Patrisse Cullors leaves BLM

Patrisse Cullors leaving BLM/YouTube

Patrisse Cullors leaving network.

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LOS ANGELES — Patrisse Cullors, co-originator of “Black Lives Matter,” is calling it quits. Yessir, the lesbian Marxist is leaving the negro organization to become… a movie star. Patrisse stepped down Thursday as executive director of the “Black Lives Matter Network” amid allegations of swindling donors to help bankroll her real estate procurement binge. She’s also sick and tired of Candace Owens and far-right groups besmirching her hard-earned eminence.

The 37-year-old lesbo will now shift her immediate cynosure to the impending release of her second publication coupled with the new multi-year television indenture she recently signed with Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. In other words, she’s about to get paid and it’ll have nothin’ to do with donations.

“I’ve created the infrastructure and the support, and the necessary bones and foundation, so that I can leave,” Patrisse told The Associated Press. “It feels like the time is right.” Patrisse, if you recall, became the bullseye of right-wing opprobrium last month when she expended millions of dollars on a handful of extravagant real estate properties located in predominantly White neighborhoods.

Disparagers are still quick to reference the $90 million in charitable funds Patrisse deposited following the officer-involved asphyxiation of George Floyd. “Those were right-wing attacks that tried to discredit my character, and I don’t operate off of what the right thinks about me,” she bemoaned.

Patrisse’s friend, “Black Lives Matter” activist Sasha Johnson, was shot in the head last week at a house soirée in London. Many are speculating the shooting has something to do with Patrisse’s abrupt resignation. Are you happy to see her go? Is she better off with a television métier?

Watch Patrisse elucidate the surprise cessation.

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  1. If you believe in something you don’t so called pave the way and stand back. You live your believes or your a scammer.

  2. Where's the Beef?

    Sounds like somebody threatened her with a lawsuit

  3. She has enough money for herself so she’s out!!

  4. She made money off dumb people.

  5. If I had millions of dollars I would not live in a black neighborhood either because black neighborhoods tend to be the worst neighborhoods it’s time to give these people a break reparations etc and I know How unpopular that is but it’s a Demographic that has been screwed over and over

  6. I’m a schizophrenic & so am I.

  7. Michael Mcmahan

    I’ll tell you what should happen that 90 million dollars they made needs to go back to pay the insurance companies pay the people that they themselves have harmed and the rest of if any money left over goes for anybody that has a lawsuit against them for they are truly a socialist Communist movement and I’ll pull a Democrat on you if anybody disagrees then you’re a communist

  8. Our biggest worry as an elementary schooler back in the late ’80s and early ’90s was to properly diagram a sentence!!! smh lol these new “pronouns” they’re forcing to make the students learn in these crazy out-of-touch days are totally ludicrous.

  9. Stupid teacher “You cant change your melanin but you can change your mind.”

    Me: “Well, you could change your mind to not be so obsessed with melanin.”

  10. BLM is based on a lie so it’s no surprise to me that the people that run that shit show are corrupt AF !

  11. I love Candice Owens, classy n beyond intelligent

  12. Viktor Isaksson

    Wait a minute. Is this pragerU being as stupid as only pragerU can be? I’m pretty sure the BLM activist didn’t use donation money, or at least there is no proof of it. They gained most of their donations during 2020, I think and she bought the houses before 2020. Something doesn’t smell right

  13. There is not a damn thing good for the idea of Black Lives Matter! The name “Black Lives Matter” in and of itself is so deceptive as it has attached that sentiment within the title to everything that is anti Black progress!!! What a fraud pulled on the unsuspecting Black people who have no idea what they have been doing to gain wealth, funded the Biden campaign which is tied to a global anti American, anti Black father anti traditional male/female agenda. They have shadowy advocates in their camp and base pushing Marxist/ communist ideology which has no place in America. If these deceitful anti American politicians, celebrities and sports figures want this system there are countries in the world that you should go to and dwell; you will be embraced. In America, as a Black American with a lineage dating back to the 1500’s. I know I am American and realize that racism is real but I’m not foolish enough to think that America is a racist country. The brainwashing is misleading and not genuine. These people are indoctrinated in some way to destroy some very wholesome values like family, freedom of speech and freedom to say Jesus or worship the Bible

  14. So she gets away with the ” go on take the money and run ” scheme.

  15. This monster exploited the blacks for personal gain and now will leave with her brief cases filled with money

  16. DominicanPrincess

    Burn Loot Murder

  17. I despise Marxism (and Socialism and Communism), but what I really hate the most is a RICH Marxist like Patrisse Cullors who seems to have fleeced so many people and companies out of millions of dollars to line her own pockets.

