Dating expert Nichi Hodgson says Prince Charming raped “sleeping” Snow White

Nichi defends Snow White/YouTube

Prince Charming committed rape?

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LONDON — Here’s something “Woke” for your ass: During Wednesday’s appearance on “Good Morning Britain,” dating historian Nichi Hodgson ruffled some feathers when she said Snow White’s romantic kiss scene should be considered sexual assault because the Disney princess was comatose and she didn’t give Prince Charming consent to stick his tongue down her throat. Lord have mercy. Nichi also believes the fairy tale disseminates amorous ideas to children despite the fact Prince Charming saved Snow White’s life. So… for the sake of our kids, Nichi is imploring Disney officials to interdict the kiss scene pronto.

“Children watch [Disney cartoons] very young and they’re some of the first stories they imbibe,” Nichi explained. Prince Charming ain’t the only animated character accused of amiss deportment. Looney Tunes skunk Pepé Le Pew was ostracized from LeBron James’ new Warner Bros. film “Space Jam: A New Legacy” because he raped a female cat. But, it should be noted Pepé thought she was a skunk.

Speedy Gonzales was also cut from the film because he’s your stereotypical drunk Mexican.

Do you agree with Nichi?

Is it time to ban Snow White’s kiss?

Has cancel culture gone too far?

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  1. This is just absurd how can snow white give consent when she’s in a coma, it’s a cartoon not reality

  2. They cancel Pepe Le Pew for being non consensual. But no one is talking about Miss Piggy being abusive and forcing herself non consensual to Kermit. 🤷🏻‍♂️. Double standard.

  3. sparrowhead hawkins

    this is what happens when you ignore real roblems

  4. Throwback Channel

    This is ridiculous! Pepe is a cartoon character! He’s not hurting anyone! It’s hypocritical that WB remove him from the movie yet put the Clockwork Orange guys in it. If they want to call out a children cartoon character as a rapist, call out The Kanker Sisters from Ed Edd n Eddy and Panini from Chowder. The Kankers and Panini are always stocking their crushes who don’t like them, they don’t take no for a answer or take a hint from them, they make them feel uncomfortable around them, and they kiss them without their permission. At least Pepe was going to have a scene where he sees what he’s doing is wrong if WB didn’t remove him from the movie.

  5. Unbelievable that this is news, there is no hope for us

    woke snowflakes getting upset with Disney lol 😂

  6. Ruthless Lover

    prince charming didnt get no pussy and they still accusing that nigga of rape smh

  7. This generation today is so brainwashed.


    Snowflakes snowflakes everywhere

  9. We’re sensoring cartoon characters now? Lol how stupid

  10. Oh for fuck sakes, it’s a cartoon people!

  11. Shevaun Van-Hoff

    People are forgetting that fairytales teach kids to believe that dreams can come true!!!!!

  12. Minute Repeater

    Whether its the conservative/religious right or the woke movement; when are we going to cancel all these wacko’s who want to censor everything. Wacko’s who preach respect, unity and freedom, but only when it fits their narrative; and have no issue in forcing their views down to everybodies throat. I swear these people are one of the biggest threads to humanity.

  13. Remember folks, 50 year old cartoons are offensive but a gross huge chick dry humping the stage with her goodies out is considered ’empowering.’ It feels like im taking crazy pills..

  14. Another attempt by sick capitalists to kill the left. This “Woke” crowd isn’t leftist. There are literally billions of homeless and starving ppl across the world and if you care about a cartoon of all things harassing or behaving appropriately then you’re not with the left but a product designed by capitalists to de-legitimize the left.

  15. Jaclyn Williams

    He doesn’t kiss her to wake her up, he kisses her goodbye because he thinks she is dead.
    Lots of people kiss loved ones when they are in a coffin / funeral parlor so why not. It is not about consent

  16. Without that happy ending, Snow White would have remained asleep for ever. She should be happy he kissed her. I get the conversation, but come on, this is getting out of hand

  17. voodoochile333

    Get back in the kitchen

  18. Catherine MacAskill

    There are serious discussions to be had about inappropriate behavior and forcing women to do things that they don’t want to do. These situations include sexual harassment, assault and abuse and violence. Snow White is not one of them. These type of discussions minimize the impact of sexual violence against women. It also gives people the excuse to ignore the reality of inappropriate sexual behavior women face in every aspect of their lives.

