LeBron James ‘fizzles out’ in first round, retirement should become viable option

LeBron finally looks human/Clutchpoints

LeBron is finally showing his age. 

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LOS ANGELES — You can stick a fork in the Los Angeles Lakers because they’re done. LeBron James and the defending NBA champions were beaten to a bloody pulp Thursday night, losing 113-100 to the Phoenix Suns in Game 6 of their first-round series. “We got our ass kicked,” LeBron explained during his postgame news conference. “It’s that simple.” After sitting out Game 5 with aching balls, Lakers forward Anthony “Street Clothes” Davis tried to give it a go. But he was benched after 5 minutes when it became visibly evident he was hobbled. Davis, 28, ain’t never healthy; hence the moniker “Street Clothes.”

The mortifying defeat not only eliminated the Lakers from the playoffs, it effectuated an eye-opening cessation to LeBron’s impressive postseason winning streak. Prior to the ass-whuppin,’ King James was a perfect 14-0 in the first round. He accomplished the feat in playoff appearances for the Lakers, the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Miami Heat. To call LeBron a rolling stone would be a vast understatement.

LeBron has also advanced to the NBA Finals 10 times, he set the league record for most postseason games played, and he’s the only player in NBA history to win titles with three different franchises. That being said, LeBron’s gettin’ old and even Stevie Wonder can see he’s no longer fit to piggyback a franchise. King James is merely an appetizer at this stage of his illustrious métier, not the main entrée.

LeBron will now shift his immediate cynosure to Hollywood. His new film “Space Jam: A New Legacy” is scheduled to hit theaters in July. When asked if he plans to pursue a third gold medal, LeBron replied: “Nah, I think I’m gonna play for the Tune Squad this summer instead of the Olympics.”

Thanks to the supernatural marksmanship of All-Star guard Devin Booker, the Lakers trailed the Suns by as much as 29 points in Game 6 after losing by 30 in Game 5 which means they weren’t competitive. Like LeBron said, they got their “ass kicked.” The championship window in L.A. is presumably closed.

When the final horn sounded, a mortified LeBron scurried towards the locker-room without shaking hands.

Critics said he demonstrated poor sportsmanship.

Do you consider LeBron a sore loser?

Is it time for him to retire?

Watch postgame coverage and highlights.

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  1. The GOAT Who? 😂

  2. now he can focus on his hollywood career

  3. If he would had focused on the game instead of the police, then maybe he would had played better

  4. FroLifeorNoLife

    AD can’t come to LA making excuses! Just cost the team a title 😡Stay off that call of duty
    And get in the gym

  5. lebron is a gutless over-rated immature look at me horrible role model for the NBA. he leaves the game, does not try, does not shake the hands of the suns players. the media should call him out on his horrible behavior, poor sportsmanship, but of course they won’t. good riddance to lebron james!

  6. AD stands for injury prone

  7. Crybaby James

  8. donald new jr.

    AD looks frustrated and tired

  9. It’s safe to say lebron really just tired at this point I believe he starting to feel like he missing the best days of his life/family and other things he doing besides basketball he really wants to quit but don’t know how but u can tell he is tired

  10. Lachina James is the reason they lost. When your team leader is walking to the other side of the court and constantly arguing with the refs instead of being a real leader that’s when you’ve lost. Always praising lachina when la wins and then blames the teammates when they lose

  11. KingTutKinte Jewelz

    “hE’s OuT Of hIs pRime” “he’s GoOna ReTire sOOn” “hE’s WasHeD uP” 🤡🤡🤡🤡 the man was injured and now that he’s out early he’ll have enough time to get healthy he’s gonna be just fine until LeBron says he’s done that’s when he’ll he’s not out his prime he’s Optimus Prime

  12. The Lakers traded away all their young talent, Russell, Ball, Randle, Ingram, etc for a player who can’t stay healthy 30 games. Let that sink in.

  13. Ben The Window Cleaner

    He can’t even congratulate the other team at the end on the court and he wants respect

  14. a_collection_of_cells

    Whichever doctor gave Anthony Davis the green light to go out and play game six should also be held responsible and their license should be revoked.

  15. Johnny Whitepride

    Does Lebitch still consider himself the greatest of all time?🤣🤣🤣

  16. Immediate excuses by LeOscar 😂😂😂😂

  17. Mr Street Clothes will stay with you forever!

  18. been witnessing him for 17 years still my king, I am critical of the way he is playing not taking over games the way he should but still… to me theres one and only king that s bron🙌🏻

  19. Lebron has always been a sore loser. He also takes all the credit and throws his team under the bus. The dude has never been a leader

  20. xNigga u know kuzma getting his ass traded.

