Gay Video: Viral footage lends veracity to assertion that Barack & Michelle are gay

Michelle and Barack have skeletons/Instagram

Barack & Michelle’s sexuality exposed?

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CHICAGO — A compilation video has gone viral that lends veracity to the assertion that quondam President Barack Obama is gay and whilom First Lady Michelle Obama is a transgender woman (né Michael Lavaughn Robinson). If you recall, Joan Rivers was the first celeb to drop the homo bombshell and she was subsequently killed during a routine laryngoscopy shortly thereafter. “We already have [a gay president] with Obama,” Joan told a reporter when asked if America will ever elect a homosexual president. “You know Michelle is a tranny… a transgender. We all know.”

Tranny speculation ran rampant when Michelle performed a choreographic sequence on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and viewers descried what appears to be a phallus wiggling underneath her white trousers. Barack also let the cat out the bag when he accidentally called his wife “Michael” multiple times.

“Michael and I,” Barack said in a speech on September 30, 2011.

As for the childen? Skeptics believe their two daughters — Sasha and Malia — are progenies of surrogates Martin Nesbitt and Dr. Anita Blanchard. Both are family friends from Chicago. Barack, if you recall, was the first sitting president in U.S. history to endorse gay marriage. Now we know why.

Was Joan Rivers telling the truth?

Are Barack and Michelle trapped in the closet?

Watch the alarming video.

Share your thoughts.


  1. I always knew Barack was a faggot

  2. Tube steak compliments of Michael lavaughn robinson!!

  3. The Obamas are woke

  4. Show me a pic of a pregnant Michael and I’ll shut the hell up.

  5. @Eric Elkins: Do you want to see all the other first ladies pregnancy pics, or just the black one?
    btw….because youre such an idiot I know youre not aware of this, but in the last SIXTY years, only 2 first ladies have published pregnancy pics, so SUCK IT

  6. Damn he was fuckn Barack with that ewww🤦🏾‍♂️💀

  7. America is the most degenerate country on earth.

  8. Do they take turns suckin each others dicks????

  9. Mike Obama forgot his jockstrap !!

  10. Joan Rivers is laughing in her grave


  12. I saw the bump in Michael’s crotch!! 😂 Mr. Pickle swaying to the music!

  13. Samalamadingdong…When did microphones start becoming equipped with testicles? 😒😒

  14. Barack called her Michael in front of the entire world 🤣🤣🤣

  15. White pants are very revealing Manchelle .🍆🍆 Whats up with the Man junk Swinging in yo pants.It’s all fun & games until your man junk starts swinging, to the beat of Uptown Funk! 😳😳😱😱 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Damn freaks !!
    Claimed to be for the gay movement but has people murdered if they try to EXPOSE what (HE) is !!

  17. Fuck Obama

  18. Apparently Michael goes commando.

  19. Thebigpinetree

    Michelle packing some shmeat

  20. Damn…. whatta Pickle

  21. Debbie Schepers

    She does look like a dude!

  22. @Debbie Schepers: STFU Qcumber

  23. AND WE AS AMERICANS …LET THIS FLY? …..What You gonna Tell your Babies …………………

  24. “Michael and I…”

    welp now we know barack calls him michael at home

  25. Big Mike and his foot long trouser snake…..

  26. Barack and Michael have doodoo on their dicks🤢🤮💩

  27. Slinging that Johnson all over the place..

  28. Robert Edwards

    Should be dancing to Aerosmith…..”Dude looks like a lady”

  29. Kamala Harris has a dick too

  30. White pants perfect choice for exposing the goods …umm hum the man bits

  31. Lol.. the serpent was somewhat restrained

  32. Patrick Bateman

    Barack must be a sick fuck!

  33. Michael promoting the White House Egg Roll with a Sausage Flop.

  34. Joan rivers was correct and got bumped off for calling Michael Obama a bloke!!

  35. Wow MR. MICHELLE
    E V I L…E V I L. E V I L

  36. Barack loves anal sex

  37. Ol Micheal Lavaughn.

  38. Are you folks effing nuts? Any person with the tiniest of brain will know that the pants moving is because she was dancing and the type of pants. OMG. Is this what we have reduced ourselves to?

  39. Smith & Wesson

    @None Jek: Shut up bitch!

  40. That’s bullshit there is nothing…
    Even if she was a transgender with a schlong, she would try to hide it with extra tight underwear and wouldn’t let it hanging loose while doing a dance performance..
    Just switch on a few more brain cells

  41. This comment section restored my faith in humanity.

  42. i am traumatised for life

  43. All these weirdos in the comments staring at her crotch is gross, anywho I love her 💛

  44. Michelle is a woman. Believe me, I’m no fan of hers but I don’t believe she’s a man. Look how long her legs are, the width of her hips, and the shorter waist. The wider hips are the main clue. Men in general have longer waists, and shorter in proportion legs and of course broader shoulders and narrower hips. Michelle is a rangy woman, tall and long legged and most of her height is her long legs. Those are women’s proportions generally. Taking the person as a whole, I don’t see how people can say she’s a man. Respectfully disagree. Again, I’m not a supporter of her or her beliefs but calling her a man seems very foolish on the evidence we have.

  45. Christian Prusinski

    @Ledge Edge: Shut the fuck up

  46. nicholas palmer

    This is totally nuts 🌰 🌰 !

  47. Obama has been forever gay. He was exposed by a church member about 4-5 years ago who attended the same church with him in Chicago. Dude who exposed him conveniently died in a car accident a few weeks later

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