Deadbeat Video: Kel Mitchell’s ex-wife disseminates clip putting him on blast

Tyisha put Kel on blast/YouTube

Kel Mitchell is dodging his ex.

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LOS ANGELES — Kel Mitchell may want to pursue a fast food métier at “Good Burger” after all. Because it sounds like he could really use the money. Tyisha Hampton, Kel’s ex-wife, put the former Nickelodeon star on blast in a recently released TikTok video — claiming he owes her roughly $1.2 million in alimony and child support. She also accused Kel, 42, of committing “financial abuse” and domestic battery. In the video, Tyisha publicized a series of deadbeat messages to the sound of explicit rap music.

“Financial Abuse is the number one reason for homelessness,” she posted.

“Did you know family court obligations Never GO AWAY!!!”

This ain’t the first time Tyisha aired Kel’s dirty laundry. Back in March, she disseminated a garrulous missive on Instagram. “I’m no longer going to be a victim,” she wrote. “I’m collecting everything I’m owed ! If you are a fan of his, let him know #payyourex ! You can’t be a man of God and not take care of your past responsibilities! You cannot continue being a hypocrite!”

“Part 2 will explain how I went to jail for his IRS TAX Debt!” Tyisha continued. “Yep, I’m spilling it all, until I get my money 💰 !!!! #payyourexkel #deadbeatdad #deadbeatcelebrity like share ! Let’s let him know you can’t do this to your kids and your ex !!! Make him Accountable!!! #payyourexkel #paytourexkelmitchell #deadbeatdadkel #deadbeatdadkelmitchell #kelmitchellyouowe #kelyouowe.” 

Kel, who’s married to Asia Lee, is a pastor at the Spirit Food Christian Center in Los Angeles.

Destitution once drove him to the brink of suicide.

Is Tyisha justified in calling him out?

Should she stay off social media and take his ass to court?

Watch Tyisha’s video and her interview on thePLAINESTjane.

Share your thoughts.


  1. get a job bum

  2. Anthony Pearson


  3. How do you owe that much allegedly and not go to jail

  4. deprogrammed black

    Why do these guys marry these cheap women. I just don’t get it.

  5. She’s owed? No that money is for the child, stupid, greedy biotch.

  6. Jayde da Blade

    It dont take a million dollaz to take care of a child. She can get a job.

  7. Margaret Edwards

    We women have to be independent and have our own money. Stop lookin for money from a man. Get a job.

  8. I read the ENTIRE ARTICLE.
    Did I miss the part where it talked about HER PROFESSION, FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS or EARNINGS?

  9. Kel is really paid like that?

  10. big-daddy-eat-um-ups

    Kel shoulda blessed her with throat babies.

  11. WTF is “Financial Abuse!” is that a fancy word for your cash cow done left u all alone and helpless in the pasture? lol 😝

  12. Financial abuse is something broke bishes came up with. Stop entering a relationship with only 3 holes. Jeez. When men know you’re a dependent they treat you like ish. Lol

  13. Lester💎Diamond

    1.2 million? b!!!!tch please

  14. So the broad goes to social media to air him out which he might potentially lose his job. Did she file in court??? Get a lawyer and try to get his wages attached. It makes no sense. You expect social media to get the money from him. Make this dumb sh*t make sense. I wish social media would shutdown for a year and see how these idiots deal with life ugh

  15. SteelWarriorOne

    Now it’s financial abuse, huh??? Okay. LOL

  16. Masseur. Davis

    Welcome to Good 🍔 Burger, home of the Good 🍔 Burger, may I take your order?

  17. Wow…. i cant take her seriously. How do you talk about not getting child support and homeless with the song make your p talk and patting you va jay jay while wearing a bathing suit.. it’s gross and a shame as a mother to display yourself like that..

  18. I swear every year y’all come up with a new one…. Financial abuse??? females and males are both equal remember??? tell that bih to get a job!

  19. You know he probably does owe it…because he found his way to the church….people always run to church when sh*t go left, but he seems like a good dude, she ain’t have to blast him.

