Sen. Ted Cruz claims ‘Woke’ culture has transformed U.S. military into “pansies”

Cruz slams U.S. military/

Ted Cruz slams “woke” military.

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AUSTIN — Texas Senator Ted Cruz is once again catching hell after he lambasted servicemen of the U.S. military, calling ’em a bunch of “emasculated pansies.” The opprobrium came in response to an Army recruiting advertisement that was concocted by what he calls “Woke lefty bureaucrats.” All hell broke loose when Cruz disseminated a propaganda video that shows a hypermasculine Russian soldier juxtaposed against lesbian U.S. trooper Cpl. Emma Malonelord who was raised by a pair of tribades.

In other words, the Russians appear tough whereas Americans look like pussies.

“Holy crap,” Cruz wrote via Twitter.

“Perhaps a woke, emasculated military is not the best idea…”

Cruz’s remarks were countered with contempt from several GIs and war veterans. “I think it’s incredibly disturbing to see a sitting U.S. senator publicly push Russian propaganda, while simultaneously degrading the service of a very real soldier,” said 1st Lt. Kait Abbott, who serves in the Army National Guard.

“Cruz’s comments provided a beacon for those who might believe otherwise, and who will continue to push the message and belief that those who do not fit the straight, white male mold are not welcome here. We are still seeing pushes for equity and equality for women, and the senator’s comments provided a bed for misogyny to live in and thrive. My frustration lies here: The origin story of any young, white male is called the American Dream. Why does it become ‘woke’ when that story doesn’t quite fit the narrative?”

Cruz tweeted a response to the backlash, saying, “We have the greatest military on earth, but Dem politicians & woke media are trying to turn them into pansies.”

Sadly, the U.S. military ain’t alone in advocating a feminine “Woke” culture. Preschools and daycare centers are now exhorting little boys to play with girly toys, claiming those items are no longer gender-specific.

Lord have mercy.

Do you agree with Cruz?

Is the military overrun with homos and lesbos?

Watch Cruz’s controversial TikTok video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. This is a truly ignorant politician. Who does he represent?🤔

  2. This country is doomed.

  3. I agree with him. This country has gotten soft. The men are bitches.

  4. This guy is really stupid.

  5. Pretty soon AmeriKKKan men are gonna be wearing pumps and purses. Thats what the woke left wants.

  6. Marshall Applewhite


  7. It's Me Carlos

    Women dont belong in the military, especially lesbians

  8. Ted Cruz is a cesspool, he couldn’t even do anything when Donald trump called his wife ugly. Now he wants to act like a tough guy. F.O.H

  9. Charles n charge

    @It’s Me Carlos: Fags don’t belong in the military either.

  10. Nduwueze Anyanwu

    I think this is blown out of proportion.

  11. Don’t forget also that most of Russia is extremely homophobic. Their army recruiting commercial doesn’t make them stronger anymore than Putin’s comb over makes him look any harier (or taller).

  12. Jeepers Creepers

    No way Im serving next to a fag

  13. Disgusting man. Inside and out.

  14. My question is…. What the F is wrong with Texas? Electing this man!

  15. America is gay………. the world is laughing at us

  16. Susan Remer-Smith

    Maybe the Texas voters should re-think their decision now and recall him. Think of the damage he is already doing to our country.

  17. This is the dumbest news piece ever. And cruz is right the Russian recruitment add is way better than the American one.

  18. The chosen Pugilist

    All Republicans in senate and Congress are Russian agents trying to destroy this country.


  20. Cruz makes me want to vomit!

  21. Can you imagine a lesbian fighting against a tough man . Can you put your security trust on something so weak.

  22. After watching the video, Ted is absolutely right.

  23. What branch of the service did Cruz serve in? Oh, that’s right – he didn’t. A good All American. What? Oh, he was born in Calgary. His father is from where? Oh yeah, Cuba. May be he just likes Russian men. Privyet, tovarishch Cruz. Tovarishch Trump, Moscow Mitch and Kremlin Cruz can all slam vodka shots together over plans to destroy American democracy. Vzdrovya!