  18. Steven Meinking

    Patrisse didn’t resign because of the home buying scandal. Cullors resigned because she saw her comrade Sasha Johnson get capped across the pond.

  19. i don’t feel sorry for the BLM supporters. They are basically stupid and too lazy to do some research. I know because I have family that support this crap and they think they are so smart and moral. F them

  20. When have race hustlers (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson) EVER spent their money on disadvantaged black people?

  21. So she’s leaving because she doesn’t feel that BLM needs to be defended, along with all blacks. At least she’s being honest that her own interests aren’t worth jeopardizing over defending the group of people she supposedly wanted to protect.

  22. Radical Moderate

    All the cities that burned do to BLM and Fentanyl Floyd need to sue both to get that money back.

  23. She took the donations and ran

  24. It’s not enough that she resigns. She should return the money she stole. If she had not done anything illegal, she wouldn’t have resigned.

  25. David Vanpatten

    All 3 founders belong in prison

  26. guitarrista666

    She had to go because she was screwing up the scam for the rest of the grifters.

  27. Take the money & run like thousands of politicians and crooks.

  28. Inspectah deck

    White folk : let’s stick together
    Asian folk : let’s stick together
    Black folk : let me just Rob my people real quick…
    (B)uying (L)And for (M)yself

  29. itsthe thuginme

    She’s got all of us black folk fooled.

  30. She didnt even help pay for the funerals of many innocent black men and women that lost there lives because of police! And she has not given a dollar to the 12 chapters of BLM so they can build boys and girls clubs for the black community! She just stole the money bought 4 houses and abandoned the movement! She should be ashamed

  31. “I’ve created the infrastructure and the support, and the necessary bones and foundation, so that I can leave.”

    Translation: I got your money! Deuces bitches!🤣💯⚡💥💪

  32. I hope you enjoy the money from ruining our country with your lies. You will not be missed

  33. Sille' Nosrettap

    Her fingers and wrist is screaming diabetes…

  34. Ma’am why are you stepping down? You didn’t say? The work is still plentiful. This isn’t 20 years later, it’s been a few years and you’re leaving it already?????

  35. Phelomina Sigamani

    She is leaving bcoz the investigators will b after her now after stealing money belonging 2 black people donated by cooperates n ordinary people. She should b made 2 pay back bcoz it’s stolen money, from well wishers. She is a thief she stole millions.

  36. Jacques Joseph

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again! Black people stop giving and depending on these so-called Black activist organizations! They are funded by rich white liberals who appoint fake so-called Black leaders. Who they are riding behind, giving us false hope! They’re been doing this for years. The 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and Now 2021❗️

  37. Donovan Saadiq

    Black girl MAGIC is turning out to be Black Girl TRAGIC!!!

  38. She’s gay and cares nothing about black men or the black family

  39. There needs be an audit and then a lawsuit

  40. This is the truth five years ago at my last group home they poisoned my food with the coronavirus it is chemical warfare and then they traumatized me for dating a black woman I’m not lying to founder of BLM was using black nationalist to spread hate and fear throughout social media and they were targeting Caucasian males with the virus to make them become violent this is the truth they targeted me five years ago at my last Group home tha but yeah this is the truth about what patrisse was doing there is other people involved with doing this they work for the mental health system this is the truth I’m even sitting in a group home right now texting this message I just saw this but I realized when I started texting the founder of BLM all over her social media trying to tell her that she was a liar I noticed that she finally resigned from the movement

  41. Yes, Patrisse Khan-Cullors is living well in her million-dollar homes all located in White neighborhoods. Forget about any other Black Lives that Matter or helping any black communities. A Marxist true to her word. She steals from others to enrich herself. In her case, she got rich on the backs of dead black men and their families. Yes, Patrisse is the sellout Big Time.

  42. No big deal she got her money, are u idiots satisfied now she lied & scammed u all?

  43. Marxist leaves BLM to focus on making even more money from capitalism.

  44. Patricia Villarreal

    I’ve always known BLM wasn’t For the people. Mainly because they are rooted in hate and darkness. How can she get away with hurting so many people. How come no one is holding her accountable for the death toll and race baiting hustle done. Where is our leaders Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and Maxine Waters??? Something has to be done for all fellow Americans who were taken advantage of.

  45. That’s what us black people get. The protesters are the work horses while BLM(dot)org and BLM Foundation Global Network line their pockets with donations and don’t say a word. Every penny should have been pumped into each inner city in America. They buying million dollar homes, luxury cars, and going on vacations (Barbados, Turks and Caicos, etc) .

  46. Good Patrisse! Now, go straight to HELL!!!

  47. Wladimir Seraus

    Her next journy is all the way to a special place in hell 👹👹👹

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