Homo rapper Lil Nas X delivers “gayest” performance ever on SNL season finale

Lil Nas X put on a gay show/SNL

Lil Nas X performs ‘gayest’ SNL show. 

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NEW YORK — Viewer discretion be damned, Lil Nas X and his Black sextet of homosexual dancers put on the gayest performance in “Saturday Night Live” history this weekend during the season 46 finale. As the show’s musical guest, the 22-year-old rapper took kayfabe to an emasculate level with his Woke hit song “Montero.” Much to the chagrin of right-wing proponents, Lil Nas X treated a studio audience and television viewers to a stripper pole concert in hell (minus the infamous Satan lap dance).

The LGB star also ripped his leather pants à la Janet Jackson’s “wardrobe malfunction” at Super Bowl XXXVIII. Lil Nas X tweeted an elucidation. “OMFG NO,” he wrote. “I wanted to do my pole routine so bad this what I get lmaoo.” Pop-chart columnist Chris Molanphy recently lauded Montero as “the gayest No. 1 single in Billboard history” which would make Lil Nas X’s pole dance the gayest in SNL history.

Lil Nas X (né Lamar Hill) used to be a child-friendly rapper.

Now he’s on some Woke, Satanic bullsh*t.

Watch the controversial performance.

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  1. had he came out first b4 he dropped that old town road song nobody would have paid attention to him . him coming out later after all the kids fell in love with the song was calculated. he was a industry plant from the start , he was never a independent starving artist who got it out the mud.

  2. I’m going to barf 🤮

  3. What in the Fuck did i just watch…… I mean it’s one thing to make a porno of a bunch of gay guys it’s another thing to even talk about it but I feel like this video just was too much he could have you no been like Sam Smith or any other gay artists out there who knows they gave put it out there but they don’t really show it as much cuz you can’t tell and somebody time you by their sixth album this guy just came out like look at me bitches y’all wish I had this many men touching all over y’all overall my comment what the fuck no disrespect.

  4. Arianagrande Stan

    @The Flow State: Yet u clicked on it

  5. I’m really starting to feel like he tries so hard to piss people off. I hate when gays act extra and obnoxious and still expect so much love. then when they don’t get it, they call it homophobia. it really makes me sick. it’s your disrespectful and over the top antics that we don’t like, not because who you choose to sleep with.

  6. His performance literally made me want to throw up

  7. This is most [email protected]#%ed up performance my eyes have ever witnessed in life.

  8. Time Lost BSing

    Disgusting and he is so fugly

  9. This nigga lip gloss stay poppin now.

  10. This was just so disgusting to watch and the crowd cheering him on every time he did a sex move on another guy. This is a got damn shame.

  11. Charlene Danielle Holt

    I am so in love with this guy! He’s so free and beautiful!

  12. Disgusting demon!!! Leading the sheep straight to his master in hell.

    I rebuke nas x in the name of Jesus Christ.

  13. All this BS aside the music isn’t that great. A lot of artist going for shock factor and controversy to get their songs trending on the charts. Besides being a dude, he’s not much different from Doja Cat, Megan The Stallion, Cardi B and Saweetie.

  14. ToHell_With_The_Left_LITERALLY

    So, the brain-dead, arrested development cast of SNL required a safe space & protested based Elon Musk hosting, but had no problem with a demonic phaggot performing a pole routine? Figures. That’s why SNL hasn’t been funny since Murphy, Piscopo, Hartmann, Kazurinsky, et al.

  15. Elizabeth Rebel

    Did he just get sexy over night? I don’t remember thinking he was hot and all the sudden I’m like…👀


  17. This faget knows how to get the gay agenda to the masses and thanks to platforms like SNL who support the denigration of black people

  18. This dude has sold his soul for that game and will do anything for attention it’s pretty pitiful that fame becomes a drug and people sell their soul for it and if you are a beta male you don’t stand for anything anyway that homosexual Gene is conditioning from white supremacy anyway.

  19. Me: oooh ahhh yasss slayyy bitchhh whattt ohhh yaaaahhhhh c’mon nowww damnnn

  20. Patson Juniior

    Absolutely DISGUSTING and SAD. (My opinion) Regardless Jesus loves you Lil Nas X

  21. Dude it’s 4am I didn’t need to be turned on THAT hard

  22. Alle Warten Auf Das Licht

    @Patson Juniior: The jesus character of the bible spent his adult life in the company of 12 men. Good Friday wasn’t the first time he was brutally nailed.

