Vaccine Video: “The Lion King” promotes coronavirus vaccine to kids and parents

Lion King promotes vaccine/YouTube

Lion King promo infuriates parents.

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HOLLYWOOD — First, they used Sesame Street. Now politicians are using “The Lion King” to promote Bill Gates’ coronavirus vaccine to children and anti-vaxxers. The cartoon advertisement shows Young Nala and Zazu singing “I Just Can’t Wait For Vaccines” to debate the pros and cons of getting the jab. The parady is more than two minutes long. “I’m gonna go get my vaccine and get back to my prime,” Nala sings. “Well, I’ve never seen a vaccine made in quite so little time,” Zazu replies in a pessimistic tone.

Nala also says she “can’t wait for the vaccine” because she won’t have to “stay home” no more. Sadly, “The Lion King” ain’t alone in shaming kids into getting vaccinated. McDonald’s is also advertising the vaccine on Happy Meals and other menu items. Parents are pissed and who can blame ’em?

In case you didn’t know… Bill Gates, the panacea’s primary charitable funder, has a patent (060606) that’s allegedly designed to transform vaccinated humans into cryptocurrency “Miners.” That’s not a misprint. His patent number contains “666” also known as Satan’s “Mark of the Beast.” Yikes!

The vaccine is also experimental and non-FDA approved.

Did Lion King go too far?

Is it fair to target children?

Watch the promo.

Share your thoughts.


  1. shame on those sick fuckers for targeting kids

  2. Non FDA approved, very low survey of small number population of an an experimental medical procedure is authorized

  3. Let’s poison the kids who have almost 0% to die of covid. Less chance than getting killed by lightning or attacked by a shark.

  4. Steven Papadakis


  5. Sickening that they would do this to children


  7. On hundred and Nein

    Using kids to propagandize idiots watching this nonsense

  8. pushing this gene therapy shot into children who are at zero risk from covid is EVIL AF. 🤡💉 🐑🐑🐑


  9. Just say No to drugs, kids.

  10. dallbau ossenn

    Why vax kids? they’re hardly getting any symptoms…children are already immune to Covid, basically.
    Guess it got to do with the spreading, oh well…Got to be a first time for everything i suppose! usually you vax children for illnesses that actually harm children.
    Just feel like this got a lot to do with money money money….

  11. Crazy

  12. This is sick. Child sacrifice. Getting a poison jab for a 99.6% recovery rate “virus”. This is beyond child abuse. Freedom is not at the end of a needle. These parents are training their children to be slaves.

  13. The Lion King? They’re definitely hitting below the belt.

  14. Lindstheteacher

    Adults is one thing, kids is another. I do not approve while this is under emergency approval.

  15. Scamdemic, DO NOT GET THE SHOT!

  16. Josh Brenneman

    Ugh so now children are gonna start dying from the vaccine too

  17. LauffBrooK O-zsi

    Spooky how insistent they are that u will have to get vaccinated b4 u may enjoy the freedoms promised by our constitution. Its creepy and very off putting , I smell a sinister agenda👎

  18. weAre HeirOfSalvation

    Covid was created and released to the people by the same people selling you the cure

  19. @weAre HeirOfSalvation: Lol stfu conspiracy theorist you just believe what you want to believe lol

  20. Blasty McBlast

    Yay! Go get ‘em. Why should adults be the only ones who suffer life-threatening “vaccine” adverse effects? Vaccine adverse effect equity for all ages now!

  21. fishy dubs fishing

    These kids are being used as guinea pigs

  22. Albert Navarrete

    No one wants to get vaccinated!? Target the children ! SMH

  23. BossBritt 2020!

    Hopefully your mind is so weak we can manipulate you with “encouragement and incentives”. Because If you choose not to get the jab then we will make wish you did. That way we can make you believe its was actually your choice instead of you being conditioned to do so… Wake Up People, ITS your CHoice!

  24. What kind of parent would alow this harm to a child.



  27. Why dont they tell em how the shot has nanobots in it. You are being microchipped people. You are giving in to the Beast system. Repent repent repent and beg for THE MOST HIGH GOD TO SAVE YOU AND YOUR FAMILY FROM ETERNAL CONDEMNATION. remember you die twice not once. The lake of fire is the second death. Chose this day whom you will serve…

  28. Kids aren’t even in the risk group for severe covid. They say follow the science but they don’t follow it but instead push their experimental vaccines on our kids.

