Gay Hate Video: Rapper Kid Rock yelled homophobic slurs at fans while on stage

Kid Rock ripped his fans/Daily Mail

Kid Rock called partygoers ‘fags.’

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SMITHVILLE — Embattled artist Kid Rock is catching hell after he called his fans a bunch of “faggots” during a live performance at a Smithville, Tennessee bar. The homophobic rant transpired last weekend. It was also captured on video. While rocking the stage at FishLipz Bar and Grill, a drunken Kid Rock lambasted fans for using cellphones to film his show. “You f*cking faggots with your iPhones out… you can post this dick right here,” the 50-year-old lyricist told the crowd while gesturing to his penis.

In his defense, security repeatedly told patrons filming is prohibited.

This ain’t the first time Kid Rock acted a fool on stage. If you recall, in November 2019, the “Cowboy” rapper was jettisoned by bouncers when he yelled, “I don’t like Oprah Winfrey or Joy Behar… they can suck a dick sideways!” He also led chants of “F*ck Oprah Winfrey” and “F*ck Kathie Lee Gifford!” 

So the Detroit native appears to have issues with women and gays.

Watch Kid Rock’s homophobic rant.

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  1. Go kid rock! He speaks the truth that this baby generation doesn’t want to hear

  2. He isn’t relevant anymore

  3. Dude hasn’t been relevant since mid 2000’s.

  4. Tired old man trying to get cloud ☁️

  5. Robert McDonald

    Half rate pos has been

  6. Kid rock is on

  7. Who the fuck cares. Kid rock is fucking awesome

  8. Typical white people

  9. Louis Westbrook

    Why is it “homophobic” if someone doesn’t agree with homosexuality??? you have the right to be homosexual and people have the right to agree & disagree, doesn’t make anyone “homophobic”

  10. But let Ice cube or any other rapper slur something like this his or her career would be over.

  11. No surprise coming from a Trump supporter

  12. cantfindausernamedamツ

    LoL kid rock has been irrelevant for well over a decade. Now he has allegedly offended many snowflakes. Next thing you know he will announce his new comeback tour LoL

  13. drunk can never make up for stupid. looked like he was preforming at a local barbeque.

  14. Showing their true colors

  15. Did that hurt some peoples feelings??? Well too bad weaklings, get over it!! Some people are such pansies nowadays!!!

  16. redski1960 clayton

    And people are offended by this?
    WTF is wrong with this genX wokie generation, always getting butthurt about something!

  17. Jimmy Chanbers

    What ever happened to freedom of speech?

  18. Oh, boo-hoo! Kid Rock said something that hurt someone’s fee-fees! This is unheard of! 🙄

  19. kid rock who?

  20. Not saying it’s okay but it’s seriously not news worthy. This world is getting so soft it’s insane.

  21. Do people really give a damn? Other than the media I don’t think anybody gives a damn.

  22. racist militia kid rock loser mayo that’s mad, his white supremacists Dad t****p lost, too bad racist militia pilgrims are out of style, time to refund the land to the NATIVE INDIANS.👈🤷😐🙂

  23. Kimberr Kennedy

    Kid Rock gets better and better. 🍼 bottles for all the babies

  24. Not a surprise you know he’s a racist he’s Trump’s buddy but I guess he forgot about that black son he has 💩🤯🤪👹👺

  25. Desperate for attention because he’s got literally zero talent and always looked like someone’s dad trying to dress up to be cool wit the kids.

  26. With some of the racist crap I hear black people say, people should chill out.

  27. Who cares everyone says it. People out here acting like they never said it or still say it SMH.

  28. Black Metalhead

    I support Kid Rock, i’m sick of this gay pride stuff being forced on us

  29. Big deal !!!!! They pissed him off by filming and he said something about it. Who cares what his choice of words were.
    They are acting as if he was singing to a 3rd grade class full of emotional school girls and hurt their feelings…. Geez.

  30. This is pathetic. Controversy aside, it’s clear to me at least that Kid Rock has a problem. He is an alcoholic. At this point, he’d be better off going to rehab rather than putting out a new album or going out on tour. My guess is chasing the bottom of a bottle is more important to him than acknowledging the pain and embarrassment that he is causing his family.

  31. Carol-Anne Somerville

    Not impressed with him, never have been, he’s a moron with a capital M!!! Kid Rock who??? 😂😂😂😂😂. He’s a has been that’s never been!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  32. Mahinda Githaiga

    The word faggot is a mean word that mean people use when they won’t accept people who are different from them.

  33. Kid Rock is allowed, screw all people offended! He’s an American Badass dont forget it. God bless you Kid Rock, America!

  34. Sex is not something you celebrate you disgusting immoral idiots, only in Babylon.

  35. It’s funny how some people hear that word and the first thing they associate it with is gay people…. Interesting. I hear it and gay people are not even in my top 5 of things that come to mind.
    I’ve been on this Earth 28 years and NOT ONCE have I ever heard a gay female called that word, so I guess it’s only a slur for some gay people…right?

  36. Jesus christ. Soft ass people. Fuck feelings. Man the fuck up

  37. Who the fuck cares, its a bunch of hillbillies anyway

  38. Kid Rock owns you Libtards!

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