Blair Underwood & Desiree DaCosta are “divorcing” after 27 years of marriage

Blair and Desiree are done/Getty

Blair Underwood getting a divorce.

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HOLLYWOOD — You can stick a fork in Blair Underwood’s marriage because it’s done. The 56-year-old thespian and his wife, Desiree DaCosta, are calling it quits after 27 years of holy matrimony. The quondam lovebirds share 3 children — sons Paris, 24, and Blake, 19, and daughter Brielle, 22. Blair and Desiree disseminated a joint statement Sunday via Instagram. “After a tremendous amount of thought, prayer & work on ourselves individually & collectively, we have come to the conclusion to end our marriage that began 27 years ago,” they wrote.

“It has truly been a beautiful journey,” the exes continued. “Our proudest achievements are our three incredible children. Three souls to which God entrusted us. We continue to be awed & humbled by the blessings of parenting. We have always put their best interests first & will continue to do so. We will continue to be the best of friends and co-parents and have the utmost respect for one another as we embark upon this new chapter of our lives, separately.”

Blair and Desiree, 52, didn’t specify what went wrong. But, after nearly three decades of copulation, they’re probably ready for greener grass. During a 2008 chinwag with, Blair appeared to be pussy-whipped and in love. “I wanted to be her rock, her protector,” the L.A. Law actor said of Desiree.

“If she had a problem, I wanted to solve it. I thought that’s what was expected of me.”

Rumor has it there’s no prenuptial agreement in place.

So Blair could lose half his sh*t.

The coronavirus pandemic has taken its toll on marriages nationwide.

Do you support their decision to split?

Is 27 years worth fighting for?

Share your thoughts.


  1. The truth probably was blair was kicking it with a stripper that was doing the super clap! And then he told the stripper pop that booty!

  2. Wow, really?! Bleh! Who’s next Melinda and Bill Gates? Oh, no right! They’re also splitting…next? Hollywood is a joke to me, honestly. Next? Barack and Michelle Obama? Hmm…

  3. Media follower

    The godfather wins again see this is why Kevin Samuels and his message is so important these ungrateful old dusty black women are the main ones filing for divorce in this country gentlemen do yourself a favor and avoid them at all costs they’re only there to ruin your life and bring your value down as a man

  4. That’s sad! But, the grass is never greener on the other side.

  5. WelfareQueensNHairHats

    @Media follower: They are absolutely disgusting!

    They some dark, hair hatted, diseased rats!! They are the MAIN reason more men are sleeping with other men. These men have come to the reality that’s its better to fuqqq a man than a nasty a musty hair hat!! These German Shepards AKA HAIR HATS aren’t even worth $5!! They are an embarrassment to society! All they care about is weave and sucking dix!

    They act and look like men! Being with one means you don’t respect yourself! They are literal animals! Men (KINGS) deserve real women who will hold them down not hold them back!! These disgusting breed of roaches are the turds of the world! Any man who would put his manhood in a hair hat is mentally disturbed!

    Look at how they treat their kids! Look at how they treat themselves!

    I hate seeing those nasty lace fronts with all that glue pouring down their heads and those fake long spider lashes on their eyes! Those rats are straight SICK!

    And they STANK! I used to sleep with them and their cooochie be stank like fish grease!! If you sleep with one just nut in her face and wash your dix with bleach!

    Nasty demons!!

    That’s why black men are divesting from these rats! Let them protect themselves since they’re so fqqn independent!!

  6. Sad news. Seriously hope I do not read that he has a girlfriend next week !

  7. @WelfareQueensNHairHats: Tell us how you really feel. Lol.😂😂😂

  8. I hate to see people split up but if I gotta see it, then it may as well be him. He too damn fine too be on the shelf any longer. I’m ready for some wine umkay! Lol all jokes aside I never understand why wait that long to call it quits? How much she leaving with? 🤔🤔 Is this a trap? I feel like it’s a joke you know how cardi say she going to divorce offset. That kind of joke. I hope it is cause that’s like hearing Denzel and his wife divorcing. These the couple that had that long old money type love.

  9. I’m praying this is a rumor or they reconcile if it isn’t. I remember always wishing he was single (as tho I really had chance) until I heard him talk about how much of a strong & wife & mother his wife is. This hurts almost as tho I know them. This was indeed BLACK LOVE. I pray this ISN’T true. 💔

  10. I don’t want to get married anymore…if you can get a divorce after 27 years of marriage I don’t want it. I will just have a lifetime commitment without the paper. People nowadays are scary when it comes to marriage

  11. White Nubian king

    Can I smash her now…

  12. Ruthless Lover

    @WelfareQueensNHairHats: Nigga u trippin. Black pussy the best.

  13. They made a beautiful couple..My mom loved him so much in Set it off lol

  14. This breaks my heart. One of the few Black longtime married couples in Hollyweird. Dang!

  15. Peris Ndirangu

    Covid 19 .. is pushing couples to divorce … coz they are forced to confront their realities…

  16. I bet you you he already has a young 20 something woman on the side

  17. hope he has a prenup or she gone take half his shit

  18. well well welll, the men of the world are finally starting to realize marriage is a joke….The wealthy and rich cant even stay married and they are stable

  19. Who Cares 🙄🙄🙄

  20. I fell in love with on LA LAW back in the 80’s. Blair Underwear is my name for him.
    So sorry they come to this

  21. Darrin Johnson

    Another man about to lose his money to a woman

  22. He must have cheated..

  23. @WelfareQueensNHairHats: I want to meet the bitch that fucked you up


  25. 27 years is a good run. Having said that, nowadays marriage in the Western world, is STRICTLY for fools!

  26. He’s still cute.

  27. Regular people get divorce everyday, who cares

  28. Jerome's in the House

    she stopped givin up the pussy

  29. WelfareQueensNHairHats

    She’s very pretty. She looks like someone who you want to be the mother of your kids unlike those dark hoeeees who wear those stank weaves and look like they’ve bathed in literal shiiit. She is wearing her real hair and looks very feminine. Divorce or not, she’s getting half!

  30. Kurtis Blow's 4th Cousin

    @WelfareQueensNHairHats: Let it go. Nobody gives a fuck about your hate for black women.

  31. Finally gets it, get a white girl😁

  32. Im shooting my shot! Blair is too fine 😍

  33. mommyHASaheadache

    So, when is he gonna go Insta official with his really white girlfriend?

  34. TheSunshinefee

    she’s beautiful. it’s sad that he will have a new model in a few days while she will probably stay single for the rest of the year

  35. I AM NOT SURPRISED AND I WAS WAITING FOR THE ANNOUNCEMENT. Blair seemed to be very controlling and you never really saw her.

  36. Lynetta Johnson

    I had a crush on Blair Underwood since I was sixteen years old he was my handsome handsome boyfriend and I just really really loved him I still love him I’m his number one fan now and forever I love myself some Blair Underwood.

  37. Looks like they stayed together just for the children based off their ages when they split.

  38. time to trade her in for a newer, younger model

  39. Blair Underwood, Maurice Chestnut ,LL Cool J ,Tyrese et al Some of My Hot Chocolates…..still countin’ YEP!❤❤❤represent….

  40. I hope its not because he cheated.

  41. suzanne vasterling

    So sad 🙏🏻

  42. Woody Woodpecker

    Blair looks down-low. I bet she came home and caught him trying on her dresses.

  43. shygirlcomplex

    He’s so dreamy ❤️.. lord he’s just a handsome sophisticated well polished man

  44. Many men trade their devoted wives in after they get up in years for a younger version of her.

  45. That sucks…I wish they could have made it. May they find whatever they need for each other.

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