  21. AD’s body is made of butter

  22. AD needs to change his training routine, an entire offseason to get right

  23. Lebron will come back stronger and better.

  24. MJ will always be the GOAT of basketball!!! This guy is a joke!

  25. He looks like he could cry

  26. sorry lebron but you ain’t winning no more champiocnips. Warriors coming full strength next year!

  27. Dude I officially am so tired of him. He tries to sound smarter than the reporter by challenging the finals streak comment, and got shut down immediately. Egomaniac lebron needs to get traded from the Lakers immediately. He’s the problem, not the savior. Him missing time during crucial games, now he’s blaming it on Covid or injuries as if other teams don’t face the same problems. Lebron needs out of LA

  28. Lebron woke crybaby I’m hurting

  29. shameka barnes

    A lot of players don’t shake hands no more. lol y’all just pointing out Lebron because it’s Lebron.


  31. And everyone bitching talking about how the league gone be without lebron.. Stfu you got these youngins steppin up and growing up in front of eyes
    Jason tatum
    Trae Young
    Joel embid
    Donovan Spida Mitch
    Ja Morant
    Devin Different Booker
    Lamelo Ball
    Anthony Edwards
    Even though he had a bad playoff series Julius Randle
    Jaylen Brown
    NBA has new big dawgs in the league now let’s embrace them while they’re here
    Oh and I definitely cannot forget Giannis

  32. LeChina James is a Embarrassment to the NBA and USA…hey LeBron how’s that cash made from slaves in China sweat shops flowin’

  33. I miss players with professionalism and class. Players like MJ and Tim Duncan. James has done as much to hurt the game as Jordan did to help the game. James is a big baby, a punk and a drama Queen. Sad days in the NBA.

  34. LeBron now has free time to bone up on political and social issues of which is is totally ignorant.

  35. Getting rid of their entire squad for AD was dumb af. He was gonna come as a free agent the next year anyway. Imagine how good they would be if they kept Randall, Clarkson, & Ingram. Even lonzo and Zubac would be better roll players then the garbage they have now

  36. Bitch Slapped (Tech N9ne) by the Phoenix Suns

  37. Cedric Poindexter

    Stop making excuses Bron, my ankle, covid, teamates, come on man!

  38. I wish I had a Lebron James jersey, I need something to wash my truck with. 🗑

  39. Looks like Anthony Davis getting traded 😳🤔👀🤣

  40. LeBron James disrespected basketball and sports the last two games. I havent seen such a poor sport in professional sports ever. All his teammates got a chance at a chip ripped away because he destroyed it with crying like a b*tch and yelling at teammates, no d,etc. Disgusting.

  41. MJ the GOAT. Time to go home lebron, you are good but its time to go home..

  42. Man it was good to see my boy bron for all of these seasons….I guess until the next person comes along and plays at a high level for the next 18 seasons, I’ll enjoy this guy until he retires 💪🏾

  43. Shame on you LeBron. You have all your success on the court due to your God given body and your hard work ethic all these 18 years.
    And then you can’t congratulate your NBA brothers having there night of winning.
    You have a serious Character Flaw!
    I’m a big fan of your’s. I’m very disapointed in you!

  44. YBfromHolworthy

    Lebronda is the diva of the nba. He’s a straight chump. Bye Bye Lebronda 🤣🤣

  45. Jackoey Ziggjackol

    you all blame LeBron James? having been injured several times in this season, at the age of 36 still carrying these pieces of shit and everything etc3!!! let me tell you it’s not over yet my friends revenge is coming! wahahaha!

  46. SAD Day for NBA Basketball, the King Falls

  47. I Know You Are Right But

    “Im just gonna leave MY TEAM and head to the locker room in the 4th quarter AGAIN”

    “Respect to the other Team”
    Yeah you dont respect your own team thats for damn sure!!

  48. lebron is pathetic- always playing the race card, whining on the court, passive aggressively calling out teammates, calling for violence against officers. This punk a$$ is creating a lot of enemies.
    HE WILL NEVER BE AS GOOD AS JORDAN- JORDAN NEVER EVER QUIT IN ONE SINGLE GAME…. matter of fact, Lebron would be thrown off Jordans team due to his laziness.

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