  20. Financial abuse.? <----------NEVER heard of that before!!!

  21. @SpiceGirl: Its a term that is used mainly for elderly people. Its a true form of abuse especially when elderly folks are put in homes and their needs aren’t being met like clothes, toiletries and paying their bills by the health care surrogates and power of attorney folks. Ive had to report a few people to the state for it. But in this case, she’s lazy and thinks demeaning him in the public will force his hand.

  22. Don’t have a child until you have mastered taking care of yourself.

  23. Get a job THOT instead of posting on the gram with songs looking stupid. You too old for this.

  24. The black community looks crappy because all of the resources go toward black women: which guarantees failure. Because black women are the reason why black families are destroyed. The resources must go toward black boys/men in order for the family, business, and wealth to return

  25. @Blade: Nah, stop blaming others. The blk community suffer because blk men and women like to pick mates because of FELLINGS, not because they have similar interests and beliefs like education, health, family, religion, disciplining children, etc..! Feelings change all the time so feeling alone isnt enough to keep a family together. As far as proverty-welfare go Even if they “only” make 25k-50k per person annually they should be winning because Bill’s are being paid on time and credit should look decent. You will learn to love each when u connect on other levels. I’m a blk American and I see the errors within the blk community. I live in one of the best neighborhoods in “America” and im not on welfare. So stop blaming others and LEAD BY EXAMPLE and inspire others..! Ijs

  26. so it was all about the money.. free meal ticket

  27. why the fuck is he not in jail?

  28. Josef M. Norseman

    @Jo Jo: A parent in arrears for CS doesn’t go to jail in California. Arrears are a civil matter, not a criminal matter. Sure, wages can be attached, DLs revoked, professional licenses revoked, etc. But, not jail.

  29. She one of those type of women that uses the kids as a meal ticket. That woman has hit the wall thinking that she’s still the shit. He’s moved on and is happy but she’s bitter.

  30. I’m so over women reducing men being fathers and good people to the amount of money they spend on them and children who don’t require nearly as much as we pretend they do…

    It’s disgusting and wrong that US court systems support these false claims while kids are out here being killed, starved, and abused in some of these same households. I guess this is what Black capitalism looks like 👀

  31. Steam Powerful

    Lol that shit funny as hell that bitch should have been a better wife and stuck by his side when he was down and out and was thirsty asf now you broke…

  32. This DUSTY Bitter EX PICKMESHIA is on a Smear Campaign against a man that don’t want her and moved on. Kel has been doing interview lately and she’s MAD AF. That’s why she’s giving out her IG page on every interview because she’s looking for clout. Her story has more holes than Swiss 🧀 cheese. I hate chics like her. Your toxic , he WAS toxic and you’re stuck in past. Move the Fck on

  33. Disappointed that Kel would be that far behind child support. It sounds like he hasn’t paid a penny 😕😤

  34. BrownSugaBabe 429

    I hope she is paid what she’s owed from Kel.

  35. Self love Heals

    I’m so disappointed in Kel, maybe that’s why kenan won’t F with him

  36. I never liked Kenan or Kel! I knew something was wrong with Kel when he was doing “Good Burger” interviews for the movie!

  37. He really got us fooled because I never knew he was married the second time or a first time

  38. CizzleRossilini

    It was 16 damn years ago and she still trying to get money out of him? Their kids are damn GROWN! What the hell lady, move on. She is trifling. She could’ve reinvented herself several times in 16+ years, got a degree, started a business, got a job – she could have done anything but instead she trying to extort and drag this man.

  39. Derrick Wright

    Tell this gold digger OnlyFans is hiring.

  40. If women get granted child support then they should be ordered by the courts to produce monthly receipts/records/statements to the father and child support agency showing an itemized list of how they spent the money on the child and the fathers should have automatic claim on taxes each year.

  41. Please!! The same woman who cheated on him?? Please 🙄

  42. Marriage always end bad…why why do men get married, doesn’t make no sense!
    I’m 44… No Kids, Never Married… learned from all the guys going thru it at my job (AT&T)

  43. William Austin

    All she is worth is being a side b** at best cuz ain’t nobody trying to take care of Kel’s kids if he ain’t even trying to take care of them

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