Child Abuse Video: Deranged black mom assaulted newborn to get back at her ex

Bryunna lost her damn mind/Crime Online

Black teen mom busted, charged.

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HIALEA — Bryunna Joyce, a 19-year-old black chick, was thrown in the slammer after she filmed herself smacking and suffocating her 5-week-old daughter then sent the video to her baby daddy as reprisal, telling him, “You don’t think I won’t kill her? I’ll just act like it’s an accident.” The heinous ordeal transpired Sunday following a domestic dispute in Hialea, Florida. According to police reports, Bryunna grabbed the infant by the throat, slapped her multiple times, called her a “bitch,” then threatened to feed her cat food.

Bryunna also put a blanket over the child’s head for 37 seconds as the neonate struggled for oxygen. “F*ck this baby,” Bryunna told her baby daddy via text. “I’m treating your child like dogsh*t.” After receiving the video, the distraught dad sent footage to the Florida Department of Children and Families. Bryunna was busted and charged with child abuse, child neglect and domestic battery by strangulation.

The baby is recovering at the hospital.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Talk about madness. What in the absolute hell is going on with people? 😪 she’s not a mother she’s an egg donor. Mother’s protect, love and care for their babies.

  2. Ahhhhh just got off work bouta roll a fat ass blunt and watch this “MADNESS” !!!

  3. we seem to have more awareness about psychopaths and sociopaths. poor childhood issues are never acceptable for their bloody pathetic upbringing. She is a coward bully, and damaged goods

  4. Holy hell😭😭😭💔💔💔🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  5. God bless this baby .

  6. The Democrat party is her daddy .

  7. Walmart Cashier

    Somebody needs a parenting class

  8. This little girl can’t mother this child. She is a danger to this infant and she put the boyfriend before the child.
    Let’s hope the child’s father will step up, be a man and raise his daughter himself. At least he was smart enough to report her.
    How is the baby? 😳😥

  9. Life sentence of hard labor with a comb.

  10. Stassia Hart⛥⛥

    Jesus’H 🙏 I am absolutely shook! SHOOK. ITS so disgusting and sickening and maddening and unbelievable. But it’s freaking true! How dare she? I remember my daughter at 5 weeks so beautiful ❤️ so HELPLESS. THAT POOR BABY. SHE NEEDS SOME STREET JUSTICE OR SOME JAILHOUSE JUSTICE. SHE IS A DEMON 👿😈👿😈 Thank you for informing us of this, I guess? I could’ve gone my whole life never hearing this but I believe God is working through you for a reason. I have to trust that God 🙏 has His hands on these babies that are dying and that he has His hands on you too because this CAN’T be easy to report. I want 37 seconds with the “mother” PLEASE 🥺

  11. 😭💔 i just can’t , holding my newborn grandson soo tiny and helpless , can’t imagine just how could she , she’s beyond evil, yes the Devil is real, 🙏🏻

  12. Suzanne Nichols

    I swear her eyes remind me of a Sesame Street character. I think they’re going to love her, in jail.

  13. This horror doesn’t surprise me – so glad she recorded her madness for all to see

  14. 🦋esse-1868🦋

    New laws need to be created. No one allowed to have babies without 2 years of training and mental healt evaluations. License is needed to paint fingernails and do hair but not to bring another whole human in to the world.

  15. Your baby. Your own flesh and blood. The person who is supposed to be the biggest cheerleader. The one who is supposed to have unconditional love. UFB. I seriously hate people. Some people don’t deserve children! My only son died and there are people who kill their own children. Life doesn’t make sense. Id give my own life for him to have his back😭 MADNESS!

  16. Couldn’t get past the title without screaming #Madness

  17. 💔💔💔

  18. Kelly Hirneisen

    Loving your content. Keep up the awesome work man. 👍❤

  19. She should spent 37 sec on her hair

    This monster needs to be punished to the fullest and never see her baby again!!!

