La La Anthony and husband Carmelo are divorcing after eleven years of marriage

La La and Melo are done/TMZ

La La & Carmelo ‘calling it quits.’

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NEW YORK — “When a woman’s fed up…” You can stick a fork in La La Anthony’s marriage because it’s done. The 41-year-old basketball wife is divorcing Portland Trail Blazers forward Carmelo Anthony after eleven years of holy matrimony. La La filed dissolution indentures Thursday in New York on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. The estranged lovebirds have been sundered for months. Now they’ve officially called it quits; albeit on amicable terms. If you recall, La La tried to egress the union in 2017 after Melo got some pussy on the side. But they appeared to reconcile after he effectuated more begging than Keith Sweat.

“He wants to make it work and is trying not to lose his family,” an insider told E! News at the time. “La La is the one that has all the control now and Carmelo is giving her whatever she needs, but he is fighting for her hard and he knows he messed up big time.”

Sh*t, he didn’t try too hard.

Melo, 37, cheated on her again in 2019.

The aforementioned infidelity coupled with the “Stay-At-Home” quarantine for COVID-19 sealed their cessation. They were, however, astute enough to sign a prenup. La La and Melo got hitched in 2010 and their nuptials were televised by VH1 as part of their reality TV series “La La’s Full Court Wedding.”

They share a 14-year-old son, Kiyan.

But Melo has more kids outside the marriage. One of his side chicks is reportedly gravid with twins.

La La is a former video jockey for MTV.

Melo is an 18-year NBA veteran.

Do you agree with their decision to dissever?

Should they stay amalgamated for the kid?

Share your thoughts.


  1. Isn’t she friends with the new divorceeee Kim K

  2. That marriage been over

  3. she’s 41 with a lot of miles…….. time to trade her in for a newer, younger model

  4. This is actually pretty sad.. I’m never thrilled to see a black relationship end in such a fashion. IJS

  5. After 11 years she has rights to as Eddie Murphy famously put it….. “Half”.

  6. @SG S: They have a prenup. Didnt you read the article?

  7. It's All About The Money

    Carmelo is 37, which means his NBA career is almost over, all of the juice is squeezed out of the orange economically with Carmelo, so she has no further use for him, now LaLa will go to become the next Larsa Pippen.

  8. Look how beautiful and successful she is plus seemed to be a very good mother, what else do men want? Honestly, will never understand why men cheat 🤔🤔

  9. A man will do what you let him do to you it’s been over, never stay for children 💯 it will only get worse 💯

  10. Hit the road jack don’t you come back no more, no more , no more, no more . Hit the carlmelo don’t you come back no more. Lala keep it stepping on to the Good Life of Peacefulness.


    Wow so sad I love to see when you can make last forever. Praying they can work it out

  12. About time!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  13. Lala got just want she wanted how long she was a string along before he marrying her. Please this man been sharing his friendly penis. She marrying him knowing this. She dealt with it until she couldn’t anymore. She probably thought like every other woman think they could change man. Change her body and all doesn’t keep them. She’ll be fine she always made money for herself and now she’ll get some of his

  14. Deshaun Hawkins

    💔 awww man 😑

  15. Jonathan Cineus

    This was not gonna work. He doesn’t really want to be with her. He just wants the comfort of having a wife and being treated well by a good woman.

  16. Once a cheater …. Too busy off the court than focusing on the 🏀 court🙄

  17. But he’s been cheating and she stayed. What’s the difference now?

  18. Delilah Keller

    That’s her fault for staying once a cheater all ways a cheater 🤷🤦🙍

  19. Hazeleyes Green Grey

    He cheated that whole relationship they should have been divorced.

  20. Well at least she can say say she tried. I’m proud of her for doing what’s best for herself. It seems like everyone be so ready for marriages to be over and I know she worked hard in her marriage. But it’s wise to know when to stay and when to let go.

  21. I thought these two were already divorced?🙄🙄🙄. I doubt anyone cares.

  22. wrecking her own home. I always wondered how Mello felt about them scenes she did in Power. Shit was crazy tho.

  23. Ava The Darling

    She should sue for emotional distress chile

  24. La La won. She was a mediocre VJ with a short shelf life and predatored a younger man with major potential and rode him higher than she could ever go herself.

  25. Most Men are selfish scumbags and most women are in denial and desperate. We as women want these men too change so bad but they never do. Smh

  26. Lala should have divorced him a years ago after he had a baby on her with that other side hoe. Carmelo – you been in the nba for how many years and still can’t get a ring? And to make matters worse, you had the audacity to cheat on Lala!!! 🤡🤡🤡

  27. April Showerzzzzz

    She lost him how she got him. She was in a whole relationship with that dude named Suga Jay when she started creeping with Carmelo, who at the time was just an NBA prospect. She was at this party that Swiss Beats was throwing with Melo and Sugar Jay came in and saw her and she straight acted like she didn’t know him, talking about “I’m here with my man”. Trifling. Why do people seem to not remember that?🤔

  28. I am Treasured

    He was never into LaLa, you could see it on the show they had when he was around.
    He should have not even married her in the first place. Waisted too much of her time and his as well. Sick , Sad and Shameful.
    But I had no idea she never divorced him and I had no idea he had more than one kid out side of their marriage 😳.
    Either way this is ridiculous and sad , LaLa please be rid of this head ache on e and for all !

  29. La La should’ve left a long time ago. Things only got worse


  31. 🙄 She do this every 2years. Maybe she’ll be smart this time

  32. Natasha cutie pie

    Look how many good years she wasted with this man. Why do we stay so they can show us a 2nd or 10th time they ain’t ish. We gotta leave these men when they cheat ladies. Stop thinking these men are going to be good to us consistently. They are not. We gotta do better.

  33. LaLa is gorgeous, she has a nice career going on and she looks better than the two women he had outside kids with. Women are way too forgiving. She should have left him after the first outside kid. Men would not hesitate to leave us if it was the reverse. LaLa hung in there for 11 years hoping things would get better.

  34. Lala knew what she was doing,she waited 10 years so she can get half of everything,that’s what pre-nups are for!!!

  35. I give no fucks about Carmelo and any other man who ends up in this situation. Brother should have been smarter about trying to be a player. Rule No. 1 should be don’t knock a side chick up if you’re married. Now with his wife heading to divorce court, he’ll see half his savings or more go to her. Then he now has the side chick dragging him to family court which is known to generously dole out exorbitant amounts of money in child support. You want to end up broke, this is a quick path to take to that goal.

  36. How disgusting..Carmelo having unprotected sex with these women..and only God knows who else the women are having sex with beside Carmelo…and then he has sex with his wife! Is it really worth securing the “bag” or securing a “disease”?

  37. I love LaLa she will be just fine. She’s pretty and talented and will deff not have a problem getting another man if that’s what she wants at thus time in her life.
    Side chucks are so dumb and if the dude make SC wifey he’ll just get another SC!

  38. Lamarana Djaló

    Lol she waited for the 10 years mark 😂😂😂😂 do your thing Lala

  39. Mariolyn DENNIS

    Them 11 years been Rough 😤

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