Reality TV stars Deon and Karen Derrico expecting fifteenth child, grandma livid

Deon and Karen have too many kids/TLC

Derricos have children galore.

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LAS VEGAS — Deon Derrico, 49, and his horny ass wife Karen, 40, have fourteen children plus a bun in the oven. That’s not a misprint. Karen is gravid and expecting Baby No. 15 or 16 or 17. But grandma is pissed because she believes that’s too many kids. Deon and Karen, stars of TLC’s new reality television series “Doubling Down with the Derricos,” have quintuplets, triplets and two sets of twins. Not to mention Karen suffered two miscarriages and lost another baby during accouchement.

So the fecund lovebirds should have more than the 14 they got.

“I don’t need this,” grandma told Deon when he revealed the pregnancy.

“Is that cute to you, for real? When is the line drawn?”

Granny has a point. Here’s the names and ages of Karen’s ravenous crumb snatchers: Darrian (16), Derrick (11); twins Dallas (10) and Denver (10); quintuplets Deniko (8), Dariz (8), Deonee (8), Daician (8) and Daiten (8); twins Diez (3) and Dior (3); and triplets Dawsyn (2), De’Aren (2) and Dyver (2).

All of their names start with a “D.”

Sh*t, it appears the only thang open late at night are Karen’s legs.

The Derricos have a residence in Las Vegas that’s comprised of 2,400 square feet. To logistically accommodate the children, they converted the theater room into a nursery. The dwelling is also satiated with bunk beds. Most whippersnappers have chores and the eldest kids help raise the younger ones.

Grandma helps out too.

Octomom (né Nadya Suleman) has 14 children.

Barring a miscarriage, Karen will break the tie in a few months.

Deon said the bible told him to be fruitful and multiply.

“Doubling Down with the Derricos” airs Tuesdays at 9 PM CST on TLC.

Do they have too many damn kids?

Is it time for Karen to seek tubal ligation?

Should Deon pursue a vasectomy?

Watch the pregnancy announcement.

Share your thoughts.


  1. wonderfullee 123

    That’s a lot of kids. It’s kind of wrong as that put pressure on grandmother and other children to help. The daughter already said she wants a normal kids life.

  2. Kimberly Skolkin

    It’s none of grandma’s business. The only appropriate response to a pregnancy is “Congratulations”. No pregnant woman needs the negativity about a new life. This is between the mother, the father and the Lord. It’s bad enough that those of us with large families hardly get any congratulations and many rude comments. If she plans on loving all of her grand kids, she will regret the video of her disgruntled reaction. This child may one day see it. BTW, I am a proud Mama of 9.🥰

  3. Look at granny’s face 👀

  4. Feel bad for the first born. She has to be responsible for kids she didn’t even make.

  5. I dearly love this family!!! The family is so very inspiring!!!

  6. I hate the names…and house is too small

  7. I guess with so many children to care for she can’t gain weight. She look great. Her husband is amazing too.

  8. Their own plantation $

  9. Dang girl. But how do you have quintuplets and Triplets with out any IVF? Bless your heart. One child is enough for me

  10. am I the only one who thought that some were adopted-
    But then I realised they all look alike with the eyes and hair and stuff

  11. I’m sorry but why have so many kids especially if you know that you carry more than one

  12. They just come out without even pushing.

  13. Her womb is soooooooo!!!!!! Blessssss!!!!! AMAZING!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩

  14. Is he the father because they don’t look like him to me🤷🏻

  15. Seriously I give it to these parents. This had to be something they REALLY wanted. I’m exhausted just looking at the sheer number of children… how do you fit everyone in a car? A restaurant? …a HOUSE (that you can afford to actually buy, that is)?

  16. No abortions!

  17. AccessoryAddict

    I’ve got two and that’s too many.

  18. Fat Meat Greasy

    @AccessoryAddict: I got one and that’s too many😆😆😆😆


  20. They’re organized ,the kids are disciplined I love them

  21. Totalchaos1983

    She is one fertile woman!! Looking amazing for having all those kids too!

  22. Nothing but Blessings to this Beautiful family. 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  23. Whatever you need

    I love the overwhelming positivity in the comments ❤️ this family is so sweet!

  24. too many damm kids

  25. none of the children were conceived with IVF but medications can make you release more than one egg if your goal is to have lots of children.

  26. Caroline Chunau

    It’s a blessing and she looks great but wooow that’s a lot of kids
    I respect that she said she chose to have all those kids and they are able to provide for them
    I love it

  27. Beautiful blessings all around! Why haven’t I heard of this family before?! Love them!

  28. They seem like a very happy, loving family. Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  29. Antonette Manning

    They wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t for social media. I’m pretty sure trying to be famous was the aim and it worked!

  30. @Antonette Manning: Nope, because you want it to be like that. They legit wanted a big family.

  31. Well, at least they can take care of them financially and they’re all well behaved.

  32. Poor granny😩😩😩😩😩


  34. I like them but I wish they weren’t having another kid. I’m worried lol

  35. Does this man have a JOB?

  36. Ridiculous…..period

  37. I agree with GG. One of them needs to close up shop. God have you common sense as well. She was just in the hospital on bed rest with the last babies, not to mention having a sickly baby with all of that. Why keep putting your body at risk and continue going through all of that. Enough is enough.

  38. Deon is VERY SELFISH-everything is about what he wants. He is also very controlling. Karen seems afraid to stand up to him, she is responsible for just about everything including schooling all those kids. Something very wrong with a man who wouldn’t let his wife pee on a pregnancy stick in private-she actually peed in a tiny bottle and brought it out for him to do it! He also has OCD and can’t/won’t tolerate dirt and freaks out over feces? Guessing he doesn’t change diapers and makes kids put diapers on the poor dog who isn’t allowed in house. What normal person thinks the Bible told him to have hundreds of children?

  39. Deon needs to ask himself a question, what if something happens to Karen, or GG, or him for that matter, he wouldn’t have coped when Karen had the last babies with out GG to help him, and what about the fact you can’t give each child the attention they deserve, I love this family but it just seems self indulgent not to put the kids best interest in front of their desires for a huge family.

  40. Abort those rats ASAP

  41. This family is what is wrong with this country… FACT!!! Statistically… 10 of these kids will be in prison by their 21st birthday… LMAO 😂😂😂

  42. I understand were GG is coming from i think they need to pray and ask GOD to show them is this what’s best for us right now to have another baby when you are dealing with one baby who still has to go back and forth for doctor visit who is a little behind from her triplets and now the son who you don’t know if he might have to have a major surgery which we pray about and put in the hands of the LORD then your oldest who can’t be with friends because you have the other children to tend to which take away from her growing up with kids her own age. Then you have a dog which is like a child and Karen said now we have another mouth to feed which is to much but your ready to have another baby when you are not giving the other ones the opportunity to have that time with you and attention don’t get me wrong they are some well behaved children but seek GOD’S wisdom and see what’s best for your family not just you.

  43. You keep having babies with serious medical problems, STOP bringing ill babies in the world. Are you two that selfish, sick babies, doesn’t their health mean anything to you?

  44. Carol-Anne Somerville

    Poor grandmother. She’s getting used, used, used! She’s not young anymore and they forget that? She does have her own life. It doesn’t revolve around the kids wholly and solely it’s not fair on her at all!

  45. In the old testament people had multiple wives to have all those children …. Children are a blessing but we have to have wisdom

  46. I’m with grandma 100%

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