Reality TV stars Deon and Karen Derrico expecting fifteenth child, grandma livid

Deon and Karen have too many kids/TLC

Derricos have children galore.

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LAS VEGAS — Deon Derrico, 49, and his horny ass wife Karen, 40, have fourteen children plus a bun in the oven. That’s not a misprint. Karen is gravid and expecting Baby No. 15 or 16 or 17. But grandma is pissed because she believes that’s too many kids. Deon and Karen, stars of TLC’s new reality television series “Doubling Down with the Derricos,” have quintuplets, triplets and two sets of twins. Not to mention Karen suffered two miscarriages and lost another baby during accouchement.

So the fecund lovebirds should have more than the 14 they got.

“I don’t need this,” grandma told Deon when he revealed the pregnancy.

“Is that cute to you, for real? When is the line drawn?”

Granny has a point. Here’s the names and ages of Karen’s ravenous crumb snatchers: Darrian (16), Derrick (11); twins Dallas (10) and Denver (10); quintuplets Deniko (8), Dariz (8), Deonee (8), Daician (8) and Daiten (8); twins Diez (3) and Dior (3); and triplets Dawsyn (2), De’Aren (2) and Dyver (2).

All of their names start with a “D.”

Sh*t, it appears the only thang open late at night are Karen’s legs.

The Derricos have a residence in Las Vegas that’s comprised of 2,400 square feet. To logistically accommodate the children, they converted the theater room into a nursery. The dwelling is also satiated with bunk beds. Most whippersnappers have chores and the eldest kids help raise the younger ones.

Grandma helps out too.

Octomom (né Nadya Suleman) has 14 children.

Barring a miscarriage, Karen will break the tie in a few months.

Deon said the bible told him to be fruitful and multiply.

“Doubling Down with the Derricos” airs Tuesdays at 9 PM CST on TLC.

Do they have too many damn kids?

Is it time for Karen to seek tubal ligation?

Should Deon pursue a vasectomy?

Watch the pregnancy announcement.

Share your thoughts.


  1. Have as many as you want… Big Beautiful Black Loving Family…Mom of Multiples.

  2. she trapped his ass

  3. He better not divorce her. Child support will kick his ass.

  4. I really like them and I think they do An Amazing job with their babies I wonder if she will have another set of multiples she had her triplets it might be
    5 this time ❤❤❤😲

  5. Beverlyann Gilbert

    I know they get paid to appear on television. So what happens if their show is canceled. Do they keep having babies to stay on television.

  6. Why is the father so stupid and doesn’t wear a condom if I was her I say no sex with out a condom 🙄
    This show is so super stupid
    It’s all about this poor woman getting pregnant if it wasn’t then they wouldn’t have a show

  7. Beverlyann Gilbert

    When do they even have the time or energy to make another baby.?. This is almost obscene.

  8. When do they have time to rest??? All dat damn noise would drive a nigga crazy.

  9. Jess with Da Kids !

    They expect the older girl to help them with the younger kids which is not her responsibility. They choose to have all these kids and god forbid something happens to them then what?

  10. I love this couple but when is enough enough. Their triplets are having health issues and streached thin. In my option having as “many kids as god allows” is not a blessing when you keep popping out babies and your health is on the line. I feel this grandma. They are a wonderful family but seriosuly enjoy the many babies you already have

  11. They don’t need any more kids with 3 kids dealing with health issues. Another child or kids can add stress to the family. And she doesn’t have 1 kid at a time she has multiple. He needs to get fixed or she needs her tubes tied.

  12. keep your legs closed lady

  13. I can’t believe these comments here you act like its her fault she probably tried her best not to get pregnant its lots of things can lead to a pregnancy she is in a happy marriage and evennhad a television show so whats the problem?

  14. I agree with Grandma. That’s a lot. I hope they don’t expected their oldest daughter to stay home after high school to help.

  15. GG is spot on, time to draw the line! Karen doesn’t look well to me, the last set of triplets too a lot out of her. Having so many multiples and breastfeeding all of them has to be taxing on her poor body. When does she eat or get sleep? Their medical bills alone has to be thru the roof another stress on the family!

  16. Maggy Nakimuli

    I think its getting ridiculous at this point.🙄 they are now doing it for show. Nana was right when is the line drawn 🙄🙄🤔

  17. Such a blessing to be able to bare all of those children. Wishing the best for this family. Praying things work out in the family’s favor 💘 I believe having a doula would be so good for her during her pregnancies

  18. At least theyre not depending on the welfare system

  19. Peekia Jenkins

    I’m with Deon’s mother on this one.
    No more kids are needed

  20. Glad the grandma said it because I don’t think it’s cute either

  21. This woman needs to give her body a break. She knows she’s high risk and still keeps having more. The Grandmother is not wrong and as long as they rely so heavily on her, she has a right to voice her opinion.

