Mo’Nique is under fire for telling African American women how to dress in public

Mo’Nique put sistas on blast/YouTube

Mo’Nique slams Nubian women. 

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ATLANTA — Blacklisted comic Mo’Nique is under fire again after she accused slothful black women of having no pride in their physical appearance. The 53-year-old Oscar winner blew a gasket the other day when she descried hordes of Nubian popsies donning bonnets and headscarves in public. “As we begin to walk through the airport, I saw so many, actually too many to count… but I saw so many of our young sisters in head bonnets, scarves, slippers, pajamas, blankets wrapped around them — and this is how they are showing up to the airport,” Mo’Nique ranted via Instagram Live. “When did we step away from, ‘Let me make sure I’m presentable when I leave my home. Let me make sure I’m representing the family I created. So that if I’m out on the street, I look like I have pride in myself?'”

Mo’Nique also implored black chicks to comb their tresses.

Fans were understandably pissed. Many lambasted Mo’Nique for excoriating black women on what they can and can’t wear while others were quick to mention outward appearance doesn’t necessarily reflect a person’s level of pride. Not to mention Mo’Nique made the comments while looking homely herself.

Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

“You’re literally in robe, no bra, hair not done talking to the PUBLIC about presentation?” one fan wrote.

“Please tell me this is a joke and you’re trying to prove a point.”

It should be noted bonnets and headscarves are traditionally worn by African American hotties to safeguard their natural hair, especially during bedtime. So it’s a cultural thing. Mo’Nique is basically exhorting sistas to conform to white societal standards. Does that make her a sellout?

Watch Mo’Nique’s public service announcement.

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  1. It’s a difference between black ppl & NIGGAZ get it straight 4 once like damn

  2. Um no, us black people are too far behind to be trying to establish more dumb sh*t. Perception is reality period. A bonnet with pajamas in public says “I’ve given up”.

  3. Monique kept it 100. I make sure I’m dressed to impress no matter what. Ain’t gonna let no Karen upstage me.

  4. I’m most comfortable naked. So you think it’s okay for me to walk around naked. OG needs to grow up. If I see you in the street in a bonnet, slippers, pajamas, you trifling and rachet.

  5. As a black women ive never wore a bonnet outside the house. U can wear a baseball cap or a scarf. I just don’t feel comfortable wearing house clothes outside

  6. anthony thompson

    Get yo mind right,not ya hair .my people 2 judgemental.thats like saying overweight people should b thin b4 they go outside. my people need to start loving the way a HUE-man is supposed to look, not some theory.u think all those ghosts swinging from trees care about yo NATURAL.look at who i am as a person and i guarantee u wont notice my NAPPY/NAPE, real,all inclusive hair.u just a celebrity so u don’t know what substance is anyway miss parker . …. ….

  7. The crazy thing is that a lot of these comments are anti black and very dehumanizing against black women

  8. Monique aged a lot after that Netflix complaint 😬🤔😳😱🚬

  9. Auntie why are you on social media without a bra on addressing this?

  10. Fedly Lherisson

    If it was up to me, I would mind my. Own business . There too many things going on out there especially Covid. People has the right to wear what they want. It’s a. Free country. And also you don’t want to be a situation when you are being jump

  11. Ok but not all of us want to mess up our hair. Especially at the airport. Famous people should stay out of other’s business. Everyone is different. Wearing bonnets doesn’t mean you have no respect for yourself. Like some people take them off whenever they get to their location. She’s annoying💯

  12. Carebear 67street

    She need to stop! When she was 200lbs bigger, she didn’t like skinny bitches, but now she’s losing weight, she wants to tell people what they should or should not wear! Mo, you can’t have it both ways…
    Don’t go knocking people about how they look,!

    You didn’t like it when it was done to you!!!

    She may be slimming down, but her head is still big…. Literally 🙄
    Now, I live in the hood and see that stuff she mentioned, on the daily! No, I don’t like it, but, as long as I’m not the one showing up in a bonnet & pjs, then I’m not worried about it! I mind my own business… Each of us are not on the same economic level, so people buy and wear what they can afford, and the average are struggling and have been for a while, so unless she’s willing to go to the hood and set up shop and give Free beauty services, then she need to shut up and mind her biz….

    I like Mo, but I don’t always agree with her!
    She don’t set the standard for beauty, style, class, or mannerism. Except for her own self….
    Something we all must do for our own selves 🧐

  13. With all do respect, there are some women that don’t give a damn about they’re appearance and women that do, but never judge anyone. Someone wearing a bonnet and slippers might be sick the day you see her, she still got to run to the pharmacy, grocery store, etc. Because she has no one at home that can help her do those things, Tap her and ask how she is doing before judging about why she’s wearing a bonnet and slippers.

  14. it’s a damn shame that ANYONE has to tell you NOT to do this. i would think the mirror would tell you. your pride would tell you. your mama (should have) told you. now you’re grown and lack the discernment for self-correction, and another black woman has to tell you. it’s a sad commentary on some black women. thank you monique.

  15. I just feel like self pride is being way too heavily based on appearance in her argument. It’s not like going out with a head covering is automatically equivalent to uncleanliness. And why does it matter if someone is going to the airport or Walmart anyway? If I’m going to the store to grab some things I need, how my hair is tied back is for me, not for you. I know many people who ALWAYS look so well put together, but they are still struggling with deep rooted insecurities, depression, unhealed trauma, etc. Self care is not just “looking” like you care about yourself to a complete stranger (or anyone for that matter) who doesn’t know you or where you’ve been or what you’ve been through. You can look good and “presentable” to someone else’s eyes all you want, but that doesn’t mean you are living a healthful life.

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