Madden NFL 22: Mahomes and Brady are appearing together on video game cover

Mahomes and Brady share honor/Clutchpoints

Brady, Mahomes Madden NFL 22

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KANSAS CITY — The old G.O.A.T. and baby G.O.A.T. are together again. Less than a year after squaring off in Super Bowl LV, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and Kansas City Chiefs signal-caller Patrick Mahomes will aggrandize the cover of “Madden NFL 22” — the MVP edition. It’s the video game’s 34th installment since its debut in 1988. EA Sports made the announcement Thursday. It’s the first time two players will appear together since “Madden NFL 10” when Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald and Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polumalu shared the accolade.

Mahomes, widely regarded as being the face of the league, is starting to make a habit of this Madden thing. The 25-year-old wunderkind was also featured on the wrapping of “Madden NFL 20” which came on the heels of his MVP season. Brady was featured on the cover of “Madden NFL 18” which means he and Mahomes are the first athletes to be featured on the Madden cover twice. Not bad.

“It’s really cool,” Mahomes told Zach Frydenlund of Yahoo Sports. “Obviously growing up, you always wanted to be on the Madden cover and I was able to do that a couple of years ago and now, being with the all-time great like Tom Brady, I mean, it really is a cool thing and, uh, to be able to have that for the rest of my life and to be able to show my kids the Madden covers. It’s really cool.”

Watch the “Madden NFL 22” trailer.

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  1. How bout those Chiefs 💛❤️💛❤️🏈

  2. Mahomes has won 1 SB…..

  3. Jayden Kortenhoven

    This game will suck

  4. The brightest young star, the face of the NFL… sounds like Kermit the frog.

  5. Oh wow another mahomes & Brady cover so awesome 🙄

  6. Captain Eyebrows

    These two might meet a few times in the Super Bowl.

  7. Face it madden will always suck. Stopped bein good for a long time now.

  8. Billy Arsenault

    Mahommes did not win 3 Rings in his first 4 seasons.
    He is already falling behind Tom Brady.
    Brady is the GOAT and always will be.
    Except it Suckers.

  9. Shawn Christianson

    Looks like complete dogshit. Can’t even change the shitty engine

  10. Elijah Roberts


  11. The Goat & Baby Goat👍👍👍

  12. This is gonna suck again isn’t it

  13. jesus Shuttlesworth

    Mahomes is a great athlete, has a cannon for an arm and throws a pretty spiral.

    Brady is unathletic, can’t run, can’t move, has a shitty arm and no highlights.🤣🤣🤣


  14. Marty McFly's distant cousin

    Mahomes is clearly the most gifted QB we’ve ever seen. Brady is smart but he has no talent. Mahomes is the GOAT by far. 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐 🐐

  15. Tom Brady hasn’t had the weapons that Patrick Mahomes has had in his career and Brady has 7 rings


  17. Y’all taking this S*** to far. I look at it as Tom Brady passing the torch to the next best up coming NFL QB’S 🐐

  18. Another bad cover , a cheater and a guy who was just on there a few games ago . What about Tj Watt or Derek Henry .

  19. Mahomes and Brady were already on covers! Can’t you get someone else?

  20. I love it 💪🏻

  21. I don’t get why people are complaining about seeing them over and over on covers when we see them over and over in superbowls

  22. Patrick mahomes is not the GOAT 😂

  23. Madden 22 have a MVP Edition without the reigning MVP? LMAO

  24. This shit trash af. Almost disrespectful to our Lord and Savior, Patrick Mahomes.

  25. If you want the all-time winner, choose Brady; if you prefer flash and style—but fewer SB trophies—choose Mahomes

  26. I’m so annoyed at the praise of mahomes. For God’s sake the man has 1 mvp and 1 super bowl mvp and people calling him baby goat. Its disrespectful to brady,young,Rodgers brees, and the other greats.

  27. Mahomes is my nigga —– the GReatest of ALL-time!!!!!!!

  28. So both these guys recently had a cover…. Derrick Henry and Aaron Rogers deserved it and they decide to make this shit cover………. EA really does just suck

  29. Madden is the biggest sham is videogaming and ea needs to lose it like it just did the star wars licensing from Disney. They will update nothing in single player and put these 2 on the cover. It’s the ea way. If 2k ever got an attempt. It would be over for madden like it was nba live.

  30. Fuck madden, it’s the same crap n the new shit they add is actually old watered down shit that used to work, madden should be given up n let 2k take over, at least they have more options for NBA game modes

  31. Nostalgia Corner

    They should call it the GOAT cover

  32. Shit sucks

  33. baby goat🐐

  34. @Ben Law: Baby goats are called kids. Call him a kid

  35. Should have just done Henry or Adams. Mahomes was on the cover two years ago. Brady a few years before that

  36. We could have had a cold ass photo of Aaron Donald, Alvin Kamara, Derrick Henry, or Jalen Ramsey. What did we get? Two previous cover athlete QBs, neither of which won MVP.

  37. Brady aint no goat. He cant run, cant jump, he cheats, he’s a shitty athlete that rode the coattails of good defenses to win 7 rings. I would take Mahomes, Montana, Marino, Elway and many more over his fruity ass.

  38. Lol people talkin shit on kc an mahomes for losing the superbowl… I remember seeing brady lose a few myself an choke away a perfect season an got a bs call called the tuck rule that absolutely cheated the raiders lol an he also got lucky ass breaks with the falcons choking a Seattle doing the dumbest shit ever .. so that woulda been 2 more losses but his ass got bailed out again not to mention spygate deflate gate 😆

  39. Mahomes outplayed everyone in the bowl, his team shit the bed. I’m a chargers fan but damn, that’s ignorant to discredit mahomes

  40. @Terkle: It’s probably because they wanted to put Tampa Bay Tom on the cover, but they didn’t want it to feel “recycled” since he was the cover in ’18… so put him with the young face of the NFL (’20 cover), then BOOM, you get the young audience, you get the Brady fans, and you have an “original” idea.

  41. Brady never was the QB Mahommes is when it comes to pure talent.

  42. KC Masterpiece

    Mahomes should be on the cover every year

  43. The G.O.A.T. and the kid!!!

  44. Omfg can we fucking stop calling mahomes a fucking goat?!?!? Because he’s fucking NOT!! He’s won ONE SUPERBOWL!! FUCKING ONE!!! TOM BRADY HAS LOST MORE SUPER BOWLS THEN MAHOMES HAS WON..OH AND BRADY HAS WON SEVEN SUPER BOWLS!!! I mean Jesus Christ calling mahomes a goat is the biggest most disrespectful bitch slap to all the QBs and other players who have won 3-4 super bowls. Stop calling mahomes ..hell stop even talking about him being in the conversation until he has won at least 5 super bowls okay bc he has been to one and won and lost one. Peyton Manning has been to 4 super bowls and won 2 and he was constantly having to go thru Tom Brady to get there and the ravens with R Lewis and Ed Reed ( Best safety you eva seen boi) and Manning did it with 2 different teams. Brady and Manning are the only two to ever do that. Also the defenses that existed from 2000- 2016/17 ish like the ravens and the Steelers are sooo much better then Mahomes has ever played. Brady and Manning played these Legendary players on these Legendary defenses year in and year out. So does ANYONE think we should be calling mahomes a fckin goat over Peyton Manning bc I sure as hell don’t think we should. Just so disrespectful

  45. John Schreckengost

    Does anyone really give a damn about the cover? Who even buys the physical copy anymore?

  46. Mahomes might BECOME the GOAT. but no way in hell IS he one right now.

  47. Brooklyn Smith

    Let’s go Mahomes

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