  19. Constantin Valdor

    You can pick apart every movie.

  20. I just…I just lost brain cells after watching this garbage…..

  21. The world has gone PC mad…

  22. hordesofchaosify

    Excuse me miss snow white may i kiss you to wake you up????
    Snow white : ……..(silence)
    The End
    Good film guys good film, girl never wakes up from her sleep hey ho

  23. Cancel culture needs to be cancelled.

  24. Really??? Ridiculous!!!

  25. Whoever got offended havve serious mental disturbance. How many generations all over the globe for hundreds of years had been grown up knowing this fairytale? Offensive kiss? Every normal person thinks the love wins over the death watching this story. Offended people , please create your own Disney channel and moderate/cut/paste whatever you like. Do not ruin our childhood and childhood our kids with your “The Overton window” ideas.

  26. Susanne Cunningham

    Is this really what our world is coming to trying to banning snow white as she didn’t consent to the kiss as she was sleeping well I better put all my kids into care for there own safety because every night when they are asleep I go in to there room sort their covers out and kiss them on the head shoot me now they didn’t say I could kiss them 😳😳😳

  27. Walt Disney is rolling in his grave. Smh

  28. Sir Rimmer Trolling

    She couldnt wake up and sign a piece of paper. Its from the 1960s so dont change it. Dont change true love!

  29. This is what we’ve come to debating an old fairy tale and forcing the issue of consent into this innocent story.
    Anyone with common sense agrees there should be consent in relationships but this is a fairy tale.
    Third wave feminism is one of the most destructive forces unleashed on modern day society.

  30. Obviously A. Sockpuppet

    Suppose you were under the spell of a wicked witch, would you rather remain under her spell for eternity or have a hot guy kiss you to break the spell? Choose wisely

  31. They have the audacity to blurr a classic children fairy tale 🤦🏾‍♂️

  32. Walmart Cashier

    Fuck it! Let’s cancel cpr and mouth to mouth while we’re at it.

  33. I’m pretty sure I saw these women in silent hill

  34. Snow White kissed the dwarfs!

  35. People do CPR without consent….should they be cancelled 😂😂😂…. This is crazy

  36. The Prince didn’t think Snow White was sleeping, he thought she was dead. It was a farewell kiss.

  37. Janine Kurzinger

    I agree with the central London lady a million percent . I watched Snow White as a kid and my reaction then was “ horray the prince saved her life!” . Had no bearing on my development in my understanding of consent . Good grief !

  38. I think the problem with this ideology/principle is that 1) people pick and choose. Snow White ALSO didn’t consent to being given a poison apple but no one is talking about lack on consent woman-to-woman. So thats ok? Which brings me to the next point, 2) that literally means nothing wrong or bad can happen to someone by the hands of any other person because? THEY DIDN’T CONSENT TO IT. You can’t actually have strife/stories if you run with that ideology in every aspect. And 3) it puts “good behavior” solely in the sexual realm rather than just being a kind person in general. Is that the lesson we want kids to know? “Make sure you ask for consent if you wanna kiss someone or more. But if you wanna poison them, lock them up, kill them it’s ok because you asked for consent for a kiss so you’re doing right.” Point is like she said its the responsibility of the parent to teach their children these things and how to separate imagined and reality. How to separate that these things happen in that world but that world is not this real world we’re living in. Is that just too much work that no one wants to do? Well thats what you signed up for when you had kids.

  39. Vincent Schicchi

    Cmon!! It’s a fairy tale !! NOBODY will come away thinking that !! Unless you’re Bill Cosby

  40. kissing is an act of love, old feminists who were never paid attention by men are going to grow old alone and single are corrupting young ppls mind at this point and prevent them from finding love

  41. Whoa! Not only that, but why is she still called Snow “White”? Isn’t that pro-White Supremacy? For God’s sake, change her name to Snow “Inclusive” so the Woke Mob won’t storm Disneyland and demand an apology!! Oh, wait… they probably already have.

  42. Matthew Thomson

    The entire point of the kiss in Snow White was to break the curse on her. He would never have gotten her consent BECAUSE SHE WAS ETERNALLY ASLEEP

  43. I’m truly proud I’m not from this generation. OMG!!! Cry babies. Who’s next Sleeping Beauty? Because she was raped in the original story while asleep by her Prince. Now that’s Offensive. Try harder with your feminist acts.

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