Child Abuse Video: Deranged black mom assaulted newborn to get back at her ex

Bryunna lost her damn mind/Crime Online

Black teen mom busted, charged.

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HIALEA — Bryunna Joyce, a 19-year-old black chick, was thrown in the slammer after she filmed herself smacking and suffocating her 5-week-old daughter then sent the video to her baby daddy as reprisal, telling him, “You don’t think I won’t kill her? I’ll just act like it’s an accident.” The heinous ordeal transpired Sunday following a domestic dispute in Hialea, Florida. According to police reports, Bryunna grabbed the infant by the throat, slapped her multiple times, called her a “bitch,” then threatened to feed her cat food.

Bryunna also put a blanket over the child’s head for 37 seconds as the neonate struggled for oxygen. “F*ck this baby,” Bryunna told her baby daddy via text. “I’m treating your child like dogsh*t.” After receiving the video, the distraught dad sent footage to the Florida Department of Children and Families. Bryunna was busted and charged with child abuse, child neglect and domestic battery by strangulation.

The baby is recovering at the hospital.

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. Marisol Collazo

    I tell you MADNESS shes the Devil Monster SMH ..

  2. Raychael Nicole

    Horrible mother… That demon lady doesn’t get to hold the title of a mother! Mother’s love comfort soothe and protect there children not hurt smh soo disgusting that lady better get locked up for life for this! And god I pray for that angel please protect that baby!

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