Divorce Court: Gary Owen’s Black wife demanding alimony of $44,000/month

Kenya suing Gary for alimony/TMZ

Gary Owen’s ex seeking alimony. 

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LOS ANGELES — Kenya Duke, Gary Owen’s estranged Black wife, not only wants a divorce. She’s seeking $44,000 a month in alimony. Yikes! Kenya, who filed dissolution indentures in March, told the judge Gary quit supporting her and their 3 adult children. The 46-year-old comedian used to make monthly deposits in the amount of $44,000. But, for whatever reason, Gary stopped. He’s also eschewing Kenya’s phone calls and text messages. “While I was hoping to come to an amicable agreement with my husband… he has unfortunately left me with no choice but to file this RFO for Support,” Kenya wrote in recently filed court docs. “Gary and I have been married for over seventeen years. Twenty-three years ago, I left my promising career as an account manager to solely support Gary and his career.”

“I am requesting that Gary be ordered to continue making the monthly deposits of $44,000,” Kenya continued. “As that has been our status quo for approximately four years‚ as well as a lump sum payment of $88,000 for the last two months he has failed to provide me with funds.”

Kenya told the court Gary earns between $200,000 and $400,000 in monthly remuneration, even during the coronavirus pandemic. The 47-year-old housewife claims she’s so destitute, she had to swallow her pride and borrow $20,000 from a family friend to pay off her American Express credit card bill.

“Gary has been the sole provider for the last twenty-three plus years and continues to make a substantial amount of money (even during Covid),” Kenya wrote. “There is no reason why he should not continue to provide support as he has throughout our marriage.”

Gary and Kenya got hitched in 2003.

There’s no prenuptial agreement in place.

Rumor has it Claudia Jordan is Gary’s paramour.

Should Kenya get $44,000 per month?

Is it time for her to get a job?

Share your thoughts.


  1. WTF, 44,OOO A MONTH!! DAMN, SHIT!!!!

  2. Cornbread, Earl and Me

    stick with your own race

  3. If sistas can do it to brothas, they could do it to White Boys too

  4. Ghetto Nitzsche

    Where the hell is HE gonna get 44K a month as a “c-list” actor?

  5. Thats the price you pay for hating white women

  6. If I was the Judge & they showed up in my courtroom I’d give her 10 Grand a month, the house, the car & bid her a good day.

  7. gravitatingaway

    I’m curious other than emotional support, DID SHE WRITE THE JOKES??????? Give me a break “queen” 🤣🤣

  8. Everybody wants to be EQUAL until it comes to divorce. Then they always want the MAN to give up all his, money, cars, assets, AND continue to support someone AFTER the marriage..
    Fkk that. You can be supported for 60 days like a 60 day notice… You don’t want me? You don’t want my money either.


  9. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmm, yeah, black women are expensive as fuck, LMAO!!!

  10. Fuck marriage
    Just have a life partner

  11. Simmie Williams

    This is so fucking wrong.

  12. Kelly Escoffery

    That’s her money too. He made money off of her, telling jokes about her and her family. Y’all think staying home and holding down the household has no value? So because she wants a divorce she should be left with no money? That’s like saying because he lost his job she should divorce him. Her first mistake was only getting $44k a month when they were still married. Her second is asking for only $44k a month now. Foh

  13. He gave her all that money…. and she still divorced him.

  14. Fuck em…I dont feel shit.

  15. They got Gary too…smh

  16. Get a damn prenuptial agreement!

  17. I’ve always thought Gary Owens was funny but he fell off. My wife and I went to 2 comedy shows the first show his set brought it down he had everyone laughing and if Bruce Bruce wasn’t there he probably would have been the best act. The second one he wasn’t funny AT ALL. I was disappointed. But Arnez KILLED it that show.

  18. Captain Caveman

    He needs a white woman

  19. Guess women don’t want equality after all

  20. This situation just shows us as men that we need to watch out for who we date and marry when it comes to these females and it shows us how to make sure you have to watch out for what type of females you let around you and your family and friends. Marriege is also not beneficial for men at all period point blank.

  21. It’s cheaper to just have her greedy, dependent ass, knocked off. Women get comfortable and think you should pay for their lifestyle after you’ve moved on… HELL NAW!

  22. Mike Non human

    Never get married!!!

  23. 🤔 if he’s still paying for her lifestyle, he should still be enjoying the box lifestyle too

  24. Hell2theNONO

  25. If your a successful single man living in America you must be out your Gotdam mind thinking about getting married in the United States in this day and age.

  26. Good for him , he wanted to be black now he can feel the The vengeance of the all mighty black queen .. as he liked to call them .. Men stop talking against men so strongly for one day you might have to wear the shoe of a beatin man 🤷🏿‍♂️

  27. Damn 44k a month shiiiiiid

  28. The Duece Treyer

    Oh heeelll nahhh! “ Bitch you wasn’t wit me shootin’ in da gym!”

  29. She was paid to be his wife..she is no longer his wife so how can she ask for the same amount?

  30. big chief chiefmex

    Gary owen going to file for bankruptcy lol

  31. Lol even the white man suffers the wrath of a BW AKA Lady Dimitrescu!!! They don’t discriminate!!!

  32. im never marrying a black woman

  33. Malachi El Sigma

    In my Redd Foxx voice, “You big Dummy, everyone knows that Gernan Shepherds bite”!

  34. Damn bro..They breaking these fools in half. This will make any man with a little money and common sense just stay single AND children free omm!!

  35. Meet up Speak up

    I think Owen’s Ex should get the 44k a month and more. Don’t ask. Check the marriage laws; is it a 50/50 State…😂

  36. Gary cheated right? Well, what the hell did he think she would ask for? 5.😐!! Pay her and stfu…🎤

  37. She smoking dope

  38. Gary about to marry a nun after this 😂☠💀

  39. Robbery by slavery!!!
    Anyone that doesn’t think marriage is modern slavery? ?

  40. Justin Rakestraw

    $44k a month! She must think she married Bill Burr or something. He doing direct to video movies and who going to a Gary Owen show. So she want everything he has basically.

  41. Don’t get mad when a sister does it. White women been getting away with this for a long time

  42. Kenya deserves her coin!!!! I love Gary but go ahead & cut that check boo 🤣

  43. My only issue is if Gary have her $44K a month to pay THE FAMILY monthly bills and now the kids are grown why would she still need $44K a month if she now only has herself to take care of. I hope they are able to work things out.

  44. Marie-France Laport

    You go sis. He’s made his wealth off of you and now wants to do the Johnny Cash. That dude left a black wife and 5 children and never looked back. Gary monetized her relationship with him and has been making money off his association with that. Y’all can undervalue yourselves all you want. Fight for yours, Kenya.

  45. This is the same woman who called Michael Blackson the N word for her then husband, he owes her!

  46. BabyGoatInASweater

    I mean damn. That’s more money then most make in a year.

  47. I will say this she was with him for seventeen years and that means something. I do believe she should receive pay but not 44,000 a month simply because that’s what he was paying you while married. After a divorce he should not have to maintain your lifestyle after the divorce. With that much money what’s the incentive for her to work especially since that was used as reasoning to receive the 44,000 a month. If you leave a marriage the bulk of the responsibility to pay should not be on the man. Once you leave your saying you can make it on your own so do so.

  48. It’s a shame that in the day and age of women demanding and throwing in men’s face they are equal to us the FIRST thing they want in a divorce is money because they are such the helpless ex wife. Go the fuck out and get a job!

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