Walton arrested again/Clutchpoints

Police released Walton footage. 

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MIAMI — “No one out-pizzas the Hut!” Miami police released a video that shows former NFL player Mark Walton actin’ a damn fool at Pizza Hut before punching his own cousin in the face. He also urinated on himself. Yuck! The pissy ordeal transpired around 11:30 p.m. on January 31st. Police body cam footage shows a drunken Walton cussin’ out a drive-thru employee while being interrogated by an officer. “I called back to check on my order and they said they canceled it,” Walton explained.

“They called me a f*cking nigger, this and that. I come up here [to see] who called me a f*cking nigger… This is a business. You don’t treat a customer like that… I’m about money!”

After the cop threatened to throw Walton’s ass in jail, his cousin Craig stepped in to conciliate. “You trippin,’ let’s go bruh,” Craig said. “F*ck them! They can’t do sh*t to me!” Walton replied. Seconds later, a scuffle broke out. That’s when Walton thwacked Craig in the countenance, knocking him out cold.

“He’s bleeding,” a female officer said.

“That’s the way you treat your cousin?” asked another.

Walton was handcuffed and placed on the ground. The 24-year-old running back then asked officers if he could pee on himself and they said, “yeah, do you.” Walton was arrested and charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct. Both misdemeanors. Sadly, this ain’t the first time he’s run afoul of the law.

Walton, if you recall, pummeled his pregnant girlfriend two years ago.

He’s also been arrested a million times.

Walton was cut from the Miami Dolphins and Cincinnati Bengals.

Do you think he’s cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs?

Is CTE to blame?

Watch the disturbing video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. that nigga got cte

  2. Ruthless Lover

    His biggest mistake was fucking with Pizza Hut. Thats some nasty ass pizza.

  3. Some of these athletes forget where they came from and they start taking things for granted

  4. Some do have lousy service! I walked out of the one here because I sat waiting and waiting and waiting. So I left never got to order!

  5. James Farrington

    This guy is wasting his life, he could have been great in my opinion, the talent is there but its unseen because he in jail all the time instead of the field

  6. CTE

  7. Stephen Anagnos

    Cut by the Bengals? 😂😂😂 He’ll be working at a Pizza Hut soon.

  8. Walton is suffering from CTE. Kid never had any run-ins with law enforcement, until he was in the NFL.

  9. That’s not how you get back into the league.

  10. Not Walton again 😔🙁

  11. Taking Hangry to a whole new level

  12. Another poc victim of racism and oppression… never an opportunity to get money

  13. NFL=National Felons League

  14. Beating up his pregnant girl? damn cold world

  15. Orwell Was right

    This is what happens when people who skipped most of high school get venerated like gods because they can throw a ball and run around. They throw their own lives to waste and then claim racism.

  16. Total LOOSER

  17. CTE… his brain trauma

  18. Obviously a “pineapple on pizza” guy.

  19. Pizza Hut Is Horrible

  20. Damn beating up your pregnant girlfriend.. doesn’t get any lower than that. What a bum. One day he going to meet the right one.

  21. UnknownFrequency

    Boy your first crime is ordering Pizza Hut

  22. Oh. Man what a pizza party pooper!

  23. Another National Felons League star is born

  24. this nigga pee’d on himself on camera

  25. The big house calling him.

  26. Wow That’s what Steroids do to you.what a waste of talent.hell end up like Aaron hernandez at the rate hes going if he doesnt get it together.hes already loosing money.Thats how it all begins and it’s all his fault.over a pizza? If.thats not a steroid or anger management issue idk what is.

  27. This is why you always have a Frozen Hungry man dinner in the Freezo

  28. seven days a week

    Hopefully, some other Pizza Hut will hire him when he applies for a job.

  29. He probably limited in what he can do in the kitchen so he has to buy pitzzas to feed himself , well firstly he has no respect for people either at his house or folk selling food ,so maybe he needs a little time behind bars to get his act together as he could endanger someones life a while in anger management would not hurt either ,but again he may be limited in what he could pick up on a course so what does one do with this fella

  30. Hey guys I am in my 40s I remember when pizza hut was good I swear. It used to be a good sit down pizza joint.

  31. Gloria Maletta

    Making the money he makes and he has rage over a pizza of course the people making the pizza 40 hours a week for less than 400 dollars a week after taxes and have no rage l can completely understand his rage it must be so hard to live off a Professional NFL paycheck remember it was over a pizza what a mental reject can you say completely spoiled idiot let me guess he doesn’t stand for the National Anthem but he demand respect he’s a Professional football player there are just some people in this world who don’t deserve money or talent and have absolutely no idea how to be grateful for having such a wonderful life they are just to dense to get it

  32. I’ll beat my own cousin up to over some hot Pizza from pizza 🍕Hut

  33. He’s a Karen.

  34. Livin that Thug Life. Now he has upped his game to beating up pregnant women. Keepin it real.

  35. Just because hes black

  36. No surprise here. Just another thug football player.

  37. Do you know who he is? One very very very very emotional guy. He was all in his feelings. Kinda feminine if you ask me. When i search for his highlight reel only thing that pops ups are his arrests.

  38. Just another nfl bum. Wanna be thug idiot.

  39. Manuel Marquez

    Mark, get your crap together. SMH

  40. one day his kids are gonna go to youtube and see him pee on himself

  41. The cousin a punk. laying on the ground to sue cousin for money. Heavyweights in the pros recover quicker than that. Acting unconscious to sue your cousin for punching you 🤡🤡… 2021 Must be relatives to Aljamain Sterling. Man up. How can you listen to rap music and sue your cousin for punching you?? 2 faced. No loyalty. Laying there to sue your cousin acting disabled. Pathetic. Listening to rap music pressing charges. They both disloyal.

  42. What a tough guy lmao

  43. I woulda calmed down after the cops got involved knowing what’s been happening but I felt his anger. They didn’t deny nothing he said so they definitly said what he claim they said to him. I woulda been mad and pulled up too

  44. Manuel Irizarry

    Police came and tried to help him then he started acting. They told him to leave, and he didn’t want to. Then his cousin told him, let’s go, and he was aggressive in front of everyone with his cousin. Who was trying to protect him, and a couple of minutes later, his cousin on the floor bleeding. He told the cops his cousin grabs him, and they fell on the floor, never explain the blood. Honestly, he was looking for problems.

  45. He peed his pants 😂😂😂

  46. God’s giving him chances to be more self conscious! Praying he sees the light & does right Before he gets smoked or placed in confinement

  47. i’m telling you CTE is a real thing

  48. He was at the wrong pizza restaurant he kept saying papa John’s lmao

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