Vaccine Theft Video: Anti-vaxxer steals coronavirus vaccine to ‘have it tested’

Humphrey steals vaccine/YouTube

Thomas Humphrey purloined vaccine. 

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MINNEAPOLIS — Thomas Humphrey, an anti-vaxxer in Minnesota, was thrown in the slammer Thursday after he purloined a vial of Johnson & Johnson’s coronavirus vaccine to have the ingredients independently investigated. The five-finger discount transpired during his appointment at CVS. It was also captured on video. Cell phone footage shows Humphrey snatching the diminutive container from the negro pharmacist before scurrying towards the exit.

“I’m taking my vaccine, guys,” he said while staring into the camera.

“We’re gonna go test this. This is poisoning people. Praise the Lord. To the lab we go.”

Humphrey didn’t get far.

Police busted his ass moments later.

This wasn’t the first time Humphrey ran off with the vaccine.

The serial shoplifter stole a vial from a local clinic the day prior then warned people to roll down their sleeves to eschew getting “the jab.” Humphrey was arrested and charged with obstructing the legal process, operating a motor vehicle without registration and driving on a suspended license.

In case you didn’t know, Microsoft originator Bill Gates has a patent (060606) on a cryptocurrency system that’s allegedly designed to transform vaccinated humans into walking credit cards he calls “Miners.” That’s not a misprint. The aforementioned patent number contains 666 — aka the “Mark of the Beast.” 

Do you plan to get the vaccine?

Is it dangerous?

Watch the video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Sekai Ni Heiwa

    LOL this is hillarious

  2. fight the good fight my nigga

  3. Stupid as stupid does

  4. No need to steal it. Those of us with a brain wont take their poison jab!

  5. Veda-Song Bird



  7. I am a HEALTHCARE WORKER. I would NOT give that POISON to a DOG. I’m NOT a dog LOVER. I turned down work PAYING alot of MONEY for me to give the VACCINE. I HONOR do NO HARM.🤔😷

  8. Carl H Buchanan

    It’s Called Trickery On All The Nations…

  9. Dannue Holifield

    COVID stand for Certificate of vaccination ID, which mean you will need an ID CARD to travel, shop, go to the doctor, in other word, you can’t do a damn thing without the shot, believe me it coming in due time. NO BUYING OR SELLING WITHOUT THE MARK OF THE BEAST.

  10. Ruthless Lover

    Damn they arrested him before he could get it tested. I bet they gave him the shot.

  11. They pushing the new world order and bringing the antichrist. Oh and get ready for the fake alien invasion

  12. Bill Gates is turning us into zombies

  13. Dumisani Shelembe

    Cov Vaxx = Soul harvesting business!

  14. I will depend on my God given immune system!!

  15. Bill Gates is peddling the vaccine because he believes in population control. There is a video in circulation with him stating this! They’re getting rich by infecting us with their poison. Don’t be a sheep 🐑.

  16. Covid is so deadly you have to get tested to see if you got it, every one is dying from this terrible flu? Wake up its over a year now and half the world isnt dead, since when is the world scared of a little flu? The regular flu wasnt scary enough so lets call it covid and create a ghost so spooky we have every one lining up for a needle. Can’t believe how much fear is in the world these days.

  17. Tell da Truth, shame da devil … Preach, Bruh! PREACH!!!

  18. ramses wallaard

    Im an anti vaxxer

  19. Bill Gates is so racist with his transgender looking azz wife(man want to be woman)

  20. Margaret Rogers

    I keep saying I’m not taking shot, where I’m at they not even talking about anymore, people wearing masks but……

  21. All of it is BULL.

  22. Belize jungle Paintball

    Well whoever took the jab is walking dead at this point Just a matter of time.

  23. KingParisBuckingham

    We dont want their 666 vax

  24. Humans are to be replaced by humans and AI The battle is to remain human against the synthetic evil ETz In this case when you sell your soul from fear based ignorance You make the battle for those on the front line of this battle difficult and or possibly futile See the big picture

  25. Their shots is not a vaccine, they are fooling everyone.

  26. Edgar Sandoval

    This is the Mark of the BEAST!!

  27. run nigga run

  28. Fat Meat Greasy

    what were the test results????????

  29. I got a feeling we won’t get those test results.

  30. Mo's Motivation

    The hour of temptation is upon us. Revelation 3:10.
    The Kingdom of God is near. Prepare your hearts

  31. Sheeple taking a vaccine for a virus with .3% mortality rate. So sad.

  32. Vaccination is the beginning of the Mark of the Beast implantation! They will change your DNA unknowingly to you, so you will accept the Mark of the Beast. Don’t you wonder why they push it so hard? Oh it will be used against you one day. As they will say, “Only those with the mark of vaccination can enter the store and buy food and water” And the other ones will be doomed. Soon, the real Mark of the Beast will appear. This is just a predecessor…..

  33. Did he send it to an independent lab to get tested?

  34. Wow, shame shame shame on him. 😵😡💯👌

  35. Lulubell jingles

    Make him president

  36. No malpractice claims will be honored for this shot. You can’t sue for complications. It can’t be good for you if it’s being pushed on you so aggressively. Bill Gates wants to depopulate.

  37. It is an EXPERIMENTAL bio weapon. Do not get it for any reason.

  38. Hebrew For Christ

    Take the vaccine at your own risk, the vaccine makers have 0 liability. Those politicians aren’t taking the Covid vaccine, don’t be deceived by the propaganda.

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