  22. It’s honestly not my place to speak on someone else’s life choices but this just feels so selfish it’s unreal. Your oldest daughter has already stated how “overwhelmed “ she feels at time with all the siblings and you’re just going to keep piling it on?

  23. Zealine Barsee

    I love kids ,but sister you need to stop and take care of those beautiful kids ,and you are aging , take into consideration anything can happen at anytime why giving birth. Please do something stop Please .your kids are very beautiful.

  24. I feel she keep having these babies to please him because when the grandma is arguing with the son she got up and left. No stand in your decision to be a baby making machine. You now have 2 kids that need extra help along with 12 other kids you barely have time for. They take care of each other and that’s not right or telling the twins there’s no twinning allowed!!

  25. They have a “vision” of a village but they need GG to watch the kids all the time. GG is tired she needs to retire and relax

  26. Octomom: “I have 14 children.”

    Karen: “Hold my beer.”

  27. I love their family but I’m agree with the grandma. A line needs to be drawn somewhere at this point. Plus she needs to let her body rest.

  28. I want to feel sorry for Karen because it seems like she just goes along with whatever deon wants. When she was the only one going back and forth to the hospital a few months ago for Dawson she complained and he cried and made her feel bad for even saying something.
    I only have 3 kids the youngest a year old and I know how hard it is to find time to be intimate so it makes me feel like they’re only intimate when he’s trying to get her pregnant. It’s just sad because while yes children are a blessing but what about Karen? Obviously I don’t know what’s going on in their actual life and everything in the show could be fake besides the pregnancies but I just feel like she’s more than just a mother and baby maker.

  29. They need to stop having kids

  30. That’s a lot of stress on her body.

  31. I have zero problem with them having as many kids as they want. It’s their life and their decision. The ONLY thing that gives me pause is that the wife’s last pregnancy was high risk and dangerous and this pregnancy doesn’t exactly seem planned. So I am wondering if another baby is really what she wants.

  32. Listen,granny is sick of their shit😂
    Her whole vibe said “hell no”,she like how many y’all gone have? “where’s the line drawn?”😭💀

  33. All for a TV show, hope not bc after the taping the kids will still be there. They are being very selfish. She already look unhealthy, hope the both of them are around to see them all reach adulthood it’ll be tragic if not. I don’t enjoy watching the show anymore.

  34. I’m seeing comments about him being selfish and her body not healing but as the children grow they’re going to feel neglected(some) no matter how hard the parents try. It’s just too many kids at this point. It’s all fun and games till the children start maturing and facing the life outside their home. IMO

  35. Jasmine Turner

    She gotta be slow she think that shit cute they need a house with 15 rooms at this point

  36. Grandma didn’t mention that she lives at her sons rental property…on his dime. And as her son said, he didn’t ask for her help so his mom who’s living rent free should mind her negative business. Technically, they would have 15 if they didn’t lose one years ago.

  37. Imagine feeding 14kids, that like 20 eggs for breakfast, 1 loaf of bread and 2 packs of sausages

    Then for dinner that’s 2 whole chickens and 4lbs of rice.

    Now times this by 7 days per week. Smh madness.

  38. Imagine having all these pregnancy risk and continues to get pregnant, put a goddamn condom on or take birth control, stop making life harder than it already is.

  39. How much can her body take? How much can their village take? How much can their children take? Where is the limit? He’s giggling as if he’s not talking about a human life. He’s so casual like their just adding another book to their shelf.

  40. What a fun family.💯👍💖

  41. A hint to the wise is sufficient. They need to listen to his mother…draw the line, enough is enough. Mom may not be there always. Have they considered all the school activities kids are involved in; Is their K-12 education strong enough for them to qualify and not struggle in college; Have they put away monies for their 14 children to attend college. Oh, and wait until their children hit puberty.
    He needs to consider a vasectomy. He has plenty boys to carry his name and genes.

  42. She doesn’t have quadruplets yet. Lol

  43. grandma said fuck this 🙄🙄

  44. Is that cute to you all jokes aside 😕🙁😩 they need to slow down and take care of the kids they have.Maybe get birth control until the two or three youngest ones are a bit older

  45. half of those kids may not be his…… nigga better call maury and get a paternity test

  46. she should be a serogate and help other families have just one. She doesnt need anymore of her own.

  47. If I was one of their kids, I would be like I didn’t sign up for this

  48. Condom? Birth control? I mean it’s their life and if they can afford it and if it’s what they want then I support them. But her poor body needs recovery

  49. This is going to turn out like that show 20 and counting.TLC must pay big money for this

  50. Saunetha Esterlin

    🙏👏😇💙🙌👑😇 Jesus is coming soon preach the gospel and repent may God bless you AMEN😇👑🙌💙💙😇👏🙏

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