  29. Do not take it, it’s part of a depopulation agenda

  30. weAre HeirOfSalvation

    @2hamlins: And you believe what the government and media tell you . You also believe they have the best interest meanwhile they poison your foods with chemicals and shoot you up autoimmune causing chemicals that show with age . They program you … they do so well that you aren’t able to see the truth .
    They subconsciously implant divide in the people minds . We are told who we are, we are told we are who our name is or What our job title is . We are told what we are is defined by everything we are given by outside influence , we define ourselves to our religion , we are told who to hate or who to love, who to disregard and who to idealize. To close our mind if someone has an opinion that differs from your own .
    We devide rather than unite . We blame everything besides our selves for the way the world is. Meanwhile We unknowingly divide bc of what we are taught is right and wrong… not acknowledging another route of view.
    We put down rather than unite. I won’t tell people what to believe but I will state what I believe
    Namaste my friend .

  31. I JUST GOT MESSAGE THIS MORNING I’VE LOST ANOTHER FRIEND DUE TO THIS F**** VACCINE WHY CAN’T PEOPLE SEE THAT THEY’RE MURDERING PEOPLE AND NOW THEY’RE GOING FOR YOUR CHILDREN I BEG YOU ALL TO LISTEN TO ME DO NOT LET THEM TOUCH YOUR CHILD YOUR CHILD WILL DIE THAT IS WHAT THESE PEOPLE WANT THAT IS WHAT COMMUNISM IS I have lost five friends I am willing to go on to any news network any video anywhere and tell people my story people are being murdered with this vaccine do not let them touch your child

  32. DO NOT GET THE VACCINE. My aunt is dying from the vaccine. She had a brain clot, and she got the vaccine four days ago. Don’t believe me? Millions of other people who got the vaccine are dying/dead from brain clots. The vaccine is dangerous. I believe that the vaccine was created by the freemasons, as one of the main people who helped make the vaccine is a freemason. Please, please don’t get the vaccine. I may lose my aunt because of it. Some people may think that I’m a crazy troll or a person that doesn’t know the truth. But the fact is that many other people don’t see the truth.

  33. Omg this is so creepy & disgusting 😳

  34. I just got my first dose today! My mom booked my appointment as soon has she heard it was available! For anyone that is nervous about getting the vaccine, I have no symptoms and it has been about 6 hours! It feels just like a regular shot, you might experience a bit of soreness in the arm you got it in and possibly a headache and tiredness but that’s about it! I strongly encourage getting the vaccine it will reopen so many opportunities! (I got Pfizer if anyone is wondering)

  35. Every single parent allowing these toxins to be injected into their children should be ashamed of themselves. When this is all set and done you will not be able to look at yourself in the mirror.

  36. This is CHILD ABUSE! FDA did NOT approve this drug its only for emergency use! USE YOUR BRAINS PEOPLE!

  37. people have you ever heard in your life of the government trying to pay or try to come up with some ideas to get you to take a shot is that not weird or unusual to you at all something ain’t right with this

  38. Miss me with that Sh-t

  39. Eyana Harrison

    @Vundale Webb: Right I’m just so confused how this video alone is not alarming to people and it’s not registering why are they give all these freebies for this vaccine yet we ain’t got no free health care people need to start connecting the dots and know that nothing is free everything comes with a price tag in this country big or small and this one is big

  40. the lion king aint to be fucked with

  41. Denise Skinner

    Everyone injecting children with the HIV, Covid19, genocide vaccine needs to be tried & executed for crimes against children.


  43. Listen up folks. The reason they’re using all their means to vaccinate everyone is that they know in the near future it will be evident to all that those who have had the jab will be dying off at a much faster rate than those who have not had the jab. This is their greatest fear. Now you know.

  44. @Denise Skinner: So you are going to arrest me for getting my kids vaccinated ?

  45. Shannon Cowell

    Shame on any and every parent who subjects their child to this experimental mnra injection!!!

  46. Albert Wesker 1969

    Use animals for lab testing and activists are up in arms over it. Use children and even infants for vaccine testing without knowing the long-term effects of the vaccines on them no one complains at all. Strange set of morals and priorities.

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