Kidnapping Video: Predator jailed after ‘abduction’ attempt of 11-year-old girl

Jared Paul Stanga busted/

Sex offender got busted, charged.

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PENSACOLA — Jared Paul Stanga was thrown in the slammer after he tried to kidnap a little girl in broad daylight. The abduction attempt transpired at the child’s bus stop around 7 a.m. in West Pensacola, Florida. It was also captured on video. Surveillance footage shows Jared’s bitch ass attacking 11-year-old Alyssa Bonal with a knife as she bravely fights him off before escaping. The 30-year-old pedophile was busted Tuesday afternoon after Alyssa identified his ass in a photo lineup.

Jared is charged with attempted kidnapping, aggravated assault and battery. He’s lookin’ at a million years in prison. “Mr. Stanga, in the bright light of day, attacked a child at a bus stop along a busy road with a knife and attempted to pull her into his car,” said Escambia County prosecutor Erin Ambrose.

“He’s obviously a threat to this community.”

Sadly, Jared has a history of sexual assault with minors.

The registered sex offender was convicted of indecent liberties with a child in 2007.

Sheriff Chip Simmons called Jared an “animal.”

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Now she’s going to have trust issues until she grows old. How sad.

  2. Ha had already case against him for shit like that and he was out and about doing it again this time he probably would have killed her when he was done thank god she fought back, i wish our justice system did something about this

  3. Why was this man out? This won’t stop until we take sexual assault, especially if children, more seriously. Thank God she escaped!!

  4. This is joe biden in his younger years

  5. weird ass people out here

  6. God was with you 🙏

  7. It’s sad that children and young girls are not safe due to theses horrific monsters. Child molesters and kidnapping should be a life sentence in my opinion. They get out and ruin more children and lives.

  8. Madeline Schaffer

    So grateful she was able to fight back and escape. I’m glad they were able to apprehend the suspect so quickly.

  9. Thank God she survived!!!! She fought as if her life depended on it and I’m sure it did 🖤

  10. She’s amazing, my Hero as well 💪🏾

  11. lock him up for life.

  12. So crazy how these predators are so desperate to hurt a child just to get their quick fix. It’s so sick! I can’t wrap my brain around it

  13. Ugh, my children are close to that age. I don’t let them out of my sight. They always ask me if they can walk to school by themselves when they get older. I tell them once they reach college but even then they should always walk with someone. I still hold my children hands when we cross the street. These kind of stories terrify me

  14. Manda B. Simpson

    And people think I was crazy to teaching my kids how to box. You can scream stranger danger all you want but if you not ready then what.

  15. We have to teach our children to fight for their lives from these scums of the earth.

    Bravo to this girl🙏🙏🙏

  16. I am so happy that she is ok. I have a daughter who is nearly 11 years old.

  17. How long before they let him out to do the same? He has done it before he will escalate

  18. Would’ve never done all of this if it was a black child.

  19. She was so brave I’m so glad they have him in custody 💯 that 11 year old hero just saved her life and other’s lives he was bold in broad daylight SMH 😡 he would have tried it again had , it not been for that brave little girl 💕

  20. Rusty Patterson

    Hand that guy over to me and my kinfolk. The world wont have to worry bout him anymore.

  21. Take him to the black & blue Room 💉⚖

  22. The police shouldn’t have called him an animal. That’s an insult to animals that don’t do this kind of thing-kidnap children to sexually abuse them. That a sociopathic HUMAN thing.

  23. Should be neutered, neutralized, locked up forever…in gen pop

  24. Steve Pichowsky

    Castration and life sentence in prison

  25. Whatever he wanted to do to her…I hope they do to him

  26. what a disgrace for a human being smh

  27. La melma zero uno

    Jesus Christ this world is full of sick disgusting twisted people never lose sight of your children people should be killed

  28. Please do not waste our tax money on him

  29. I cannot fathom how scary it must be to be a parent. I unfortunately do not have children as I lost my baby, but I would be terrified for my child’s safety. I have had scary experiences myself. It’s not easy being a woman or child in today’s world. It’s sad. I see women walking through alleys with headphones in…not smart! Be vigilant people! Pay attention to your surroundings! I would put my life on the line if I saw a child in danger. It’s horrible how the innocent and vulnerable are taken advantage of. Heartbreaking

  30. They’ll give him 1 year and probation

  31. Smh! Crackheads get life! Sex offenders get out!!

  32. I dont like how she stopped to pick the things from the floor. Every second counts. Just run.

  33. Little children need both parents – a single mother cannot always be there. The little girl was clever beyond her years so she escaped. But this kind of situation should not be faced by any little girl. Its would be terribly frightening even for an adult so imagine how that little girl must have felt.

  34. How many times has he succeeded? ??

  35. to the the chair without court

  36. so he tries to snatch her. she grabs her things instead of runs as fast as she can to getaway. the next scene she is back in the middle of the field *with her things* picking her cellphone up as the “bad man” speed off???? Smells like COVID is in the air on this one

  37. Brandon Wilson

    This scumbag should never see the light of day again. Unfortunately he will be out in a few years where next time a child might not be so lucky.

  38. I hope the court system understands that just because this guy didn’t accomplish his goal, doesn’t mean he won’t do it again. BET he gets less prison time than someone gets for simple possession.

  39. Let me have 5 mins with this scumbag…..

  40. Perp deserve the electric chair.

    Society doesn’t need such garbage.

  41. OK make sure he doesn’t walk free, and if you want to release him, we need to have a town made of convicts exclusively and live in their community. enough is enough with letting offenders walk free and allow them to do their next move.

  42. Bella Crystall

    He approached her several weeks ago and spoke to her in a different language and now he attempts to make his big abduction…I guarantee it that she had her picture passed along or was in a catalog and this kidnapping creep is someone involved In procuring children for abusive acts, most likely for other, high paying creeps. They MUST look deeper into this. There is more to this story. This is not the end.
    That little girls life was just saved by her fighting back. Teach your children and those close to you TO FIGHT BACK! Anyone who even tries to lay their hands on you, especially if they are a stranger, FIGHT THEM WITH ALL YOU HAVE! No one should touch you, ever. You don’t need to be polite. That is asking for someone to call you out. They are asking to be embarrassed.

  43. Gera McClanahan

    I’ve taught my girls to pterodactyl scream. It’s ear piercing and gets attention. Also louder than if they scream help. My oldest (10) is knife trained and working on gun control and training. The world we live in is scary. Teach your children the proper way to defend themselves. This, I’m so thankful it worked. Once picked up, the mortality rate is 90% within the first 24 hours. Teach them to kick, scream, go limp, be obnoxious, anything to make it stop

  44. Spare the tax payers the cost of a court case. Place him on death Row, and execute within 24 hours. 🤬


  46. I can’t be the only one that thinks she didn’t really fight back. It looks like he fell and gave up

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