Actor Seth Rogen says he will no longer collaborate with ex-buddy James Franco

Rogen and Franco are done/YouTube

Rogen & Franco aren’t the same. 

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HOLLYWOOD — Seth Rogen and James Franco used to be boys. They starred in multiple movies together (Pineapple Express, The Interview and This Is The End) and they did a gay parody of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s “Bound 2” music video. But, chances are, we won’t descry another collaboration. That’s because Seth says he will no longer work with his frequent co-star after several popsies accused James of sexual misconduct. One thot said he forced her to suck his dick. “What I can say is that I despise abuse and harassment and I would never cover or conceal the actions of someone doing it, or knowingly put someone in a situation where they were around someone like that,” Seth told The Sunday Times.

“I also look back to that interview in 2018 where I comment that I would keep working with James, and the truth is that I have not and I do not plan to right now.”

James, if you recall, was slapped with a lawsuit in 2018 after a handful of students at his quondam acting school accused him coercing sexual activity. The 43-year-old actor denied the allegations before reaching a settlement with the alleged victims. Seth, 39, said their friendship hasn’t been the same since. “I can say it, um, you know, it has changed many things in our relationship and our dynamic,” he explained.

Prior to litigation, James was in romantic relationships with most of the accusers.

He sent one of the women text messages that said, “you let me down bitch” and “are you retarded?”

Do you agree with Seth’s decision to turn his back on James?

Are the accusers telling the truth?

Share your thoughts.


  1. We’ll see how long this lasts

  2. They’re still gonna hang on the low

  3. Prisonisinourminds80

    such a lame and pathetic thing which Rogen did by saying that… you support your friends when they are in trouble and I don’t mean that you need to say that what Franco did is fine, definitely not, but you don’t start shi*ing on your friend like this. If my friend injured someone in a fight and went to prison for that I’m not going to turn away from him and leave him alone in that trouble, I stay by my friends no matter how bad they f*cked up. At least don’t say anything about it and say that is not your business. Lame lame lame. Don’t wish anyone friends like that.

  4. All is hear is ‘accused’ and ‘allegations’. Not saying he did nothing, but what happened to innocent until PROVEN guilty? If we are going to start judging people solely based on allegations, there will be no good people left.

  5. Dang man 😒 I enjoyed watching them together

  6. He said he didn’t plan on working with James Franco again, NOT he will never wor

  7. Never liked Franco anyways. Does anyone actually have a favorite Franco movie?

  8. Not condoning whatever Franco may or may not have done but it doesn’t seem right that Seth would immediately turn his back on him the second this stuff comes up. Seems like he’s trying to cover his own ass, and wether through good or bad you shouldn’t do that to your friend


    If Franco was black he’d been in jail

  10. seth rogen the close personal friend of HARVEY WEINSTEIN??? that seth rogen????

  11. They were so good together

  12. With friends like Seth who needs enemies

  13. What a wuss

  14. Rogen is human trash.

  15. Zero pity given. These women had the choice to say, NO! I don’t even believe most women these days anyway because there are so many false allegations out there, and a man has no recourse due to the trial being by Social Media, and not a Court Of Law. Your best bet is to not work with Western women or date them.

  16. David Fernandes de Oliveira

    Succesful men will always attract thots, simple

  17. Seth Rogan gets douchier every day.

  18. If all of that is true about James Franco that is super sad because him and Seth Rogen were good friends and he is a good Actor I hope it’s not true but if it is Hope Justice is done either way

  19. Some friend Seth is.

  20. Shirkeem Jackson

    When exactly did a guy engaging and showing sexual/romantic interest in someone both legally and consensually become a bad thing? If all the females Franco messaged or met with were of legal age and consented, then he did nothing wrong and is being senselessly attacked

  21. Jonathan Perez

    Ummm 🤔 I feel like it’s a little too late Seth because I’m pretty sure you knew what was up with your friend. But in this change of the times, you are not willing to risk your career for your friend. I guess better late than never but it feels sus.

  22. Seth rogan is a scumbag

  23. Nelcomarproductions

    Can’t believe he threw his friend under the bus

  24. Fake homie!
    I stand by franco

  25. This sucks man. Actors are so weird dude. I could never live in LA.

  26. Delton Westberry

    I like Franco better anyway

  27. Rogans became such a little Twitter bitchboy over the past few years. Wouldn’t be surprised if he cut ties with Franco over some other behind the scenes fuckery and he’s just using the controversy to ditch him and act outraged at the same time. It’s a winwin.

  28. Seth is a Douche himself. So….

  29. Lmao sexual misconduct. All directors, actors, and actresses partake in sexual misconduct. They only complain about it when it stops benefiting them. It’s Hollywood. Wake up.

  30. Them bitches lyin

  31. James Franco is a predator.

  32. Who gives a fuck what he did to those women

  33. Franco is great Rogan is fat and not funny at all

  34. Cmon Seth you we’re chilling with him getting crazy chicks, never noticed or seen anything all the times you guys chilled in the last 15 years 🤔 we don’t believe you snake boy

  35. I’d say I’m surprised, but this has been an open secret for years, and Rogen is only covering his own ass. Literally the bare minimum. Fuck Hollywood, where a woman is “past her expiration date” before she hits 30, meanwhile men (old or young, hot or ugly AF — doesn’t matter) are allowed to use every single space as their own personal hunting grounds.

  36. I always hated both actors, Rogen most of all. It’s really hard to put my finger on exactly why, but all of his roles that I saw were just… sad. Seems at some point I would always be trying to enjoy a new move and be like “f* there he is again why is he in this movie?”

  37. This all BS…Franco was never charged with a single crime and I highly doubt Seth Rogan stopped talking to his best friend because he was “accused” of doing some bad things.

  38. If this bromance can’t last, then there’s no hope.

  39. Poor Franco I feel bad for him, sure these girls are speaking out to what they experienced, but these are allegations from one side of the story, from the other side, James Franco said what they said was not accurate, most of the time in past cases women would either lie or put in words to change the story a bit to get money bc most of the time that’s what they care about, money, not all women are like this, but most

  40. Rogen is the equivalent of all the fat girls who’d NEVER even meet a guy if they weren’t friends with a pretty girl.

  41. Melanee Sharpe

    I don’t believe it. I think that these little girls are just as guilty as their ” abuser!” They get their feelings hurt and want to ruin someone’s life! Argo Jonny Dep and Amber Heard. For God sake they crucified Bill Cosby 40+ years after the alleged assault! These people need to grow up.

  42. Angelica Matilda

    This is why I hate celebrity culture. These rich spoiled brats are worshipped by everyone and people act like they’re gods and this is why they think they can treat people like this and they DO get away with it. This is why they become famous, because of the power.

  43. DiabolicalGardyloo

    Seth Rogan is a bitch he literally just goes whichever direction keeps him looking good. And all the allegations against Franco were dropped! So nothing even was legit. Seth is just a two faced curly headed fk who turns his back on his friends anytime anything happens.

  44. Seth Rogen is a leftist liberal no-good dirtbag, Franco, no matter what’s been said, is far better off without that trash Seth Rogen….

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