Love & Hip Hop: Erica Mena is ‘divorcing’ Safaree after nearly 2 years of marriage

Erica is leaving Safaree/TMZ

Erica is divorcing Safaree Samuels.

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ATLANTA — You can stick a fork in Erica Mena’s marriage because it’s done. Gestation be damned, the “Love & Hip Hop” star and her cheating husband Safaree Samuels are calling it quits after less than two years of holy matrimony. Erica, who’s gravid with their second child, filed dissolution documents Friday in Fayette County Superior Court in Georgia. She’s asking for joint legal custody and final decision-making authority over their 1-year-old daughter, Safire, “with the parties having parenting time as determined in the minor children’s best interests.” The reality TV star is also seeking a child support installment plan.

There’s reportedly no prenuptial agreement in place.

Erica, 33, told the court her espousal with Safaree, 39, is “irretrievably broken” and there’s “no hope of reconciliation.” Therefore, it’s her behest that he pays all her legal fees. Divorce scuttlebutt ran rampant a few days ago when Erica posed for a preggo photo shoot without wearing her wedding ring. She’s obviously upset over a viral nightclub video that shows a voluptuous popsy twerking on Safaree’s phallus. The quondam lovebirds got hitched in October 2019 which means they were married a measly 1.5 years.

Is Erica making the right decision?

Should they stay together for the kids?

Watch the twerk video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Anthony Pearson


  2. No one is shocked by this. Erica is a nasty scammer always looking for a come up. I liked Safaree but lost respect for him after he got with her because she didn’t even like him much less love him. Now she’ll make his life hell and squeeze as much money out of him as she can.

  3. Gregory James Jr.

    Was it inappropriate for a married man to grind on a woman or a woman on him? Yes, but is that enuff to end a marriage after barely two years? I thought this video would have safaree backshotting some chick, come on mena!!!

  4. mellifluous T bone

    People get married and divorced like it’s nothing.. There is no respect for vows nor God.

  5. Erica Mena can’t ever hold a man

    Safari looks darn depressed, it’s best that they do divorce .☹️

  6. B1tches trip ovr tha smallest shyt this y trans winnin rite now frfr

  7. PancakesAnd Wine

    Non-black women get the same black man black women get. Oh, well. Poor kids.

  8. Liberal Standard

    Getting your dub on is not cheating.

  9. WOW who else is NOT FKIN surprised by this unstable relationship marriage or whatever this was?! We knew It was doomed before the wedding even took place!

  10. Could be me, but I didn’t see cheating.

  11. Thou_Shall_NotSimp

    Safari had Nicki Minaj for over a decade but ended up with a latina hoodrat combative single mother as a wife… biggest L

  12. This divorce is as fake as their marriage. #marriagebootcamp #anythingforthebag #zeusnetwork

  13. IGuessIt’sOk YungRichBaby

    Idk if I want to get married anymore . My mom just admitted that she feels like she wasted time and now plans to separate.

  14. Men, and women are going to cheat period. I say stay single and spare your feelings. It’s no such thing as being monogamous anymore,,,especially this generation 🤨

  15. crazy how a man will BEG you to be with him just to treat you terribly 🥴

  16. So getting a divorce for dancing while being a celebrity 🤔 scratching my head🥴

  17. Anesha Elizabeth

    Well we have to remember that the only reason why Safaree proposed and they rushed the wedding was because he wanted to be married before they baby was born. Also, Erica wanted a clause in the prenup that’s states she gets everything if he were to cheat. She already knew the type of person that he was.

  18. Sweetlikecandy Johnson

    Thank God safaree don’t need Erica I don’t care who cheated!!!! You can’t hold a good man or women down…facts

  19. I’m having second thoughts about my relationship but I’m afraid it’s already too late. We’ve been together for 10 years. That’s 10 years of sucking and riding her penis. How do I just stop? She’s all I’ve known. I met her when I was 14 and she took my virginity that same fateful day.

  20. Erica deserves better..

  21. Deloris Colvin

    She KNEW how he was before she married him!!!🤷🏾‍♀️

  22. Another broken family with a horrible foundation, take a look people if you want a great family, you gotta put in that work. Seen a young black male with his son playing flag football, just the two of them, such beautiful thing to see.

  23. Electric Relaxation

    I’m sorry but neither one of them is built for strength. They’re both for the streets IMO. Sucks for that child I think these people got married and had a baby just for something to do..

  24. They’ll be postin vacation pictures together next month🙄✋🏽

  25. Gimmiedatstimmy

    This was a setup ….she know she only got pregnant again to get child support the house etc. a lot of these non Blk women are very hypergamous when it comes to black men . Get the head the bread and leave 🤣

  26. He should’ve gotten the prenup because now she can take him for everything he got 😭

  27. Mikaela Newell

    That video isn’t cheating though… that’s how Caribbean people dance😂 especially Jamaicans🤷🏾‍♀️🤣

  28. What? The same Erica who was schooling women on what type of men they should be with? Claiming people were miserable jealous and broke because they didn’t buy their relationship as goals? This broad makes for great tv because she is truly SLOW and watching her brag then fall down is what is most entertaining to the masses.

