Divorce Court Judge orders man to get vaccinated if he wants to visit his kids

Chris Staley is pissed/YouTube

Judge Kitchens ‘catching hell.’

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LIBERTY COUNTY — Divorce Court Judge Travis Kitchens in good ole Liberty County, Texas is under fire after he ordered a husband and wife to get the coronavirus vaccine if they want visitation rights with their quartet of snotty-nosed children. “He pretty much told me and her both that we were to get a COVID vaccination,” Chris Staley told Fox 26 reporter Ivory Hecker. “I shook my head, and he said, ‘I see that Mr. Staley doesn’t agree with this.'”

“I didn’t agree with it myself,” Chris continued. ”He pretty much told me… I didn’t want to see my kids.” Moments later, Judge Kitchens gave him a hand-written vaccine order then sent his ass out the door.

“I just feel like my civil rights were kind of violated there,” Chris bemoaned. “Whenever a judge is ordering me to take a vaccination, like I said, that’s not FDA approved, and they really have no idea what the side effects could be down the road, you know — what it could do to me in a year or five years.”

To add kerosene to the fire, Chris’ attorney — Lana Shadwick — advised him to obey the judge’s orders. “[Judge Kitchens is] the one who’s gonna set my visitations and be the one that handles all my stuff — pretty much be the lawyer who oversees my case until my kids are 18 and that it would be in my best interest not to upset him, and she pretty much said you probably should just go get it,” Chris said.


Should the vaccine be considered a Nuremberg Code violation?

Is it time to impeach the judge?

Watch the interview.

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  1. fuck that judge

  2. Even white people dont have civil rights anymore

  3. They have no right to inject us if we SAY NO. ABORTION NO. RAPE NO. NEW WORLD ORDER NO. COMMUNISM NO. I said NO

  4. Tell the judge he can suck my dick

  5. I already knew that this was gonna happen.

  6. Nobody’s forcing me to do shit 💯

  7. Kimberley McCaffrey Bardin

    You can NOT legally be forced to get a shot from a non approved, emergency use only, shot. This is NOT a vaccine because it does not eradicate anything

  8. the judge should be tarred and feathered

  9. If this was TRULY a pandemic and that was TRULY a safe Vaccine I would roll up my sleeve…but it’s NOT so stick your vaccine where the sun does not shine. This is evil and disgusting. Anyone want to argue? First PROVE to me there is a true pandemic. You cannot because it’s all fake.


    Covid Vaccines are NOT Cleared and Approved through the FDA. these vaccines are Experimental drugs and people are the lab rats. I AM HEALTHY, HAVE A HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM AND I just want to go back to my own country out of the USA and the fact that they are saying you need some unjustified vaccine Passport or no travel is not cool. Basically im being held captive unless i get the vaccine or no travel. forcing people to get vaccinated goes against basic human right. Fix your Vaccines first.

  11. I’m sure the judge has NOT had the vaccine

  12. Rachel Elizabeth

    I’m not anti-vaxx. I’m anti lockdown, anti WEF, anti Great Reset, anti ID2020, and anti trusting any government.

  13. I had the virus and my immune system did it’s job and fought it. Please explain to me what good being vaccinated would serve?

  14. fUCK u jUDGE!

  15. Renegade Evergreen

    You know, if big tech, big corporations, the scientific community didn’t do such a horrible job with destroying their credibility with all things covid related, there wouldn’t be this much vaccine hesitancy. The fact is most Americans have zero trust or faith in these institutions anymore.

  16. Just try with me lol dont care if u are robocop i f..u up

  17. This is why I bought a bunch of guns and bullets

  18. YoadrianYolara

    this is extortion , bribery , threats , discrimination and communism .

  19. I took the Johnson and Johnson vaccine even after the whole blood clot scandal and I feel absolutely fine. I have no symptoms whatsoever. Let’s get this country back to normal! Aren’t you tired of living with these crazy restrictions being imposed on us everyday? My Grandparents took the Moderna one, before I got mine, and they are fine at nearly 80 and 86 years old. They inspired me to take it and I feel glad knowing that they are protected and that I can hug and kiss them again without putting them at risk. Just do it.

  20. @TJ: Fuck off

  21. Take it yourself judge

  22. All these previous vaccines no doubt were approved by the governing body at the time. Covid vaccine is AN EMERGENCY PROTOCOL. This vaccine has not met the protocols of the FDA and has not been formally approved. Before Covid vaccine the mumps was the fastest to market. Four years of testing to ensure its safe for longer term effects. Covid vaccine was a rush job by companies like Moderna that in 20 years had not brought even one product to public use.

  23. This makes me wanna laugh

    you can’t get forced to get vaccine


  25. The vaccine is not a vaccine it is a MRNA a messenger delivery operation system. It is a synthetic foreign liquid that they want to inject into you if the body accepts and opens the pathway then it will keep replicating over & over again and eventually will cause disease. If the body rejects it it has a auto immune response reaction which many many people have suffered as well as caused many deaths including strokes and blood clots. It is a operating delivery system not a vaccine it states so on the moderna website. It’s also not FDA approved and the experimental trials carry on until 2023.

  26. He’s not a real judge. I bet he’s fake.

  27. This is not Just a vaccine its changing dna

    Ide rather die for Jesus then take this poison

  28. Had my shots no problem. As anti vaxers you are criminals that care absolutely nothing for other people and have a warped sense of duty to your family. If you refuse a vaccine and you get sick, insurance companies should refuse to pay for your care. That is fair since you endanger so many people and you had your chance to get the vaccine. Don’t you think that’s fair? Actually if you skip the shots for your kids and they die I will not feel bad for you. I will feel bad for them because they didn’t have a choice. Don’t bother disputing this as it just shows how far you will go to be a loser. You are the problem with society just as much as the criminals in prison. I’m going to say it. You people are stupid and your efforts not to look that way make you even more so.

  29. If everyone who wants to be vaccinated does and those who choose not to don’t why do the vaccinate people care they are “safe” from the virus are they not?

  30. duppy conqueror

    If they try to mandate the experimental shot, it will be the final straw. There will be civil war.

  31. Lets have a civil war guys us against the establishment lets hang them all for treason

  32. Holy fkk America is forcing mandatory vaccines? I’d be loading up the rifle dressing in all camo and saying, OK, you wanna play rough? OK, say hello to my little friend… Before I ever be forced to be injected with their toxic cocktail, it’s time for war I guess start by taking out the people behind this one by one

  33. Mr Silver & Black

    Look up patent number 060606!!!

  34. Lake County Naturalist

    I am ashamed of my country.

  35. No mandatory vaccine. Satan always advocates for FORCE (directly or indirectly) God always gives us freedom of choice and will never use force.

  36. If this is just the beginning, then the vaccine is the mark of the beast. Thats why they’re trying to make everyone get it. And if u dnt. You won’t be able to work, buy or sell. This is going to get crazy

  37. Totally, 100% Unconstitutional!

  38. FluffyRagexx xxx

    My god it’s none of their business if i got the vaccine or not that’s between me and my doctor so screw yourself !!!

  39. A vaccine so safe that you have to be threatened to take it for a virus so dangerous that you have to be reminded every second how dangerous it is

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