White man gave black stripper cash and electronics then sued her to get refund

Robert gave Nomi money and gifts/Fox 26

White man sues greedy stripper. 

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HOUSTON — “I’m in love with a stripper!” Robert Wallace, a 32-year-old software developer, became both a simp and a laughingstock when loaned a black stripper $2,000 then sued her to get it back. Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids. The alleged swingle transpired in Houston, Texas. Robert also gave her a laptop, numerous electronics, a credit card and his DVD collection. To call him pussy-whipped would be a vast understatement. “We had a dating relationship and, on May 3rd, we had broken up,” Robert told reporter Randy Wallace of Fox 26 News. “We were intimate. We were building a future together… I know how stubborn she can be… so I decided to sue and get my items back.”

Nomi Mims, the exotic dancer, works at a strip club called “Treasures.” The voluptuous damsel said she’s been stalked by customers in the past. But this is her first time getting sued. “I don’t believe in loans because I don’t want to pay anybody back,” Nomi explained. “I’ve given him gifts too. How do I get my booty and boobs back?”

“I’ve heard of strippers suing customers, but never of customers suing strippers,” Nomi continued.

“It’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard in my life… I should’ve ended it a long time ago.”

Nomi said she and Robert were never a couple. But she still considers him a friend.

That said, there’s no way in hell she’s giving him his money back.

She gave that n*gga some vulva. That should be enough.

“No refunds in the strip club,” Nomi said.

“We ain’t got no layaway plans either.”

Whose side are you on? Nomi or Robert?

Watch the hilarious interview.

Share your thoughts.


  1. He gave a stripper 2K? He’s lucky that’s all he lost.

  2. Georgie Porgie

    She played his honky ass

  3. He’s fat and disgusting. He shouldve known she was using him.

  4. “I don’t believe in loans” LMFAO

  5. Fat boy was a trick

  6. Krispy Kreme Addict

    “We were intimate. We were building a future together.”

    You got to be a stupid mothafucka to build a future with a stripper

  7. grampa buckshot

    weak assed men are becoming even more weak……

  8. “How do I get my booty and boobs back?”

    Tell him sis. Lol🤣🤣🤣

  9. Who would pay this sorry sack of shit?

  10. she looks like a tranny

  11. Those gifts became loans after she refused to give him what he wanted. Some people are pitifully delusional that they can’t see the obvious. I hope that man has some friends or family to break the news to him.

  12. Nomi look like a man and white guy look like a woman what the??!

  13. Shes ugly and hes trash. They belong together.

  14. Whose side? Neither. They deserve each other. Judge ought to order them to get married. It would serve them both right.

  15. I hope he used Listerine Cool Mint after eating that pussy. You can tell Nomi gets around.

  16. Look at him he has no shame. He got tricked by a stripper🤣🤣🤣

  17. Doppelganger D

    Who in their right mind would date a stripper? I’m not saying that strippers are not humans and shouldn’t be respected (as long as they are giving you respect too), but for goodness sakes, don’t date them! A stripper’s mind is not one that’s suited for relationships. That’s why they are strippers.

  18. Christopher Horn

    I hope he gets all his money back. Just because it would be funny.

  19. Fast Food Chef

    He’s such a simp

    Nobody uses DVDs anymore

  20. Zachariah Scott

    Obviously this guy was attracted by her hair, which he should have realized was not her real hair at all.

    He should have realized that if he took her home to bed, she will take off that wig, wash off all that fancy make up, so he would see how she really looks.

    He wanted to impress her with a laptop and money. It sounds as though the only impression that she got of him was how well he can get played. 🙄

  21. Thats's a logical fallacy

    If I were the dude I would have never said this outloud. I would’ve kept it to myself

  22. Ruthless Lover

    @Thats’s a logical fallacy: I concur. I wouldve took this shit to my grave

  23. Dam it Whitey, you leave d’em ho’s alone. They’re tear your butt apart.

  24. 😂😂😂😂 they both stupid and how he thought a stripper wanted him for real..

  25. Fred G. Sanford

    “You big dummy!”

  26. You’re not supposed to date a stripper

  27. He was her Glucose Daddy

  28. Anthony Creates

    Take the L homie


  30. Lolz fuck em

  31. The Alkebulan Trust

    The real life T Pain, falling love with a stripper 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. Hommy got hustled 😂😂

  33. He wanted sex so bad😭😭🤣🤣🤣

  34. Visions of Asia

    She is beautiful. That man is not. I see why he is paying for strippers.

  35. Wow he’s 32….

  36. This shit is too funny but what he be smokin? Talkin about i want my shit back he done lost his damn mind 😂😂😂

  37. Street Philosopher

    Moral of the story: If you’re fat and ugly date women who are fat and ugly.

  38. She wrong for that. She was sleeping with this man and he was paying her money. Smh she had him thinking they were in a relationship. 2k is a felony actually she better learn the law.

  39. There are fools and then there’s damn fools! He falls under the later. Strippers are lying con artists. He needs to get a life. I wouldn’t give a stripper 20 dollars so 2000 is out of the question.

  40. HER lack of awareness is more troubling. she doesn’t even catch the creep vibe because she is so money-hungry. this is how women end up late for work PERMANENTLY.

  41. Bands will make her dance! 😭😭😭
    Did this man say he wants some DVDS back too? 💀💀💀

  42. Only white people

  43. He should have known better than to think they was in a relationship. He looks like a bisexual peter griffin. 😆

  44. AlphaBerry X's ASMR Laboratory

    LMFAO! This was a good one King🍓💋😘

  45. Starlita Devereaux

    She gave it up…sis said how do i get my booty and boobs back😂😂💯💯💯 she ain’t talking dancing lol

  46. Bodied By Beauty93

    Those type of men get away with murdering they side chick or mistress and the worst part is if he spending that much he could have sent a hit….. it’s funny outside looking in but these females got to start telling these up front what they want because that is a dangerous game….. she say niggas have basically stalked her which probably means she had done this shit multiple times before

  47. restless journey

    He’s going to stalk her

  48. “simpin’ ain’t easy”..

  49. Only way he could win that case if she sign a promissory note or he has a text, a believable witness, or a recording of her promising to pay him back!!!! Other than that hold that L!!!

  50. Can I borrow $20 til Friday?

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