Domestic Violence Video: “Empire” actor Bryshere Gray jailed for beating his wife

Bryshere beat up Candice/YouTube

Bryshere Gray busted & jailed. 

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GOODYEAR, Ariz — Bryshere Gray, who starred as Hakeem Lyon in the Fox hip-hop drama “Empire,” will spend time behind bars for delivering his best Ike Turner impersonation (away from the TV studio). The 27-year-old actor was sentenced to 10 days in jail for felony aggravated assault after he pummeled his wife, Candice Jimdar, when she caught his ass cheating. Bryshere also received 3 years of probation, he can’t guzzle liquor, and he must participate in a domestic violence treatment program. Bryshere, if you recall, was busted last July after Candice flagged down a bystander at a gas station begging for help.

The battered housewife told investigators her husband held her captive, beat her for hours then choked her unconscious. Bryshere also pulled a knife on Candice and “said he was going to kill her.” The ass-whuppin’ had something to do with text messages she found on his phone from other women.

Bryshere punched Candice more than 100 times and rumor has it her face was disfigured à la Tina Tina following her limousine scuffle with Ike. Law enforcement officials in Goodyear, Arizona released bodycam footage of Bryshere’s arrest and it wasn’t good. The Philly native was inebriated and shirtless.

Bryshere was stopped by Orlando police in November 2019 amid suspicion of battery.

So he has a history of abusing Candice.

Watch disturbing bodycam footage and the interrogation.

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  1. Crack is wack

  2. Erin Blockabitch ✨

    It’s sad to see what has become of Bryshere since Empire ended. He was so bright-eyed and full of life. For reasons I will not go into detail about, I believe he was compromised in order to get that role. If so, the person or people responsible for exploiting him deserve punishment.

    I hope his wife is safe and with people who will protect her. She should not stay with him.

  3. @Erin Blockabitch: I concur. Lee Daniels probably pumped him in the ass.

  4. I’m just happy that I was able to get married and that my husband is only half black because full black men are crazy and like to cheat. . When I hear about all these horror stories of what full AA black men do to women, it is disgusting. Getting married in my twenties kinda prevented me from having to deal with crazy Black men and this lawd, I have to thank him for…I can see why most black women are angry and manless..#surviving black men should be a hashtag…

  5. FAME can be Great for Some and a out right Monster for others. This young man was so happy in the beginning, with his music, his new career and his Mom, In just a few years, what happened!!! $$$$, Drugs, Sex, Alcohol and Endless partying, a recipe for depression and disaster!!!! Praying Young Bryshere finds his way home!

  6. This is sad. 🙏 for him. People need to find a better way to express themselves. Using the paws ain’t the way to go. He needed a better lawyer. He could have gotten a better deal than that. I wonder who was assaulted?

  7. RatchetPatrick

    Mental illness is real y’all.

  8. 3 years probation is worse than 10 days!! This is why so many men can never get out the system, anything and I do mean anything he’ll get locked up for years!! But he shouldn’t have hit his wife though 🤷🏾‍♀️

  9. Just keeping him in prayer.

  10. He looks very much like he’s in a dark place with himself and it’s very sad, I’m definitely not going to judge him, because no one knows what he may be going through and clearly something is going on, pictures don’t lie. Also being a celebrity he had to keep the image going and he couldn’t be free to be himself also, he had so many images he had to betray. We just have to keep him lifted in prayer.

  11. Lil niqqa must be on that ice.

  12. Lee Daniels turned him out

  13. Bryshere Gray you “BIG DUMMY!”

  14. Wtf is going on with the “empire” crew?!? They’re a talented bunch! praying they get it together🙏🏾

  15. Dang what he have a public defender

  16. When are people gonna realize that satan and all the gay stuff is what pushes them to drugs which drives them insane.💯

  17. I think people who are very young….rise to fame. Get caught up in all kinds of nefarious things and people on their way up. Their Ego get so big and inflated to the point that they dont know who they are anymore. A few days in the slammer…detox and reality will wake him up out of his stupor real quick.

  18. Funky Cold Medina

    Lee Daniels ate his booty hole

  19. Kira Willoughby

    There were some unsavory things happening around that show…..

  20. this guy clearly has mental issues I hope he gets the help he needs before it end up being a tragic end especially with police being involved

  21. Gregory James Jr.

    This is what happens when actors are out of work.

  22. 10 damn days??

  23. He’s on some type of stimulant, I don’t know how the hell the police can’t see that. Either: coke, meth, pills, or molly.

  24. Mental illness , Taraji needs to come get him some mental help.

  25. where is lucious and cookie when u need em????

  26. damn. He went from looking like ’empire’ to ‘good times’ reboot

  27. It so sad he going thought this he look like he depressed. I am praying for him because Black people’s love to bring down their people’s but remember black lives Matter. My opinion only. God is the only person who can Judge me.🙏💯

  28. I’m building a spaceship

    He’s an actor. Just remember once you make it to a certain level in life. The broke low minded thinkers wanna bring you down.

  29. He’s not crazy, just unemployed….lol

  30. That’s disturbing and sad.😔

  31. Taraji deals with depression, Juicy Smollyay is a hallucinating fruit, now this one is a schizo!…show full of crazies!


  33. That was hard to watch

  34. He’s dealing with his demons. More importantly wtf is going with his hair? I can smell it from here



  36. He works At dollar tree



  38. 5 words for Bryshere…..DON’T DROP DA SOAP HOMIE!!!

  39. If he wants to take his frustration out on anyone, he should track down Juicy Smooyay!

  40. @DATRUTH101: He needs meds so unless God can give him meds, he is screwed. Somethings man kind has to heal. This religion thing is why the blk community has so many problems. Always wanna pray stuff away but take no real physical action.

  41. Empire was probably the main thing keeping him 100% occupied and grounded. A few actors can’t handle the outside stress of everyday life and without active work they can have a mental breakdown.

  42. Kirstin Got a Family

    They arrested him during the full moon lol. He look like a werewolf

  43. He may be in a bootleg marriage. One of those shady marriages to help her obtain citizenship 🤷🏽‍♀️!

  44. TheDreamhouse2010

    Satanic shit these celebrities be under is crazy. It’s all coming out now. Sick. He makes no sense at all. MK Mind control.

  45. What happened to him? Wow 😯 didn’t know he was in any trouble until today. He should be getting new roles in movies and tv not in trouble. Sad, I’m cheering 📣 for Brashere to turn things around.

  46. 10 days is a complete joke. The courts don’t care about safety and protecting domestic violence victims.

  47. Can't Stop- Won't Stop

    His lawyer musta been real sh!tty.

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