    The jesus character of the bible would have been all for Lil Nas X if he was real.

  23. ConcernedCitizen

    I loathe this demonic, gay agenda pushing fool and his isht eating grin.

    He faced no backlash for dancing with Satan and releasing 666 shoes. Instead he gets invited on SNL by Lorne Michaels. 🥴

  24. You guys were the one who gave his annoying country song spins, saying it was catchy. And now, here we are!

  25. Luke 16 23/24. Isiah 33 14
    Matt 25 30. Matt 8 12
    Matt 13 42. I rebuke you satan in the name of Jesus!!

  26. Ppl think they don’t have to pay a price when they die! They think they can spread confusion in the world & not answer for it! We all have a price to pay!

  27. İ fuckin stan Lil nas x. He is fearless, brave and always pushing himself forward. What a role model.
    RİP to his pants though

  28. ToHell_With_The_Left_LITERALLY

    @Uptown215: AMEN. A lot of us are going to eff around & find out, sadly.

  29. This red lipped saucy negro makes me ill on sight. Not because he gets punched in the arse, but because he’s an obnoxious attention wh0re who constantly sets up these prop “accidents” to keep his name I’m negativity. Time for OUR NAS to retire this bxtch using his name.

  30. now thats a finale !!

  31. The Bible says that Satan knows his time is short.

    *Revelation 12:12

    “Therefore, rejoice, O heavens and you who dwell in them! But woe to you, O earth and sea, for the devil has come down to you in great wrath, because he knows that his time is short!”

  32. I’m sure he is the industry’s to go boy toy. Smdh

  33. Hot damn!!!❤️

  34. Yikes. What a boring, radio-zombie song. Leaning on shock schlock to conceal his lack of inspiration, LNX is trying WAY TOO HARD to offend. And the satanic angle isn’t fresh or healthy; just ask Marilyn Manson. It’s crap, no doubt…but hey, it’s liberal crap! And so, the lefties on set and in these YT comments will cheer no matter how bad it gets. That’s all that SNL is, at this point. Standing on the shoulders of comedic giants, they piss all over them and what’s left of the show’s once-great reputation. Essentially, SNL has become a humorless, cringey, third rate propaganda machine for the Far Left, which is the main reason that their ratings are in the toilet. In fact, this episode is tied for worst of the entire season…and IT WAS THE FINALE, folks. While I truly dislike what this show has become, I also feel sorry for the cast, in a way. They must know that they’ll never be as funny as Jimmy Fallon, Norm MacDonald, Will Ferrell, or Fred Armisen, but if they don’t perform whatever contrived, political slop is phoned in each week from the DNC, they’d be completely invisible, and for those who cannot live without the applause of strangers, that is Hell. I suppose they don’t recognize that there is another Hell, a dark world without any applause, and judging by the evils they regularly, they may be headed for it. But they’ve also missed one eternal truth, that it’s better to be an invisible somebody than a famous nobody. As it says in the Good Book, “For what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose his soul?”

  35. Can’t blame the end of civilization all on Lil Nas. There’s also republicans.😝

  36. Fucking hilarious

  37. Marcella Muhammad


  38. justin beiber: stops concert because someone threw a water bottle at him
    nas: keeps singing with his badondadong showing

  39. That whole stage smelted like spoiled bologna

  40. GOD: “You won’t be showin yo ass taday”. You forget, I created ALL. The devil, Jesus, the universe, you name it. And I remember what you did to my son.”

  41. MILLENNIALS going to hell

  42. Nothing against the artist – he’s part of the industry – but you know we’ve reached Babylon when we see a video of men gyrating like strippers on a pole at the same time that young black men are getting killed every day on TV and nobody can fix it. So why does America rush to embrace LGBQ while it still can’t deal with its race problem?

  43. Alyssa Abraham

    My dad watches SNL every weekend. I wish I could have seen his face watching this and then racing to church the next morning LOL

  44. I’m a Christan but this is so good 😫

  45. What music did NOT need!! lucifer is STILL the MINISTER of music on EARTH just as he was in HEAVEN.

  46. Blatantly mocking Christ. Wow and ppl can’t see what’s right in their faces. As a ppl man we are losing. Christ be with us!

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