Sesame Street Vaccine PSA: Elmo, Louie encourage anti-vaxxers to “get the jab”

Elmo and Louie promote vaccine/YouTube

Elmo and Louie promote vaccine.

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NEW YORK — Parents around the globe blew a gasket on Friday after PBS officials disseminated a “Sesame Street” public service announcement for the coronavirus vaccine. The 60-second promotion shows Elmo and his dad, Louie, encouraging anti-vaxxers to get the jab. “Elmo and I are feeling hopeful and excited,” Louie boasted. “We’re excited because lots of grown-ups are getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Soon lots of us will be able to do our favorite things again.”

“That’s why I got the COVID-19 vaccine,” Louie continued while showing off the band-aid on his arm. “So me and my family and neighbors can get back to play dates, trips, cookouts and sports.”

The controversial advertisement comes on the heels of CNN’s Sesame Street ABC’s of COVID-19 town hall forum where kids sent in questions to Dr. Anthony Fauci asking when they can get inoculated. Brainwashed children also wanted to know when they could hug family members again.

In case you didn’t know, Microsoft originator Bill Gates has a patent (060606) on a cryptocurrency system that’s allegedly designed to transform vaccinated humans into walking credit cards he calls “Miners.” That’s not a misprint. The aforementioned patent number contains 666 — aka the “Mark of the Beast.” 

Are PBS officials wrong for targeting children?

Did Sesame Street and CNN go too far?

Watch the shocking PSA.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Dr. Van Nostrand

    Disgusting.. f***ing up these kids, Fauci the fraud.

  2. those sick f*ckers are targeting children!!!!


  4. James McMullin

    This is a demonic takeover. Wake up and realize this is about control!!! The vaccine is a death sentence! You are the resistance.

  5. Waffle House Worker

    Elmo shame on you

  6. Ferris Bueller

    Soon it will be an important tradition to implant micro chips in our kids so the government can program and track our kids behavior.

  7. What a f&?$&@ up world. Fauci is a demon.

  8. Are most people toxic and programed?

  9. Andrew Schneider

    Nice fearmongering

  10. Not surprised. Elmo was charged with sexual assault.

  11. The propaganda is EXTREME 🤣🤣

  12. It was a great idea to include Elmo and have him wear a mask

  13. Dear family members: Hug anyone you want and ignore this nonsense. Anyone who says you can’t is lying or just plain ignorant.

  14. Marcillio Ficino


  15. Who thought this was a good idea? I ask you who in the FUCK in their right mind decided to do this

  16. Maksim Ghyvoronsky

    When are all the stupid people ONLY going to stop commenting here?

  17. not gonna lie this is pathetic LOL

  18. There’s a special place in hell for these evil people.

  19. Brainwashing the kids at its best….Bravo Sesame Street, CNN and Dr. FraudNazi

  20. We should be telling kids they don’t need permission from government to hug their grandmothers

  21. 606,000 deaths in 2019 from cancer! Still no Vaccine for cancer!!AIDS is more, still no aids vaccine!! mers,SARS no vaccine, is around 500,000, DUI deaths around alcohol related deaths 500,000, addiction deaths in opioid deaths around a million,Abortions are essential & free,vaccines are free,immunizations are free,nothing is free but death from the Satanic controled government! But death,come on brother n sisters! (covid19) every one i no that supposedly had it they are ok like just a flu!! Convid19 is barely going to break 350 to 400,000 deaths WITH the help of every hospital marking the cause convid19, u c they get up to 30,000$ for saying it was death from Convid19 ,350,000 deaths in a year maybe by March for convid19, there is no vaccine for any of the other ways to die!! But in less than a year less than a year people we have a vaccine for convid19,NWO! no VACCINE for anything else,,And the masks people are wearing,they are sheeple or just love Clinton News Network (CNN) propaganda, cdc says convid19 is .1 it gose through anything,plus u breath in c02 all day creating cortisol stress hormones making u flight or fight!! People r giving up thier freedom, believing in a mask thats like saying chicken coupe wire will stop the misquotes from getting in! Vaccination =Assassination! 1776 come Jesus come!! we r sick of the Clinton News Network puppetry and propaganda from godless actors projecting their godless system of division!!the end is here

  22. This is straight up SICK!!!!!

  23. Damascus Eternali

    What a bunch of psychopaths.

  24. “To my African American brothers and sisters… this vaccine that you’re gonna be taking was developed by an African American woman. And that is just a fact.” – Dr. Anthony Fauci

    Why do you think Fauci made this statement? I already know the answer but I’m curious what y’all think?

  25. Fauci is a Doctor Mengele, but worse. Him and Gates and company always know what’s going to happen next. Just consider Event 201, which commenced simultaneously as the initial outbreak. PLANNEDEMIC 100%!


    bruh this hurts . The way they fool these kids …

  27. Do not take the Covid-19 vaccine.
    It is a biological… weapon!

  28. This is disgusting??!
    Why are these children not told that the vaccine is less effective than the own immune system that, when THE Creator-YHWY – made them HE gave them their own antibodies to protect them from these types of things???
    This is an absolute joke.
    ONE more reason I never liked Sesame Street and one more big reason my kids never did either.

  29. R O M C H O M P A


  30. Oh how cute. They are targeting the children now.

  31. My Name Is Jeff

    can u believe this smh🤦‍♂️

  32. They are targeting your children. Sickos.

  33. Sesame Street is still going on? That ship sailed 30 years ago. Now it has zero educational value.

  34. I’m 53 years old and one thing I notice on this planet is that nothing good never happens to the majority. Anything that affects billions of lives is always negative. Disease, wars, poverty, poor economy, I suppose if it wasn’t for Covid there would another war or a terrorist attack. Death and destruction follows humanity everywhere they go! They destroy their children lives with toxic food and expose them to toxic schools, and they are raised by abusive toxic narcissistic stupid parents.

  35. Can you say BRAINWASHING Elmo?!

  36. Child abuse on display!

  37. Fauci: America’s favorite PSYCHOPATH

  38. Vile propaganda.
    Sinister to target kids.

  39. Gotta get em while they are young😈

  40. Shame on you Elmo

  41. #fUCkVaCciNatiOns – 💉 🐑 😶

  42. 1976 Ford administration declared swine flue a pandemic and rushed a vaccine and mandated it and caused so much harm they had to back off their game. Government uses same plays from old play book if people learn their history. They push vaccines on kids and screw them up while they are helpless and use fear and mandate for kids to go to school. Government does not care about its citizens they only care about money, control and power.

  43. Joseph Christenson

    I can’t stand when children shows bring politics into it

  44. @tee gee: Propaganda? What? Oh I guess you’re an anti vaccination moron… Okay.

  45. Vaccines can be good & bad.
    It’s complicated.
    May we ALWAYS have a CHOICE.

  46. Yay the communist America government said we get some of our freedom back… as long as you do whatever I say.

  47. Waffle House Worker

    Louie looks like he’s on heroin

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