Love & Hip Hop: Yandy and Mendeecees planning to say “I Do” for real this time

Yandy and Mendeecees put on a show/VH1

Mendeecees got another chance.

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NEW YORK — If you recall, Mendeecees Harris and Yandy Smith got hitched during a televised ceremony six years ago that aired live on VH1. But, turns out, their nuptials didn’t count because it wasn’t a real wedding. Kid you not. The “Love & Hip Hop: New York” stars weren’t legally married. The wedlock was counterfeit for TV purposes. But that’s about to change. That’s because a judge signed off on Mendeecees’ request to travel to Dubai so that he and Yandy can get married for real.

They’re gonna say “I do” later this month.

After serving 5 years in the penitentiary, Mendeecees was granted manumission last year. But, because he’s on supervised release until 2025, he must receive permission from his probation officer to leave the country.  Yandy and Mendeecees tied the knot in New York during a spurious ceremony on May 25, 2015 — right before he went to prison. The reality TV stars spent more than $500,000 on the fake wedding.

Yandy and Mendeecees have two children together but he has other kids.

The hip-hop lovebirds were recent participants in a couples retreat.

Yandy waited 5 years for Mendeecees to get out of prison.

She also paid his bond and all his debts while he was locked up.

Now that’s what I call a “ride-or-die chick.”

Mendeecees said, had their roles been reversed, he wouldn’t have done the same.


Do you support them getting married?

Should Yandy run for cover?

Watch their recent therapy session.

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  1. Merphine Sitorus

    She can’t find another dude.

  2. Graveyard Shift

    she waited 5 years for that nigga to get out of prison

    she must love that nigga

  3. Yandy, you need to leave him. He does not love you.

  4. marama Wallace

    Mendeecees came back a different guy

  5. @marama Wallace: He was probably sodomized by Bubba in the big house

  6. He is a not worth the effort. He would have been living his Best Life if she was in JAIL. She gave him what she would have wanted. Black Women need to realize vicariously (through others) that MEN would do the Complete Opposite. V. Smith and her husband prime example.

  7. Yandy got the money and mendeces is washed up. She was smart not to actually marry him, he has too much baggage

  8. Yandy got it going on and needs to find a MAN on her level

  9. Authentic Black Chic

    Some people will never truly understand what unconditional love is. Love is taught. Yandy and I know. We love our husbands and understand commitment. For some, they will never truly understand what love is outside of money.

  10. Mercedes Roberts OnlyGodCanJudgeMe

    He might love her but he’s not in love with her‼️

  11. woman like guys like this…

  12. She should have left this f boy mendeecee is no good

  13. Mendeecee always looks just off to me like the lights are on but nobody is home.

  14. I’m sorry me as a young woman I’m not holding no man down in jail Bc whenever u was out doing what U was doing. U wasn’t thinking about me so why should I hold a man down just my opinion not saying every woman shouldn’t hold a man down.

  15. What a loser dead beat dad Mendeece

  16. Eric Skeen Jr.

    I think Mendeecee’s is insecure because he secretly be cheating on Yandy! 🤷🏽‍♂️

  17. Mendeecee the one got his own ass in trouble. he is a selfish ass man doing yandy like that after she hold him down with all his kids that man is selfish like …. his mama

  18. Egypts Pyramid

    Women, choose better. For the sake of you & your future kids

  19. He could have lied to protect her feelings but he can’t be caught publicly saying this cuz MEN STAY ON CODE. Ladies get on board cuz this is embarrassing but you have a choice to be in this situation. Don’t give men anything they wouldn’t give us even in a hypothetical.