  21. Tina Neaderhiser

    🤮piece of 💩

  22. There’s someone that said they need parenting classes ,. They need birth control , they need to quit going out there and having unprotected sex , when they are old enuff to know if they do the outcome of it . If you are not ready or just flat out don’t want a baby for whatever reason Don’t have unprotected sex. Point blank there is too many places that offer birth control for free . Even if s pregnancy occurs thru rape or whatever the reason , don’t hurt the baby bcause you was hurt . It’s not it’s fault , it’s not it’s blame for your pain and suffering , bug don’t make it suffer bcause someone else hurt you . Give it to somebody. Adopt it or whatever but don’t abuse it , don’t kill it . And all these ppl that are abusing and killing these precious angels and the holler a mental breakdowns or whatever well guess what it happened to me and I never abused him , beat him I consider him my most precious gift if all . Even though he was conceived in the way he was , it was MY choice to keep him , My choice not to blame him for what happened to me. And I don’t look at him and see my attacker I look at him as all my love and my heart . ALL MY LOVE cause it was my choice to keep him and love him given the situation.

  23. The sad thing is she will be given many opportunities to rehabilitate herself and get the child back.

  24. Wow 🤬🤬
    Sick individual, she’s no mother.

  25. Omg an animal wouldn’t even do this

  26. Oh my goodness!!! She’s being mean to the baby because she mad at him?! That’s ridiculous!! She’s a dog!

  27. OMG! No words could express what I feel. 💞

  28. And what’s even worse about it….she will get out of jail, hook up with another guy, get pregnant again and probably do worse or even kill the next one!!!! If you are a parent that abuses a child especially your own I think they should be sterilized as punishment plus go to prison for a long time!!! If you kill a child you should be executed immediately!!!! IMO 😤🤬😠😡👹


    Absolutely disgusting! Women like this need to get some self esteem, some help, and quit doing the most, because your mad at, or for a man. If he leaves, just let it go! If he treats you, or your children bad, let him go! They love these men more than their own kids, and end up hurting their flesh, and blood! Sick! Sometimes it’s just demons causing mental illness, but a lot of this crap boils down to a man NOT being with them, or they gotta do some craziness to keep them! Some of them are losers! I get some of these men are doing better for their kids than some of these women, but a lot of these women fight for loser!

  30. FIVE WEEKS OLD?!! This freak of madness nature is INHUMANE. WOW WHAT A HEARTLESS PIECE OF 💩

  31. Drew is my Bae

    FIVE WEEKS old and already came face to face with pure madness from the one person who should lay their life down to protect and love. Thank God she did video all of this along with text messaging evidence so she may NEVER EVER touch a hair on this baby again!! One day this baby will grow up and see all of this which is heartbreaking all over again. This was attempted murder suffocating any baby for 37 seconds, and throwing it off the bed coupled with the way she talk down about the baby. Men really need to be paying close attention to who they are laying with unprotected because it’s the children who suffer greatly. Prayers for this precious baby. 🙏🏻❤️🙏🏻

  32. This is what happens when the Communists chase the fathers out of black households.

  33. Meadowlark Clawhammer

    Not even her fault. Bryunna never had a chance in life after she was given that ghetto ass name.

  34. paisley dreamz

    People can be ill, or crazy, or evil. But until we know what exactly this so-called mother is there’s no reason she should be walking the streets.
    there should be NO bail until she’s evaluated and a determination is made whether or not she’s ill.
    Also I frankly fear she’s a danger to her other child and I think that child should be in a foster home out of side of the jurisdiction somewhere secret like witness protection. She’s a danger to her other child, especially since it’s with a relative in my opinion.

  35. Heinous act as well as heinous person

  36. She thought having his baby would lock him down. Now she’s locked up.

  37. Prayers to the baby😢🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼💔and by the looks of this so called mother her hair shows she’s got brain damage😡💩

  38. Catherine Johnson

    Hope the baby daddy got custody 🙏🏾 baby daddy omg they would half to put me in jail cuz man o man

  39. Jahkai Saunders

    Omg this bih evil .

  40. I wanna meet the nigga who got her pregnant

  41. Life sentence….and a comb.

  42. Flowers Flowers

    As terrible as this is going to sound…i wish more, if not all, who are going to abuse their child do this…video tape it & send it to someone. You know why…then these sick people can be caught & spend their lives in prison for life. Otherwise these children could go for years being mistreated before getting caught.

  43. The Forensic Astrologer

    Sick psycho 😓

  44. Corinne Bustos

    These animals need to get fixed never to have anymore children

  45. Jahkai Saunders

    evil hefa

  46. Mary Jane Cornielle

    I’m glad the mother was STUPID enough to post videos of her ABUSING HER CHILD!

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