  29. But how is that cheating????? He’s an islander, that’s just how they dance??? Since LHH New York she has always had toxic relationships and as soon as shit gets hard she runs….. #trackstar… I meant what was the point of getting married just to divorce and I’m sure that he’s not the only man or person to say it

  30. I don’t know no f Kiyana

    She bragged about getting piped in the face by this same dude …. keep that same energy !!! Smh y’all women secretly hate men cuz if y’all didn’t y’all would choose more wisely

  31. Everyone knew these two narcissistic people would not last long in a relationship and definitely not a marriage. Erica Mena is the same childish chick that threatened Wendy Williams for dishing about her rocky marriage. Smh. Safaree publicly said he was done with Erica Mena. Erica Mena has been ran through by every man and a few women in the entertainment industry. Erica Mena is a mean spirited, vile, narcissistic person that got by solely on her looks. She’s getting older and very soon she will only be able to get the slight attention of a dishwasher. LOL

  32. I only been married 3 years. Marriage is work but it takes 2. One can’t be the only one fighting. When you’ve had enough, you know when it’s time to let go. Erica is a lover for love and I’m sure he put up that good face to convince her that’s what he wanted. But they both are toxic in their own right. Safaree seems to want to belong to the streets. Sad because babies are involved. It’s not that simple. I was rooting for these two. But I get it same time… some ppl just don’t mesh well together.

  33. He’s Jamaican… that’s how we dance. How is that considered cheating?

  34. Aceminaj Osbourne

    Karma is a bitch!…. Erica treated cyn so bad on love and hip hop… She deserves everything she’s going through with saf! She’s narcissistic n conniving just like him why the hell would you wanna be with someone like that! She should be with the opposite of herself! I hope this time they go through with the divorce they’re boring as hell! When people show you who they are believe them!

  35. Kaydreanna Goode

    lol hes Jamaican, thats just how they dance. they literally dance with a girl and goes on to the next without even looking at the girl in their face. its not that serious

  36. Dominique Gumbs

    Bruh Safaree should gth. I’m pretty sure he cheated on her before this and even jf he didn’t, he and his wife hv a couple issues that need resolving. So how tf.. ur gonna be out here.. CHEATING on ur PREGNANT wife bruh

  37. Some people just love being single parents!!! 🙄

  38. Lmaooo that’s cheating 🤔 Girl go to the Caribbean & that’s just a dance 💃🏾

  39. Its just dancing not cheating why get divorced??? They should go to therapy before the big change no one is perfect😞

  40. Mmmm, does she remember how she treated Dj envy’s wife? That little lady named karma is real. 😏😏😏

  41. I was the first to say it won’t last🤣🤣🤣….
    But they doing all this to get on love and hip hop🤣🤣🤣…
    Can we stop talking about these two clowns now 🙄.
    That video is nothing he’s Caribbean.. That’s normal behavior here.. Its just a dance

  42. Physic Medium Lamell Goddess Tarot

    She had that shit planned all along she knew exactly what she was doing when she rode that she had that shit planned out to a T”! The House The Kids The Cars & Jewelry & Take All His Money Karma is a Bitch!!!

  43. If couples wanna get passed shit them they will… big deal he was getting twerked up 🤷🏽‍♀️ he’s a celebrity duhh women gonna throw themselves at him. To me she’s just looking for a way out because he didn’t physically cheat. Shit Erica needs to get tough skin… a lot of men make mistakes but this ain’t shit too me…. at least it wasn’t a video of him actually cheating that’s dancing not cheating….

  44. Dimples Austin

    Wasn’t she the side bitch for dj envy? And she didn’t see karma coming??🤔

  45. Stephanie Jones

    So sorry for Erica. Wish she would have waited s little longer before having a second child with Safaree but there really is no way to know relationshps will work out bc they were so happy together for a while after they got married. realtionships need continuous commitment and work from both persons. Safaree should not have been cheating while hes married and his wife is pregnant that is just so wrong and immature. Safaree and others should not be Social media talking about their relationship everything in a marriage does not need to be exposed on social media.

  46. There are nuances to divorce. Women aren’t just running to the courts to file.

    Sometimes two people will get married and they are not yoked. And if you are not yoked, the marriage will fail. You should not be married to someone you are not equally yoked to PERIOD.

    And if your marriage is toxic, you should not stick with it. Nobody deserves that kind of marriage.

    And unless the marriage is a polyomorous one, no one should be cheating. And being a man is no excuse to cheat in a monogamous marriage.

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