  24. the democrats will destroy the US Military by themselves

  25. Stag van Heuten

    Actually, I’m not sure why the US advertisement looks like a Walt Disney trailor. It’s the military for god’s sake!

  26. Cruz is beyond ignorant 😒
    This is disgusting. I can’t believe he is a part of congress. Sad, sad, sad.

  27. That’s hilarious! Shows how weak our country has become.

  28. cruz is the absolute worst No question talk about emasculated he’s the poster child

  29. What infuriates me is that I served 30 years and I am a cranky old man, and few people seem to realize that the brave and strong Ladies that are in the military are the primary reason why we haven’t needed to establish a Draft.

  30. Pansy? That’s what Teds wife called him when he didn’t do anything about Donald Trump calling her ugly

  31. I dont normally agree with Cruz but that army ad makes America look weak

  32. If Senator Cruz was my representative I would move to a new state he is nothing but a Rebel Rouser troublemaker instead of helping his state he was nowhere to be found during the electrical crisis there in Texas and has done nothing to help that situation voted against the $300 stimulus to help his people God Bless America

  33. He’s just telling the truth

  34. Francisco Guerrero

    Thats the only thing that i agree with ted cruz.
    In the usa they are promoting homosexuality.

  35. Cruz is a pimple on the butt of life!!!

  36. Nobody is arguing that women shouldn’t be in the US military, or can’t provide beneficial contribution to it. What they’re saying is that the US didn’t become the strongest military power in the world by promoting and appealing to a soft and emotionally sensitive culture. Its not about women at all, it’s about the cheesiness of the ad. Yet people make it out to some nonsense where if you dislike the ad then that somehow means you don’t think women should or can be in the military.

  37. Горизонт странника

    Cruz the clown. R. I. P. American army. The new US army is transgenders 🏳️‍🌈
    Go to ultra-liberalism 😄

  38. I do think our army is has become less threatening with today’s recruitment ads and woke polices, during my time in, it was the cold war ,threat of nuclear war, the invasion from East Germany that we were told that the Russians outnumbered us by 10 to 1 , so our training was hard, sometimes brutal , can we go toe to toe in a hand to hand fight with them, the Bayonet was taken away from the Army because it was inhumane, what happened to “Peace through Strength ” its better to show that we are” badass” than showing how diversified we are..that’s my opinion.

  39. I have to admit that Russian military propaganda ad had me thinking…
    My God, look at that man.
    My God, I’m terrified.

  40. Iván Petrussa

    My reaction
    Russian ad: Wow so cool i wanna see more about the army 😀
    American ad: wait what ( ._. )

    Also in the american ad… did she join the army because she wanted to demonstrate her strength? It doesn’t make any sense.
    It’s obvious the american ad was made by people that doesn’t know about the army at all.

  41. I’m american, but if this country ever goes to war with Russia, I’d cheer for Russia despite that they might nuke us. We need trump back as president. This country has become a national laughing stock. As if Joe biden wasn’t enough.

  42. Watching the russian ad: make me wish to join russian army.
    Watching the american ad: make me wish to join russian army.

  43. Cruz, wouldn’t last a day in the United States military.

  44. Sen. Cruz is 100 percent right. Anyone joining the military from these ridiculous videos, has a big surprise coming. They won’t last two days in boot camp.

  45. John Carpenter

    We’re fucked. You can bet that China is also laughing their ass off at us

  46. Ted is the definition of emasculation. Trump called his wife ugly, said that his dad helped assassinate JFK, and other deplorable things, yet Ted dedicated his entire political career to licking Trump’s boots like a servile dog. Ted takes “thank you sir, may I have another” to a whole new level, he should be the last person on earth to talk about emasculation.

  47. What a fucking embarrassment.

  48. Ted was showing the contrast between the Russian army ad vs us pussyfied woke army ad.

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