  20. This is honestly sad and This is why you can’t ride for someone who’s clearly not riding for you. I’m sorry if my boyfriend go to jail it’s over at that moment it’s not worth none of the bs that comes with it. How y’all in this “committed relationship” and he couldn’t even hold you down “hypothetically” bye asff🤦🏽‍♀️😭

  21. So she fought with those baby mothers for……..what

  22. Being a Ride or die chick is so played out..It just Doesnt Pay Off. Try being a Ride or die for me 1st

  23. Freda Owusu-Agyapong

    If a man get involve in criminal activities , sorry but you gotta leave him. Thats not worth it . Most men will not do half of the sacrifice we do for them. Bearing a man child is a great sacrifice it self plus other things . The only person you got to care more of is yourself. Get your money and take care of yourself.Not a man..😒

  24. Cynthia Solomon

    Why can’t this Beautiful young Lady See she Deserves better than that man child

  25. Love Photography

    That little pipsqueek is with her for her money

  26. Noneya Business

    THEY got people believing this nonsense is real because THEY call it REALITY lol. Shìt is just as fake as Soap Oprah

  27. I knew Mendeecees doesn’t love her the way she loves him because he lets her mother disrespect her. The wife comes before the mother. Period!

  28. Yandy Is Not Innocent… She’s Manipulative and He Knows It.. Mendecee is No Fool 😳

  29. Yandy deserve way better! He ain’t nothing without her 💯

  30. Mendecees sound like a first grader, he’s not N love ❤️ with Yandy, he loves the convenience of what she can do, talking about “ right that’s what this about right” like nicca you don’t know what this about ? She need to throw this bone as far -where she can no longer see him

  31. SeekerofTheWay 93

    Everybody said she was shady for not legally filing their marriage certificate when he got locked up. I thought it was smart! When them ppl come, her personal assets would’ve been wrapped up in the mess. Now look. This man wouldn’t even hold her down if the roles were reversed smh. Everything happens for a reason!

  32. Jasmine Cumberbatch

    Women please don’t stay with a man who is not as committed and invested as you are or even more. It’ll never work.

  33. Cameo Sapphire

    Women ALWAYS do more for our men!!! There’s alot of “if the roles were reversed would you hold me down”situations” that a man wont do for his woman. Thank God for his honesty.

  34. Yandy been playing herself. Even before Mandeecees went to jail, she knew who he was. I remember watching LHH and thinking mandecees had one foot in the relationship and one foot out. I respect him for being real with her. But she should’ve known and already seen his character before this nigga left, hell people watching the show could.

  35. Mendeces isn’t on the same caliber as Yandy he never was. Yandy is a fucking boss who deserves a boss as nigga. Who’s willing to go out there and make connections and make money like she do. I feel sorry for her because I don’t think he loves her as much as she loves him.

  36. SMH!!! My Beautiful 🥰 Ms.Yandy please let this man be free he doesn’t want you Mendecess is gay!! He likes men read between lines✔️💯🎯

  37. Mailaina Throne

    Mendeecee has been in prison more than he’s been on the actual show. I think Mendeecee has a man in prison. Pretty Ricky got a boo in the clink.

  38. He is worth like 1 million she is worth like 15 and she need to get a man that will treat her like the queen she is!!! He treats her like shit and that is real shit!!!

  39. This woman was taking care of his kids and her adopted daughter business and all. This pisses me off. Nigga ain’t loyal that’s why I’m single. She too good for him.

  40. I like Mendeecees and Yandy as a couple but after hearing that he wouldn’t hold her down is sad why wouldn’t you be there for the woman who had your back while you were locked up and dealing with your mama and getting nothing but a hard time, if it was me and he said that then you need to move far away from me because its a wrap. I would not invest no more time in the relationship , you gave him a chance after all look at his track record I would say just be co-parents and look for someone who values you let him miss how good he’s had it .

  41. Girl move on

  42. Those nerdy guys don’t seem too bad right now huh ladies???😂😂😂😂

  43. Dude was using her from day one

  44. The good thing about life is you can always start over and leave the dumb shit out your life behind, whether you did wrong or the other person. He is trifling and she can do better.

  45. Lelita’s kitchen

    Mendecee sucks!!! Yandy knows he doesn’t love her. She’s holding on to a fairy tale. She wants to be married because it looks good in the public. She’s needs to be married to someone who will treat her like the queen she is. Mendecee kick rocks!!!

  46. Men are more loyal to they Dawgs than they are loyal to their own LADY!!! Their LADY!! The one who going to put up with their bullshit, please them, bare their kids, feed them, clean after them! Will their homies do that for them?? Pathetic.

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