60 Minutes: United States Government begrudgingly admits UFOs & aliens real

Whitaker and Elizondo talk UFOs/60 Minutes

Navy pilots say aliens are real. 

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NEW YORK — Albeit begrudgingly, the United States Government is finally admitting UFOs are real. See, we’re not batshit crazy after all. Pentagon officials didn’t have much of a choice. They had to come clean. If you gaze into the sky, chances are you’ll descry a flying saucer zooming through the atmosphere. During a recent chinwag on “60 Minutes,” former Navy pilot Luis “Lue” Elizondo told host Bill Whitaker he encountered all kinds of alien aircraft. “I’m telling you, it’s real,” Elizondo explained.

“The question is: What is it? What are its intentions? What are its capabilities?”

Elizondo, who spent 20 years managing military intelligence operations worldwide, said alien technology is far more advanced. “Imagine a technology that can do 6-to-700 g-forces, that can fly at 13,000 miles an hour, that can evade radar and that can fly through air and water and possibly space,” he said.

“And oh, by the way, has no obvious signs of propulsion, no wings, no control surfaces and yet still can defy the natural effects of Earth’s gravity. That’s precisely what we’re seeing.”

Retired Navy lieutenant Ryan Graves said he saw UFOs “every day for at least a couple years.”


Florida Senator Marco Rubio says UFOs are a threat and should be taken seriously.

Do you find this information troubling?

Are alien abductions real too?

Watch the shocking interview and UFO footage.

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  1. bullshit

  2. Sooo every day for 2 years in restricted airspace and never once did a jet get clearance to shoot one down? Yeah those are our own craft, that’s why.

  3. IntheeyesofMorbo Dodge

    we cant catch them so they arent real. yeah right

  4. If you hear and see that millions of people have vanished off of earth, it was Jesus Christ catching up believers in him to himself, not anything to do with UFO’s. Trust that the blood of Jesus Christ that was shed on the cross of Calvary was shed on your behalf and covers all of your sin so that you are saved and will go to Heaven when you die.
    Romans 6:23 – For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

  5. My God its finally happening. The truth always comes out!

  6. jsotomayorgray

    Hella crazy.

  7. Charlie Morrison

    If whatever this is was a threat then they would have already eliminated us.

  8. I wonder if they’ve shot one down yet?

  9. Why didn’t the pilots fire their weapons at the UFO?

  10. @Ronny Ron: It cannot be humans with new technologies as these sightings date back to the 1600s.

  11. Why do we think we are the ownly one’s in the universe ?

  12. Hard to take Rubio seriously on this. Not the most trustworthy of politicians.

  13. Jason Bordelon

    Why now? Seriously, they’re up to something to keep pushing this story.

  14. Finally.. This is awesome … even the Bible… describe a possible UFO in Ezekiel period. The Book of Ezekiel

  15. MrLoveOneAnother

    blah blah aliens don’t exist. this is simply black ops aircraft from the USA. you’re welcome

  16. Dr. Charles Beardsley

    The Truth is out there … FINALLY!!

  17. This is a distraction from Biden’s terrible administration

  18. The government lies about everything for 5000 years now…

  19. I feel like the government is starting to reveal this information because they haven’t been able to figure out what’s going on themselves…

  20. This is just stupid. Anything not identified is a UFO. So a bird flying that they cant identify in the camera is an UFO. This is just clickbait.


  22. I am shocked at people you will believe anything…go back to sleep america

  23. Lucifer-satan-cain=PRIDE…

  24. I wonder if the Navy/Army or whatever is considering attacking one of those things in the future OR not because they don’t want to risk a conflict with those unknown Objects IF it would be other living species.

    That’s what i ask myself

  25. Can’t wait to clap some alien cheeks 👽🍑

  26. Yup its like all the science fiction novels from the past start to be todays reality: self drivin electric cars, AI, Mars rockets, walking and freaking parkhouring robots and what next HOW ABOUT Aliens with UFOs! This is Insane.

  27. we’re not the only humans in our galaxy


  29. Honestly. This is probably just prepping us for when they decide to fake an alien invasion.

  30. SaveClimate NOW!

    Exactly what this racist world needs, aliens.

  31. 72 Stroker Shovelhead

    People have known this fact for the last 50 years. Really ! Now you come out saying that they are real! Awe come on man! 😁

  32. jerrythekazzyy

    You people don’t honestly believe this nonsense do you? You are all being played for fools.

  33. And yet they won’t even try to shoot it down but if you fly a small plane over or near a military base you best believe they’ll shoot it down lmao this doesn’t make any sense!

  34. Something BIG is in the air. NEVER thought I’d see the day when the Govt would release any video or acknowledge the possibility of Life Beyond!!

  35. I am a alien, from planet lulu. I am 396 years old.

  36. Christian Ericson

    60 Minutes….. just another tool of the Deep State…..making sure THEY tell you the story!!!!
    They are OURS
    It’s been planned
    Don’t be fooled Americans!!!!!!!

  37. Stories, Lore, and More w/Erieswitchcraft

    And to think how many people were shamed and called crazy and gaslighted by society and governments to believe that they were crazy. I think people should also look at that. Imagine having a experience to suffer alone and be called insane all for the government to come out later and say, “oh jk!” And I am not sure we should be scared of the ufos. If they wanted to hurt us wouldn’t they have already? We should be always be cautious. But not in a state of panic or fer unless we see threatening behavior. I am excited to see what this means for us and our world. Its about to get interesting and we are here to witness it. So many questions and theories but we just don’t know.

  38. Kris Crypto Swell

    COVID-19 is not working anymore. Activate alien mode

  39. Healthy Eating and Running But No Jabs Thanks

    It’s crazy that navy pilots have worse cameras in their state of the art jet than I have in my iPhone

  40. Why now? This has always been classified. What are they planning that they want you distracted with this information?

  41. They start the video by telling you to trust the government. And the idiots do exactly that. Take your experimental death shot, drink your cool aid and watch fake news. You will buy the fake alien god hook line and sinker.

  42. I think its about time the government shares at least some of their findings. It can be a threat or nothing but how can we deny the possibilities of other life forms in this vast universe. We may not see it even in mars because they have tech that keeps them invisible to human eye or tech. Anyway glad to hear an officer of the military’s willing to share thoughts including science fiction….LOL

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