Striptease Video: Exotic dancers spotted performing at children’s park in Chicago

Strippers taking over parks/Splash News

Mobile strip club confiscates park.

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CHICAGO — The Windy City is now known for clear heels. Authorities in Chicago are searching for an illegal mobile strip club that’s confiscated several parks and playgrounds throughout the city. The outdoor Gentlemen’s Club is comprised of exotic dancers, gang members and bouncers. Each rump shaker is given a diminutive dance floor coupled with a stripper pole to entice pedestrians. The most recent striptease went down at a recreational area for children near the University of Chicago.

The twerk-fest was also captured on video.

Cell phone footage shows a horde of scantily clad popsies gyrating their hips and sliding down poles as concupiscent patrons shoved mazuma down their G-strings. Dollar bills were also scattered across the lawn. So you can tell it’s a profitable business. Are you impressed by the group’s inventiveness?

Do you want a mobile strip club in your city?

Watch the disturbing video.

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  1. I want one in KC. Sign a nigga up.


  3. Pornstar Wannabe

    I just jacked off on my computer screen

  4. This is sad all the way around. From the strippers needing to do this for fast money and the dudes who probably got women at home. Openly on camera paying for this!?!?

  5. I'm a hater and proud

    Your black queens ladies and gentlemen

  6. Wonder who cursed some black people 🤦🏿‍♂️

  7. Whiteboy wit an attitude

    black women are so fuckin hot

  8. Well isnt this a nice dignified activity for this generation, I can imagine all the little children aspiring to do this soon. Mothers and fathers are probably so excited to promote this to their little ones, see, you can be just like this real soon, dont worry about getting an education, being a good role model, helping your community with positive things to eliminate poverty, drugs and violence. Just booty pop, twerk, sing about popping coochie, smoke blunts, tote guns, shoot folks ya dont like……extensive sarcasm

  9. Larry the Pizza Delivery Guy

    I can smell fish through my screen

  10. I’m a fan of the adult scene when done correctly. This looks rather dusty.

  11. this is how u pimp

    make dem hoes bring in da revenue

  12. Innovative.

  13. They may as well just go ahead and set up pay booths with beds in them behind the swings and make money THAT way too. Smh.

  14. laidbackgal4real

    Damn ..Damn ..Damn .( in Florida Evans voice)

  15. I’m sick and tired of this degenerate behavior being propagated as the norm. This is totally disgusting.

  16. We the people !!!!!

    Only black neighborhood in the world where the property value is skyrocketing…lol

  17. Niggas have No Shame!!

  18. President Joe, you can drop a bomb on them nïggäs any day now SMH I hate Níggàs

  19. All these jobs out here and people rather do this.
    But, you wanna stop the immigrants who will work from coming over❗

  20. These people and those that are like-minded are TOTAL TRASH. Yep… I said it. Ill-mannered and think any and everything goes anyplace and anytime. Say anything and everything to whomever and whenever. I feel like the store owner in Menace to Society…. I feel sorry for their parents, grandparents or WHOEVER it was that tried to raise them. This is just disgraceful…. and then wonder why “they” think we’re untrained animals. Look at this mess.

  21. I can’t do nothing but laugh at this LOL

  22. OMG! I don’t know what else to say

  23. 6 million people are facing evictions while republican governors are ending fed unemployment money that does not cost their states anything. What do you expect.

  24. @JDMANN: TF are you talking about?. Them [email protected]$ ain’t had a job since Bird Flu. They were never getting unemployment…they were getting welfare. And they still getting welfare. You don’t know what you’re talking about. Them [email protected]$ have never had a job in their entire lives, so how TF were they getting unemployment?

  25. I don’t care, just not in a park with families and children. Nothing wrong with the alley by the dumpsters….keep it in the dark

  26. DonnaFierce187

    Lookin like crackheads lmao. Well y’all allowed stank cardi and thotshxt megan…to normalize a stripper era. Now even family channels are even promoting skank strippa shows and so forth. Sad and stank.

  27. Ew looks hot and smelly 😩

  28. Downtown Brown

    @StarliteSugar: I like a smelly pussy

  29. That’s what I call real entrepreneurship!! #BOSS

  30. Chicago should be nuked

  31. White Nubian king

    You monkey MFs sure are innovative…. YALL WUZ KANGZ AND SHEEEEIT 😂😂😂

  32. Fix it Jesus!

  33. They should no longer be welcomed in the Black community! Disgusting

  34. Ratchet Nasty it’s too hot to be out Chi town twerking dripping sweat 💦
    Gotta stink

  35. i drivereckless in bad weather

    There’s a time and place for everything but this was neither time or place. Some people have completely lost their sense of decency.


  37. they all have AIDS

  38. Girl in the pink thick

  39. This is why our community is just down the drain. Whores and simps.

  40. Fuck the haters….. sistas are sexy that’s why everybody envies them. White men dont want their own women. They want chocolate, not vanilla.

  41. Utubeisrunbyfags

    Those are the bastard makers at work

  42. I think the pandemic made everyone crazy.

  43. Diamond -Crush Ivory-

    Poles at the Park, where children hangout, say whaaattttt?😫😫😫

  44. This is too damn ratchet

  45. Park probably smell like fish sticks…

  46. The Hostage Continent

    This world need to be purged ..
    Am wishing a nuclear war soon , human’s need to be eliminated.

  47. That’s what I’m taking about! The clubs were closed due to covid. We need to pay our bills too. Shout out to the mothers who making that legal money.

  48. This is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING. Where families and kids go?? Women in my generation have hit a all time low! Morality is in the depths of Hell. Pathetic

  49. Guess they can’t wait until nighttime to dance indoors. So embarrassing

  50. Hey they figure if you got money in one hand and throwing money with the other hand and you’re distracted by them cheeks then you’re not shooting anyone! So I’m not mad at Chicago because they had to do something. 🤷‍♂️

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