Kevin Spacey returning to film industry following allegations of ‘sexual assault’

Kevin Spacey is back/Netflix

Kevin Spacey returns to film.

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HOLLYWOOD — He’s back. After he was ostracized from the film industry, homosexual thespian Kevin Spacey is returning to the big screen to star in an Italian production titled “L’uomo Che Disegno Dio” where he ironically portrays a detective who’s investigating a man wrongfully accused of being a pedophile. It’s Spacey’s first role since he was slapped with sexual assault allegations four years ago. “I’m very happy Kevin agreed to participate in my film,” director Franco Nero told ABC News.

“I consider him a great actor and I can’t wait to start the movie.”

Nero’s wife, Vanessa Redgrave, is also part of the film’s dramatis personae. The English actress will play the suspect’s piano teacher. Spacey, if you recall, was terminated from the Netflix drama “House of Cards” in 2017 after nearly two dozen young men accused him of sexual misconduct.

Norwegian playwright Ari Behn claimed Spacey groped his genitals in 2007 during a Nobel Peace Prize concert in Oslo. Behn committed suicide on Christmas in 2019. Earlier that year, whistleblower Linda Culkin and an innominate massage therapist who sued Spacey for sexual assault both died.

That’s three accusers dead before the trial.

Mark Ebenhoch, who claims Spacey tried to have sex with him on the set, is outraged.

When he learned the Oscar winner landed a new acting gig, his initial thought was: “What the hell?”

Should Spacey be welcomed back with open arms?

Does he deserve another chance?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Hes a pedophile and rapist but as u can see he will always have a job in Hollywood

  2. white gay privilege

  3. I didn’t know kevin spacey was gay

  4. ConcernedCitizen

    So dude is likely a gay pedo too. Anybody who works with him is likely friendly towards that behavior. Kevin Spacey is scum. Do not watch his movies.

  5. I adore Kevin/ He is a very talented actor. However, if the accusations are true……OMG!

  6. Smh… never knew he was a DownLow Fella

  7. He is a waste of air!!

  8. That’s crazy af. He should be 100% canceled. 😳

  9. Krusty The clowm

    He been hiding in the closet so long he became a frustrated rapist

  10. Spacey paying to have them killed off one at a time.

  11. Officer Orange cheetolini

    Amerikkkan justice system never seems to amazes me… complexion for the connection

  12. He took me behind the furnace and touched me in my pants. He……fingered me.

  13. I think he is innocent

  14. RatchetPatrick

    I don’t think anyone is shocked by this. Kevin probably settled with the accusers. Disgusting that the courts didn’t charge him with anything.

  15. So it’s okay to sexually molest others if you are gay ? No!…….

  16. How come none of these guys clocked him. I mean are ur careers more important than a preditor grabbing you , bullying you and others. Come guys get with the program and man up. BAM.

  17. I want my 5 mins of fame too!!! I was a 14 year old hoe at parties so I’m entitled as well !! Gimme my 💰

  18. If your a top actor or artist you’re doing immoral things to be in the limelight.

  19. He’s still one of the best actors ever… guilty or not.

  20. Spacey doesnt look gay🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
    fake news?

  21. Pedephelia and homosexuality is rampant in Hollywood

  22. Jiminey Frickit

    What I don’t understand is why did it take these accusers so long to report the sexual harassment if it’s true that Spacey had done what they accused him of doing.

  23. I call BULLSHIT!!! If this happened and you made a choice to take career over justice at the time then fuck you if try to “come forward” now. You made your bed, now sleep in it and quit lying or choose honor and truth over money AT THE TIME…not years later.

  24. he’s guilty. he just have enough money to make it appear that he is not.

  25. Rodrigo Guterres


  26. This guy is Harvey Weinstein only with men. To most people it is obvious he uses his power to get what he wants.

  27. Stickie Greenleaf

    Fuck this cancel culture shit.. LET THE MAN ACT!!

  28. No Kevin doesn’t deserve it

  29. 3 of Kevin’s accusers have died .
    Linda Culkin- Stalker, went to jail for harassing the star. Died after getting
    hitting by a car.

    John Doe – massage therapist, died from cancer.

    Ari Behn- Ex-husband of Norwegian princess. Died by suicide.

  30. Brother Spartacus

    He thinks people want him back! Dude is so hilarious. Meanwhile in 2021 the headlines read “NO ONE WANTS KEVIN SPACEY BACK” 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Get the fuck out of here you murdering sociopathic narcissistic POS

  31. panagiotis fourakis

    House of Cards DIED the minute Spacey was expelled. The man is a genious !

  32. Matthew Whitaker

    Kevin was acquitted cuz all his accusers were killed lmao

  33. Only the rich and the famous can get away with scandals and continue to work. 20 accusations? Hmm something happened with Spacey. Once or twice, I’d give him the benefit of the the doubt, but not 20. Flukes are the only reason why he’s not guilty in court.. The average man would have had their careers ruined and they’d be in jail. Not a man who is famous

  34. seriously, fuck this guy and any movie he’s in

  35. T-Virus Terrance

    Last time I checked, the man can act. So, I don’t know what he deserves, but I have a feeling, alot of humans are still very emotional, in regards to Kevin Spacey.


  36. Hell yea he deserves it.

  37. Lot of waffling going on in here. Spacey has been convicted by the “Virtue Signaling Social Justice Warriors” using rumors and third party accusations, period.

  38. Carolyn Treadwell

    I think he is a great actor, however, don’t forget his connections to Epstein and Maxwell.

  39. All his accusers have either committed “suicide” or got whacked!
    Guess he’s off the hook? 🤷‍♂️

  40. kevin spacey as an actor, one of the best in the past 30 years, for sure, would i hire him for a movie, no, sure he hasn’t been found guilty for any of the accusations, but the stuff sorrounding him generates enough doubt

  41. Of course he deserves it, and personally speaking I don’t give a shit about all these over-blown accusations about sexual harrasement. I am not going to convict him for things that I am not sure he committed. Anyone can waltz in and say about anyone ”he rapped me, he harrased me, he did this, he did that etc.” But do you have proof about all these wild claims? Do you have any way to prove it? If you do, then prove it. If you don’t, then leave us alone. So since I wasn’t there to see with my own eyes what really happened, and since it hasn’t been clearly proven that he indeed committed all these accusations, I am not going to convict him, neither dislike him! He is one of the GREATEST actors in history, I admire him madly, and I’m not gonna ruin my opinion for him, for something which I do not even know how much truthful it really is!

  42. Screw spacey

  43. @Zam weazle: Do you actually believe, that he has something to do with their deaths? Wouldn’t there be some investigation? some actual evidence? There is none. Just like at the court. Yea its suspicious coincidence. But this things can happen. This is crazy theory. Just like flat earth -_-

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